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Re: How many flushes before you started noticing major improvements?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: How many flushes before you started noticing major improvements?


I just wrote an article waiting to be published online about liver and gallbladder flushing, titled "The Liver and Gallbladder Flush Is Extremely Powerful, Safe and Effective.

I copied and pasted it below, as it provides quite a few testimonials I have gathered and shares more details of my personal flush process;

Dear Readers,

Through first hand experience and endless hours of studying medical texts and testimonials, thousands of health practitioners, nurses, and students alike, including myself have learned that not only is the liver and gallbladder flush legitimate, but is one of the most powerful, safe and effective healing protocols at your disposal. We have yet to see a health condition, symptom or disorder which was not dramatically improved by a series of liver flushes.

Firstly, I would like to address the belief perpetuated by the anti-competitive websites like that the stones released during the flush are "olive oil soap stones".

I would like to point out the fact that throughout these websites, there is no mention of any of the drugs which are causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuring millions every year in the attempt of suppressing symptoms.

Nutritional supplements, cleanses and flushes, which address and reverse root causes in respect to the laws of nature, which have zero annual death rates and have permanently improved the quality of life of millions are demonized as "quackery" or "dangerous scams" on these websites. It is quite obvious who is funding these sites, and it is quite a conflict of interest when our regulatory agency is founded and managed by the biggest pharmaceutical giant himself (John D Rockefeller).

On September 25, 2000 by both Reuters News and USA Today came reports that 54 percent of the experts the FDA asks for advice on which medicines and foods should be approved for sale had a direct financial interest in the products and topics they were evaluating. The USA Today article stated, "These pharmaceutical experts, about 300 on 18 advisory committees, make decisions that affect the health of millions of Americans and billions of dollars in drugs sales. With few exceptions, the FDA follows the committees' advice."

Annual deaths caused by properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs: 120,000

Annual injuries caused by properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs: 2,000,000

Annual deaths caused by properly prescribed natural supplements: 0

Annuals deaths caused by prescribed & non-prescribed flushes: 0

60,000 people lost their lives trying to suppress their pain with Vioxx, over 1500 mentally stable Americans with no history of Depression suddenly committed suicide as a result of the extreme serotonin fluctuations caused by the anti-smoking drugs they were prescribed by their Doctor. Watch the documentary on Chantix and it's sister drug Champix, which caused hundreds of sudden suicides in mentally healthy people. 35 people, mostly children go into cardiac arrest and or die from Adderal every year, Fen Phen ruined dozens of lives through severe heart damage when the FDA knew very well the risks involved and even made it onto American Greed. Almost every school, mall and theater shooting was directly linked to the serotonin re uptake inhibitors they were currently on at the time. Most anti-depressants actually increase the risk of violent death, and the statistics prove that. Children and teenagers are killing themselves by the thousands while on these drugs. Anti-depressants have been proven to cause heart disease by hardening and thickening the artery walls, increase the risk of stroke, and increase risk of spinal fractures by over 30%.

Of all the disinformation I have ever come across, this one is not only the most damaging to those who need to flush the most, but the easiest to discredit;

1) Using oil and juice is only one way of carrying out the flush. There are several other methods which do not require any oil or juice, which produce the exact same stones as yielded from oil and juice flushes.

2) Olive oil can be switched out with any other form of fat or oil and the stones come out identical to those produced from non-oil and olive oil flushes.

3) The olive oil and juice mixture does not pass through the liver during the flush

4) Olive oil cannot congeal to lemon juice and bile into hard packed stones, and especially while traveling quickly through the GI tract.

5) A percentage of those who flush, vomit all of the olive oil back out, long before the stones are released.

6) Thousands of people have released stones during the softening or dilation phase, before the oil was even ingested.

7) Thousands of people, after suffering a gallbladder attack report seeing the same green stones in the toilet as yielded during a flush.

8) The same stones released during a flush are found in dissected livers.

9) If the stones were made up of olive oil, then they would come out during every flush, which is not the case whatsoever. One can carry out twenty flushes, hold down all of the oil and yield absolutely no stones. It can take several flushes to loosen up the material to be ready for release.

10) Millions of people over at least three centuries have reported total relief from indigestion and all the symptoms that come as a result of it after clearing out their bile ducts using this procedure.

A fair percentage of patients who have had their gallbladder removed still experience 'gallbladder attacks'; this is because most of the congestion is trapped within the liver, not the gallbladder and the remaining congestion is not calcified nor dense enough to rebound ultrasounds.

