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seb derm 100% clear
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Published: 8 years ago

seb derm 100% clear

I have been suffering with SD for 8 years which started on my scalp and then progressed to my eyebrows, behind the ears and creases of the nose. I've tried many things, only to be temporary relieved and even that was only up to 80%. I've tried numerous things from coconut oil to coffee and nystatin enemas. However, i looked into demodex mites and this is what i think was the problem for me.

Demodex mites live on our skin; in the subcutaneous layer and bury themselves into our hair follicles. There are two types; demodex brevis and demodex folliculorum. Every human has them, but if you have a healthy strong immune system they are kept at a reasonable population and do not cause you any harm. BUT when your immune system is compromised then they can infest you as your immune system can no longer keep the percentage of them down. This can cause skin problems e.g. acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea etc.

So, i thought i would try and see if this was the problem for me by reading up what kills the mites and using that and seeing if it has any affect on my sd. So i bought zz cream and acarid soap from demodex solutions (pricey, but worth it). I also have been using an organic paraben and sulfate free neem oil shampoo called organix south. Neem is said to also suffocate mites and tea tree oil is said to kill them too. So i have been putting 7 drops of tto into my shampoo.

I put the zz cream on my face before bed and wash off in the morning - i use aveeno moistorizer with coiloidal oatmeal in the morning to help with the dryness that it can cause. I apply the zz cream every night. I use the acarid soap in the shower everyday and behind my ears, from the bottom of my feet up to my neck. It's also really drying so i avoid using on the face or scalp and then use a normal shower gel afterwards to add moisture back. I use the neem shampoo and leave on for 3-5 minutes then use neem conditioner also organix south brand and leave on for 3-5 minutes.

I also take 1 neem capsule, 2 brewers yeast supplements, 1 vitamin c supplement and 1 multivitamin to boost my immune system so that it can help fight them off and bring the numbers of the mites back down. Of course diet is key, because junk food will only further weaken your immune system. I follow a vegan, gluten free diet.

I have been doing this for just under 2 weeks, supposedly it takes 120 days for them to all be killed. I do not have one speck of seb derm on me anywhere, my skin and scalp is the healthiest looking i have ever seen it. I have no itching or burning. My scalp looks so different i can't even describe it, because of this i am convinced that it's gone! I will obviously continue using the zz cream and soap for the full 120 days. I will most likely continue to take supplements to aid my immune system and will use tea tree oil in my shampoo for preventative measures.

Anyone suffering from any skin conditions should look into demodex. If you can't afford the zz and soap then there are other alternatives, such as castor oil etc. There's lots of info you can read up on!

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