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AYURVEDA Surely HELP !! :)..
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Published: 6 years ago
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AYURVEDA Surely HELP !! :)..

Ok, AYRVEDIC approach Also will Help u here...

According to aurveda, Ache is due to Pitta (pita) dosha disbalance (pitta accociated with heat) in the body and constipation and hypo thyroid is Vata dosha disbalanced (INSIDE dryness of the body due to wrong diet and life style).

// - Please read this post of mine about Pita disbalances and Inside this post u will see other 2 links which will be Beneficial to balance ur Pitta and Vata dosha(s).

Ok, I will also give you a few links of how to Blance your Hypo thyroid. I know how.

Some time back I was mainly managing one of the FB health pages called Docotrs India. So I was touching this topic there too being one of the two admins. All that info was collected for quite a while by me and you can take an Advantage of using it. :)

I am NOT advertising that page here simply coz I am NOT the admin of that page anymore and the owner of that page often post about Not relevant stuff plus re-sharing my posts. :)) So u can 'like' that page anyway if u want to. :) But I am not there to answer those question and I was the only admin who was dealing with correspondence. Anyhow...

So here is some links: - When Your THYROID got Disbalanced. Symptoms of HYPER and HYPOthyroidism (Part 1) - HYPOthyroidism Further information and a few words about HYPER form of it (Part 2) - How To Cure HYPOthyroidism.. (part 3) - MACA Root.. THYROID. Menopause Wonder food (Part 4)

Also REDUCE taking Spices as it Disbalances Vata and Pita further. NO (!) White (and perhaps brown) Sugar (it Disbalances ALL 3 doshas a BIG time (!). Also u need to find out your Prakruti (body type you were born with).. You can have one dosha out of 3 (vata, pitta, kapha) or 2 or even 3. Mainly ppl have 2 doshas.. but One of Them (!) Always predominant.

So you need to know ur Prakruti.... and even if Vata dosha is Not ur prakruti (body type) and say u are mainly Kapha (as I am) then anyway u need to stick to Vata dosha balancing diet (and if you have pita disbalance then consider it talking into account to). As soon as you Blance ur disbalances then you can return to UR prakruti diet (talking into account bit which can dibalance other doshas too).. Vata is More dangerious so put Vata balancing diet a bit more in front.

Read about the rest in the net and if u have a chance also visit an Ayurvedic doc.... but I would advise u to read about all that first so that u could understand that doc Better. Consider taking Kashayas/ decoctions (of particular type) to balance ur doshas... if u need the list of those kashayas - let me know ( but still after that u need to check it out with an ayurvedic doc (though i still can say coz I stydied Ayurveda in India for 3 months though).. and read up about Triphala wonders (powder). And ya about its restrictions (not many thought) it will Balance All of ur 3 doshas (!)

I buy mine here -

Not advertising anything but trying to be helpful. I ordered this one and it tastes like the one I brought from India. U can always buy it in India - much cheaper. ;)

Hope it Helps. :)



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