The liver is the organ that produces gall (bile) in the first place and has miles of ducts to store this type of congestion. This congestion is made up of mostly cholesterol and bile (the two main products the liver manufactures) along with hundreds of different toxins and hormones that have attempted to escape from behind them. John Hopkins University refers to these stones which are found throughout the duct network of the liver as 'inter-hepatic gallstones'.

The following are a small handful of the hundreds of thousands of experiences amassed over hundreds of years of flushing, which indicate the real power, effectiveness and legitimacy of this natural flush procedure;

"I have had success with the olive oil flush procedure, but I have found that by clearing out the colon and doing a coffee enema alone yields more stones and material." -- Rob

"I have passed "tomato seed" light tan stones with only a coffee enema. My Mom has passed 30-40 pea-sized green stones using only the enema. She was having active GB attacks / abdominal distension and a lot of pain when she did them." --Curezone Member

"The green stones are definitely gallstones. How do I know this? Because I've passed them myself when I've eaten NO olive oil. I've seen plenty of bile in my life since we raise and kill our own chickens. Bile is a very bright green. One day I had a pain in my gallbladder - not severe, but a mild pain. A day or two later, in the toilet I saw, a bunch of what looked like bright green peas floating." -- Laurel

"Around the time I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, I was having a lot of gallbladder attacks and after each one ended, I noticed there were beige and lime green balls floating in the toilet the next day." -- Reagan

"I have also passed stones from Epsom Salts alone, before I drank the olive oil mixture. This is how I know Stephen "Quackwatch" Barrett and other big pharma snakes like him are 100% wrong." -- Curezone Member

"I got a couple of medium stones out the very first time I did a coffee enema. While releasing the enema, my abdomen made a gurgling sound and when I looked into the toilet I saw the green stones floating among the debris. They looked exactly like the stones that come out with a liver flush." -- Jerome

"Some people including myself have seen gall stones purged just by using the coffee enema itself. But nothing compared to the good ol' Liver Flush when it comes to confronting gall stones, sluggish liver etc. If you are in a mood for experimenting a really powerful flush, just add a table spoon full of Epsom Salts in your coffee enema and you will see the difference." -- Curezone Member

"The green stones from the liver and gallbladder flush are made from the bile that is made by the liver and stored and concentrated up to ten times it's strength in the gallbladder. I have released the same green stones from doing the coffee enema by itself which has no green pigments and where no olive oil was consumed. I have also released stones with the castor oil pack and The Master Cleanse fasting drink. Liver disease patients have reported passing these same green bile stones after Water Fasting because they were too sick to eat and water does not have any green pigments either." -- Jordan

"I just took the second Epsom Salts drink, couldn't go to the toilet so took a water enema and passed about a dozen very large stones after a series of bowel movements. They were lime green. I'm quite pleased to be passing stones firstly on apple juice alone, and secondly before even drinking the olive oil mixture." -- Curezone Member

"My preferred method of flushing is a combination of Niacin (Vitamin B3), Epsom salts and coffee enemas to establish a safer flush experience. The coffee enema not only dilates the bile ducts but also stimulates the liver to go into a detox dumping mode. I can't say enough about the coffee enema, it is an integral ingredient in the Liver Flush protocol. People, including myself have released liver and Gallstones by doing the coffee enema itself." -- Fatty Liver Website

"Quite a few individuals, including myself have sometimes passed green cholesterol stones on the evening of the flush, even before the oil mixture was ingested. Others have reported releasing stones during the apple juice phase, all without the help of oil. The stones that come out on their own have no different shape, size, smell or color than the ones released during the flush. " -- Andreas Moritz

"It is a medically proven fact that millions of people regularly pass a huge volume of green sludge, sometimes consisting of Gallstones after eating a very fatty meal." -- Andreas Moritz

"I personally experienced over forty gallbladder attacks over a period of ten years and my gallbladder was packed full of stones, causing a painful, short spinal scoliosis. Since my first liver cleanse, I have never experienced another attack. The scoliosis along with all of my other health problems vanished after my 12th cleanse and since then, I haven't yielded any more stones during my yearly maintenance flushes." -- Andreas Moritz

"Thousands of people have reported releasing stones of all different colors: black, yellow, green, white, beige, red and tan. Olive oil doesn't have coloring agents in it to produce stones of different colors." -- Andreas Moritz

"Olive oil does not assume the putrid smell that emanates from most released gallstones. The smell is unlike that of any fecal matter. " -- Andreas Moritz

"The olive oil mixture does not even go through the liver, as it would if it were combined with food. Therefore, during the liver cleanse, the liver does nothing but release Gallstones and bile. Neither the liver nor the small intestine can act as a soap stone factory." -- Andreas Moritz

