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Re: liver pain: no disease. congestion?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: liver pain: no disease. congestion?

I'm glad you are getting a lot of support here!  It's what Curezone is for:)

I used to eat a paleo style diet for years to control my hypoglycemia (lifelong) and it did help with that at first, but I just kept getting sicker and sicker.  Some do well on the high fat diet, but let me tell you the body wants carbs!  I know there is a lot of heavy marketing for the paleo, and it seems very convincing, but your cells and mine were designed to run on sugar, and the brain runs exclusively on sugar.

How does paleo work?  The body can and does convert fat to energy but it is difficult.  Eating a diet of fats and carbs (like 50/50) is what makes everybody feel like crap because the sugar gets trapped in the blood vessels by the fat and creates high blood sugar, this is bad.  The insulin receptors are gooed up with fat and you become insulin resistant. The marketers convince you it is the evil carbs that made this happen, but wait!  What about the fat?  Humans were not born with a oil press on their back!:) We were born with hands perfect for plucking a fruit off of a tree, and a brain that runs on sugar, putting 2+2 together, we need carbs, but very very little fat to thrive.

You also could do a chronometer check on your daily percentage of calories coming from fat, you might be shocked because if you are limiting carbs to sweet potatoes and carrots, you are on a high fat diet as there is no other way to get the needed calories without high fat.

Does this affect the liver? Absolutely!  The liver is responsible for making bile, a very energy costly substance and it is needed to break down fats (I know the Coconut Oil arguement doesn't apply, but it isn't natural to eat that much CO).

Also, I thought for years I had Adrenal fatigue, but when I started eating enough carbs, it went away, and so did my cold hands and feet.  To live on high carb low fat, you can't have over 1T. of oil a day for example, it's that low fat, just to give you an example.

The castor oil pack is nothing more than a piece of flannel (wool is preferred, no synthetics) saturated in the oil with a heat source, like a heating pad or hot water bottle.  Do it for an hour or so every night.  Yes, it is healing, very very healing!  It is called "Palma Christi" or Hand of Christ, it is like magic.

The liver flush is exhausting for many, I am putting off doing it now because I am dealing with mercury toxicity and it is tricky with the liver as it flushes all the bad stuff out into the system and it is hard on the body, very hard at times.

Also, maybe just try to take a pinch of Epsoms Salts in a little water and see if the pain subsides, you can do this like every 15 minutes until you get relief.  Just fyi, many say the Epsoms can disrupt the bowel flora, so keep that in mind, but a little bit shouldn't hurt.

I practically live on fruit, and when I started I was deathly afraid of fruit!  I couldn't eat an apple without it knocking me out, I was that insulin resistant from high fat.  Now, I eat about 12 bananas a day, the water of 3 coconuts, 1 pinepple, 1 stalk of celery juiced, baby spinach and some kind of starch meal at night, usually potatoes, rice or exekiel bread veggie sandwhich and I eat till I'm satisfied!  I get about 2000-2500 calories a day, which is recommended for females. After the first day eating fruit, I was fine (this was like 5 years ago). I follow a Raw till 4 type diet and also 80/10/10.  I was so super healthy after following this lifestyle and then had some dental work done and it crashed me. I am so mercury toxic, I know without these diets, I'd be dead.  Also when I follow them well, I sleep so good, did you know the body needs carb to sleep well?  It has helped a lot of people so check it out and see if it might be right for you.  I wish you the very best!




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