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Re: Licorice root - fatter face??
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Licorice root - fatter face??

== reply below

I have a log symptom list that I keep in a 1-1/2 inch binder. I am running out of room and now going to a 2 inch binder.

== Good for you.

I asked my doctor for some lab work and she tested some not all my hormones but I will ask about pregnenolone.

== Don't hold your breath on getting a mainstream doc on board with pregnenolone. They don't make $ on it and your insurance Co probably won't pay for it.

== You may need to try 10mg doses yourself, maybe eventually several times per day. Fortunately it is inexpensive. Don't misunderstand, I really do think it is best to work with a doctor when hormones are involved.

Have you ever had hair analysis done?

== Yes, several of them. I only have one posted online but a couple of followup tests while taking heavy metal chelator medication are quite interesting-- lead and cadmium in the red.

== I think Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry, has an interesting theory about hair tests and mercury--Hg. He thinks Hg tends to foul up the way the body moves--transports--many elements, both toxic and essential ones. He has "Counting Rules" used to look for an indication of Hg's effects on mineral transport. The tests sometimes have wildly scattered levels or are mostly low or mostly high.

== Once a test matches a Rule, he no longer trusts that the levels in hair accurately reflect body levels. Also the levels of some elements in hair don't accurately reflect body levels even in the best of situations.

== Therefore hair tests can be used to look for clues. I would not trust them for very much.

== I've seen >500 tests from the members of the detox groups along with symptom lists.

== I recall one guy whose test reported off the chart high manganese. Upon discussing possible sources of exposure we focused on his well water. He tested it and found high Mn.

== Really high copper in the hair test would suggest that a person get a followup blood test.

== Quite a few people in the detox groups have very low lithium. More than a few of those like the "chilled out" effect on mood. I am one.

== Some who eat lots of fish have had to rethink that after seeing the high level of mercury!

Today I have the worst heart flutter. I had to sit through a meeting and it felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest. People were talking and my brain was so slow. I couldn't think!!

== You might not tolerate pregnenolone. The body makes DHEA from it. I've heard from a number of people who could not tolerate it. Heart palps or other sfx occur in some people with chemical sensitivities. I experienced some of that in the early months of detox. My doctor had tested me and suggested the dose. However I suppose my tolerance changed. I really like low doses now and followup tests reported levels in the center third of normal range.

Did you ever experience Stage 1 adrenal fatigue? I was initially given cortisol lower supplements but that seemed to make things worse.

== Did you start on low doses and gradually worked up to normal levels over several weeks? I've heard similar reports in the detox groups but we know to remind them to start slowly. I generally suggest that they consider starting with other hormones such as pregnenolone or progesterone along with adrenal cortex extract as a way to ease into adrenal support.

I was then given licorice root and I did okay on that initially but I think it lowered my potassium or interacted strangely with progesterone HRT.

== Licorice causes the body to retain cortisol. I suspect it is better when used occasionally to "stress dose".

I guess I hold out hope that there is this one supplement or right combo of supplements that will right this situation.

== Probably in conjunction with dietary modifications, healthy thinking, etc

Several years ago, I messed up my adrenals using Spirolactone and Flonase. I went bat sh*t. I was up for days, talked gibberish and had the most epic panic attacks.

== Sorry to hear that. Learn about high norepinephrine. Learn about how the body breaks down norep naturally--probably liver pathways such as sulfation are involved.

== Btw Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Some like the calming effect of a warm foot bath.

I went to the ER at UCLA complaining I couldn't sleep and they put me in the psych ward. I cried and told them this felt hormonally. They gave me some Ativan and sent me home. At one I was on Lexapro and Ativan and still could not sleep for more than 3 hours at a time even though I discontinued my medication.

== Learn about melatonin! Methylation is involved in natural production of it. A mult-B several times per day would provide some support for methylation but that topic is involved. Just be aware that some people become more agitated and intense when they take more than tiny amounts of B12. I am one.

Finally I read about estrogen dominance and begged my ob/gyn to give me some progesterone. She was reluctant but I tried some progesterone and for the first time in months I slept like a baby. It was a total fluke but it worked.

== Maybe some of that was psychological but maybe you hit on a piece of the puzzle. I can't stress enough that you are not likely to find on magic pill. This is more likely a complex situation. If I could pick one possible semi-magic pill it would be Mg several times per day.

That's why I like to think if I work hard enough and do enough detective work, I can figure it out. Or hopefully help other people who are going thru the same thing I am.

== There are plenty of them in the heavy metal detox groups! A close female friend was one! She is much improved now but still not in the normal range for her age due to several symptoms. She has a long history of disabling PTSD.

That's why I am curious as to what other people's symptoms are...what they try and whether it worked for them.

== GABA, pregnenolone, Mg, theanine, melatonin were nice for her. She takes lots of other things but the ones above had noticeable effects on mood, mental alertness in times of stress and sleep, all areas where she struggled for decades. She also is strict about her diet in the evenings. She also is strict about setting a peaceful, even prayerful meditative mood later in the evening. This helps her to settle down prior to bed.

== Even with all of her challenges, she kept looking for clues. She is a hero to me. I had given up on my health but she would not give up on me. I learned from her to do some digging myself in part so I could ask better questions during doctor visits. Prior to that I treated my doctors like benevolent medical gods.

== Joe

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