"Because of intolerance to olive oil, some people have used for example, macadamia nut oil during their cleanses and released precisely the same green-colored stones. Cholesterol stones that exactly match these green stones are found in the bile ducts of dissected livers." -- Andreas Moritz

"I'm running around the house, singing alleluia! Today is a momentous occasion; I experience tremendous relief and excitement about what I've been able to accomplish. A huge weight has been lifted off my body and I am finally free. I feel like I have been held prisoner in my own body for years, and now I have been liberated! I am overflowing with gratitude and joy!" -- Teya Danel

"I am going on six months with absolutely NO skin trouble, a major miracle in my life, after a very productive liver flush! It took me 4-5 flushes but when I passed that potty load of beautiful jade green stones the size of small prunes it changed my life! Clear skin and the best digestion I have ever had! My main cleansing goal has been colonic--a lot of fasting and professional colonics and almost four years later I turned 50 with a clean pink colon, which I am sure also helps... but NOTHING did the trick like the liver flush. I highly recommend this wonderful, simple, cheap and incredibly effective cleanse." --- Somer

"Being a typical baby boomer, I have been prescribed a lot of pharmaceutical drugs all my life for various illnesses eg. sinusitis, infections etc. I have also indulged in the typical North American diet which is heavy on red meat. Over the years, I found myself becoming more and more ill. I developed strange rashes, severe food allergies , stomach/indigestion and skin problems, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, extreme fatigue etc. I consulted with numerous specialists over five years and each one was more stymied than the next. Only when I started changing my diet to a more plant based one, and doing a series of flushes, have I returned to health. My return to normalcy has taken me five long years but reading Andreas' Books has truly changed my life. I am the owner of a medium sized company in North America with several hundred employees. I do not have any ties to any companies that may benefit from my endorsement here and I still believe in the traditional medical system when necessary. I believe there is a role for modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. But I also believe that modern medicine and alternative health can co exist. It doesn't have to be an either / or. It can be an "and". -- Lillian, Vancouver Canada

"I am happy to say that the results of my first cleanse were indeed nothing short of miraculous. Shoulder pain and arm numbness that I have dealt with for years are suddenly gone. I am sure that I will have to do a few more cleanses to keep the aches away -- exactly what I plan on doing! -- and to see what other symptoms disappear." -- E. Derkatz

"I had massive clinical Depression from about age 16 on. (Am 31 now) Took some time to diagnose, I did therapy and got put on different anti-depressants: Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Zoloft. Nothing worked. I was a self-mutilator, and ended up a couple of years ago in a mental hospital. My whole life was Depression and I thought it would always be that way. I struggled with it, it was there always, and I watched other family members go through the same thing. Anyway, needless to say, allopathic or western medicine did nothing for me except mess with my moods and make me more depressed. Oh, and try to give me more drugs all the time. So I started doing some research, just to get my overall health better, and I actually cured my depression by accident in trying to get healthy. I had read about bowel problems, and I had them. Major constipation since I was little. I read somewhere that one of the causes of depression was blockage or toxins in the brain, which can physically hinder your brain chemistry. And this can be caused by all sorts of things. So I am thinking blockages in my body seem to have directly related to my brain's ability to function. All along I thought depression was just a curse and that I was just a messed up person emotionally and not able to handle things normal people did. Anyway, I did a bowel cleanse. Wow. I started flushing out all sorts of accumulated crap in my system. I also soaked up many toxins that had been residing in me with another intestinal formula. I did a liver flush. I was so focused on getting healthy that it took a few weeks before I realized the cloud had lifted. It was like a miracle!" -- Lori

A few years ago, I was having cramping throughout my body, heart palpitations with small pains (I had many ECG's showing all was OK), tingling, hot flushes (no I wasn't going through menopause!) burning feelings in my chest, and unable to sleep night after night. My symptoms were much worse one or two hours after eating. All these sensations created feelings of severe anxiety every day. Being a breath work practitioner, I set intentions to get to the bottom of my health problems. Within a week, I had a copy of Dr Clark's ' The Cure For All Diseases ' in my hand (Similar to the liver and gallbladder flush book). Almost one and a half years later (September 2012) and 22 cleanses, I have removed over 1000 stones! Last month I removed a stone almost the size of a golf ball! With feelings of a small stitch remaining, I guess I may still have more to come. My symptoms now, are very mild to what they were and I have been able to sleep through most of the night for many months. I am now surfing some of the biggest and best waves of my life, something I had given up on many years ago and certainly never thought I would be doing at 43 yrs of age. I thank God for Dr Clark and Patricia Saunderson. They gave my children back their mother, gave me back my life, and I'm loving it! -- Dianne Ellis

