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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!

Awesome! I just ordered some Gold Coin Grass from her. I was browsing that same site a few days ago.

I have had both an ultrasound and CT scan. Everything came back perfectly normal as well as beautiful blood work on multiple occasions, so I'm a bit lost on where this pain is coming from. Though my right hip, which is hurting, does have a bit larger bone growth right where the tendon connects compared to the left. My knee also has the same thing. I've been told it is pre-arthritis, or maybe Rheumatoid Arthritis , since my right knee, right hip, left elbow all have such protruding bone growths due to tendons pulling harder than normal. But who knows these days. I have pains all over right now ;-)

I'm thinking my mental state will start to clear up as soon as everything else does. I do have moments of great clarity and it is so nice, however sometimes they only last a few hours, if I'm lucky a day. Everything used to be very easy for me, now everything is difficult. I did have 12 Mercury Amalgams, however they have been replaced about 3 years ago and I chelated using DMSA and ALA for 30 rounds. After chelating I then began the Liver/Gallbladder cleanses.

During chelation I would chelate Wed-Sat morning in 3 hour intervals with 50mg of DMSA and 100mg of ALA. On Saturday morning when coming off of chelation I would get a redistrubition headache which was terrible, this only happened once because I began to add coffee enemas on this morning. So yes I have done coffee enemas. And they are the shit! But I think they can be rather dangerous because the last time I did a coffee enema I think I overdosed on caffeine. That was a nightmare. I have not done a coffee enema in almost 2 years since that day.

I'd start slow if doing one probably 1 tsp. of coffee in 8-16 oz of water. Lay on your right side to keep the coffee going past the sigmoid colon which is bad if it does because it then passes the portal vein and only hold it for 8 minutes. Any longer and I would get the shakes and caffeine overdose. I might be caffeine intolerant. After such though I would feel so clear and refreshed like no other. It was by far the clearest moments of my life and the buzz would last a few days. A very good feeling. I wish I could do more of them but that caffeine overdose scared me to death, literally.

I cannot tell you how many cleanses I have done. Somewhere in the 40-60 range. I went times having to do mandatory flushes in just a few days after a previous flush due to stuck stones. Sometimes I would have to do 2 or 3 flushes a week just to be able to function, but that was during periods of lots of movement. I now feel that the movement phase is mostly over and maybe I have entered the toxic phase. I have got tons and tons of stones out. I cannot count how many. I have got some really big ones out. REally big! Like bird egg big and a few elongated mini carrot style stones. Then probably 20-30 large marble sized stones. I cannot fathom where all these stones came from. My liver must have been huge because the amount of mass that came out was probably a gallons (3.7 L) worth. I do feel I am approaching the end of cleansing, but these last few cleanse have really messed me up. I only get a few stones, but feel absolutely terrible afterwards. There cannot be anymore places for stones to hide. I've flushed way too much junk out. It is no wonder my body was so sick if these were really just hanging in my bile ducts.

Anyways, from what I read it takes people up to 3 years to complete cleansing. This means I have about 1.5 years left! And that cannot be...but there is only one way to find out.

What point was the worst for you? 1 year? 2 year?

Thanks for all your help!



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