"After seeing these results for myself, after just one flush I have to say Moritz's claims have a lot more credibility in my eyes. Imagine a world with no expensive gallbladder removal surgeries and fewer digestive issues. What a remarkable change! I would hope that more doctors would get on board with this simple preventative program." -- Erica

"I personally have suffered from severe bile duct congestion and experienced the process of elimination via liver flushing, which is how I have come about this conclusion. What I know for a fact, first hand is that when the bile ducts are blocked, every single functioning anatomy of the body slowly deteriorates, atrophiates and eventually shuts down. I lost over fifty pounds of muscle and bone mass, my hair began to fall out, skin thinned out, turned grey and began to wrinkle like an old man, my veins began to show above the surface, my eyes lost their sparkle and became unresponsive, my fingers and toes bowed inward and lost their strength, I became week and fatigued, extreme insomnia and paranoia overrode my desperate need for sleep and healing, and symptoms of illness plagued every day of my life. It was as if I was prematurely entering old age, and would soon need to retire into the hands of a full time care giver. If I ate one piece of food which contained fat, my heart would rev up into a panic state and I would break out into a cold sweat, followed by purple skin and shivers. At one point, I had 911 programmed into auto dial to be prepared to be rushed to the hospital. Each Doctor I visited seemed to compartmentalize each symptom into it's own category, for which a different drug was prescribed. I was told that if I took the medication and ate healthy, I would get better. I did exactly as told, but as time went on, the symptoms only persisted and continued to erode my body from beneath me and began to threatened my very existence. I decided to take things into my own hands; I diligently investigated each symptom and made a list of possible root causes. When cross referencing each of their possible root causes, I discovered a common denominator - lack of bile flow. After ordering, reading through dozens of times every book I could get my hands on regarding this subject and carrying out my first three liver flushes, all of the pieces of the puzzle immediately fell into place. As soon as the first batch of stones were expelled from my liver, my body responded like a plant that had been reintroduced to sunlight after a week of darkness. Every symptom associated with this condition literally diminished over night; the sparkle in my eyes returned, my skin flushed with invigorating blood flow and regained elasticity, I fell right to sleep and was full of mental and physical energy. Since that fateful day, I have carried out over 65 liver flushes, through which I have brought myself out of a very difficult, desperate situation, and into vibrant health, strength and vitality. -- Warren

The full extent of the damage that occurs as a result of simple biliary congestion cannot be fully explained within a full sized novel - there are just not enough pages, but the following are just a couple of the complications that come as a result and can be reversed by simply removing the congestion;


Most bone diseases occur when bone cells no longer receive enough nourishment. Gallstones in the liver usually lead to lymph congestion in the intestinal tract and, consequently, in other parts of the body. Good bone health results from the sustained balance between the functions of osteoblast and osteoclast cells. This delicate balance becomes disturbed when nutrient supply is deficient due to indigestion and thereby slows the production of new bone tissue by osteoblasts.

Osteoporosis results when the amount of bone tissue is reduced because the growth of new bone does not keep pace with the destruction of old bone. Cancellous bone is usually affected before compact bone is. Compact bone makes up the outer layer of the bone.

In generalized osteoporosis, excessive calcium is reabsorbed from bone, thereby raising the calcium levels of blood and urine. Gallstones in the liver substantially reduce bile production. Bile is essential for the absorption of calcium from the small intestines. Even if the body received more than enough calcium foods or food supplements, a shortage of bile would render much of the ingested calcium useless for bone building and other important metabolic processes. In addition, the presence of gallstones in the liver raises the level of harmful acids in the blood, some of which are neutralized by calcium leached from the bones and teeth. (Something similar happens when a person drinks cow's milk. To neutralize the high phosphorus concentration of ingested milk, the body uses not only the milk's calcium but also calcium from the bones and teeth.)

Eventually, the body's calcium reserves become depleted, diminishing bone density or bone mass. This may lead to bone and hip fractures and even death. With more than half of all women over age 50 already affected by osteoporosis (albeit only in industrialized nations), it is obvious that the current approach of taking hormones or calcium supplements is a shot in the dark; it in no way addresses the imbalance in the liver and gallbladder caused by reduced bile output due to gallstones.

Such diseases usually defy treatment unless all gallstones in the liver are removed and all other organs and systems of elimination are cleared of any existing congestion as well.


Hernia results form major congestion in the bile ducts of the liver, waste build-up in the small and large intestines as well as lymphatic blockage, especially in the thoracic duct. Since waste products are no longer eliminated efficiently via the proper elimination organs and systems, they back up and end up moving into the stomach from below, putting extensive pressure on this organ. Hernias are a simple survival tactic to avoid death, it is not a disease as such.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Most people stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis have a long history of intestinal complaints: bloating, flatulence, heartburn, belching, constipation, diarrhea, coldness and swelling of hands and feet, increased perspiration, general fatigue, loss of appetite, weight reduction, and more. It is reasonable, therefore, to conclude that Rheumatoid Arthritis is linked with any of these, or similar, symptoms of major intestinal and metabolic disturbances. I have personally experienced all the symptoms mentioned above when I suffered painful bouts of juvenile rheumatoid Arthritis during my phase of extreme bile duct congestion.

Gallstones inhibit the body's ability to keep itself nourished and clean, which makes them a leading cause of toxicity. They prevent the liver from adequately taking noxious substances out of the bloodstream. If the liver cannot filter out toxins from the blood, they end up being dumped into the extra-cellular fluid. The more toxins accumulate in the extra-cellular fluid, the more severely that cell membranes become clogged with injurious materials. An autoimmune response may be necessary to destroy the most contaminated cells and thereby save the rest of the body, at least for a while. When all gallstones are removed from the liver and gallbladder, the immune system does not have to take recourse to such extreme measures of defending the body on the cellular level.


Undernourishment causes cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The most common cause of undernourishment includes the hardening of capillary walls in the brain due to protein poisoning from animal consumption, trans fatty acid consumption, synthetic drug use, and poor circulation due to obstructed bile ducts throughout the liver and gallbladder.

When bile secretion is insufficient, fats go non-emulsified, causing a thickening of the circulatory system. When proteins are consumed, the blood thickens even more, to an extremely dangerous level. In order to prevent stroke or heart attack, the body quickly eliminates this blood thickening protein from the blood by building it into the walls of the capillaries. This causes them to become thickened and hardened, and unable to transfer nutrients and oxygen to the brain quickly and effectively.

Aside from undernourishment due to the liver's inability to absorb and distribute nutrients properly, toxins and heavy metals are not able to be eliminated through the proper path of elimination; the bile ducts. This causes the body to become backed up and chalked full of toxins that have been proven through dozens of studies to cause Alzheimer's disease. By simply clearing this pathway of elimination, the brain begins to be nourished properly once again and toxins are carried out, and away form the brain, thereby reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer's.


Aside from 'hard drive (subconscious) overload, lack of bile storage caused by bile duct congestion causes nervous system suppression, numbness, depression, anxiety and a huge host of other emotional disturbances. Thousands of people, including myself report phenomenal emotional clarity being regained after carrying out a series of flushes.

Muscle and bone wasting

When foods are not being digested properly, they turn into an extremely acidic waste material, acidifying the blood quickly to dangerous levels. To mitigate the damage this causes and to maintain pH balance, the body continues to pull alkaline minerals, especially calcium from the bones and muscles until digestion is repaired by clearing out the bile ducts.

Strokes and heart attacks

See the book 'The liver causes heart attacks'; The structural position of the liver as a bridge between the returning blood from the digestive system and the lower part of the body to the heart makes the liver an important organ for the health of the heart. A weakened and swollen or congested liver can obstruct the venous blood flow to the heart causing heart palpitations or even heart attacks. In other words a healthy liver is essential for maintaining an adequate amount of blood flow to the heart and the heart can only pump the blood it receives.

The main cause of blood thickening includes the failure to break down and emulsify fats and proteins. This is the liver's duty, but it is not able to do that when it's bile ducts are chalked full of hardened clumps of cholesterol and bile (the two main products the liver manufactures). Without proper bile secretions, it is impossible for the blood to remain at the right viscosity without the artery walls thickening and hardening, thereby increasing blood pressure and risk of stroke. The very first thing that needs to be changed is the diet to eliminate these blood thickening agents temporarily, until the liver and gallbladder are fully cleansed of congestion.

There are over 1400 symptoms that conventional medicine has labeled as 'diseases', which each have been conveniently matched with hundreds of drugs to suppress them. I am very confident that a very large percentage of these are simply survival, balancing or correction responses on the body's behalf in the attempt to mitigate and reverse the hundreds of destructive processes and imbalances that occur from poor bile output and blocked elimination channels.

Once understanding how many roles the liver and it's miles of bile ducts plays in the maintenance of proper internal hygiene and vitality, it becomes no mystery or question to why so many people who suffer from serious diseases also complain or are diagnosed with indigestion or 'irritable bowel syndrome'.

An enormous opportunity to improve the quality of your life awaits you,

"True healing is achieved by addressing root causes, not by suppressing surfaced symptoms"

To your health, happiness and the laws of nature,


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