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Issue 202 Psoriasis Success Stories
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Published: 9 years ago

Issue 202 Psoriasis Success Stories

CureZone Newsletter Issue 202
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  Psoriasis Success Stories

You have been told: Psoriasis is INCURABLE.  Is it?  60 success stories and 15 educational stories.
What is the underlying cause of psoriasis?
Anything that has a potential to cause long term damage to your microbiota and to your liver is the underlying cause of Psoriasis. To name a few:  antibiotics, other medications, vaccines, heavy metals, other poisons and toxins, diet, infections, tobacco, constipation, hidden toxins in our foods and our environment. To cure Psoriasis you must cure your liver, your GI tract and your microbiota and you must cure your life. A factor causing your psoriasis may be an allergy or several allergies, food intolerance, poor digestion, liver congestion, leaky gut, candida, dental infection, etc. Diet is an important element of almost any cure protocol. Colon cleansing, fecal transplant and liver flush may also be of great help to many people.

  1. My skin has been completely clear of Psoriasis for over 3 months! The Pagano diet seems to work for me!
    I am 54 years old, a nurse for 30 years and live in Alabama, USA. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol and Psoriasis. The more drugs I took the worse I felt and as I read up on the drugs I realized ...     Read this story

  2. How to Cure Psoriasis Naturally Video by Nicholas Lamborghini
    How to Cure Psoriasis Naturally Video by Nicholas Lamborghini... ... ...     Read this story

  3. Psoriasis Cure With Virgin Coconut Oil by Edgar   by   goodsamaritan55
    Edgar cured himself of psoriasis which began around 2008 and ended after 6 months of self treatment primarily with the ingestion of some 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every single day...     Read this story

  4. Psoriasis caused by nickel allergy cured by eliminating nickel   by   CurtisBarker
    I have had psoriasis for 30+ years. I began to notice 3 years ago that, after playing guitar for several hours, my eyes would red up and itch. It got worse as the months went by and they soon began to swell and itch like poison ivy burns...     Read this story

  5. Not eating dairy helped my husband clear up his psoriasis   by   #90569
    I do not suffer from psoriasis myself, but my husband has for the last 34 years. He had a lot of the silvery plaque on both his elbows, on one of his knee and his scalp was really bad with the plaque and he was always brushing his shoulders because of flaking..    Read this story

  6. Liver flush Cures all disease!!! Psoriasis Cured!   by   woojungcorporation
    My sister started doing her flushes and she’s on her 7th flush and lost her Psoriasis...  Read this story

  7. Re: My psoriasis success   by   Watashi
    Around January of 1999 I noticed a patch of some skin condition on my right back, just behind the armpit. Soon after I noticed another patch (maybe 2-3 inches diameter) near my left shin. I went to dermatologist, who diagnosed it as psoriasis. It disappeared in the summer, then came back, slightly worse, the next winter....  Read this story

  8. How I cured my Psoriasis permanently   by   #166485
    This is how I cured my Psoriasis. But please read my suggested book titles as well as i think it is essential that you are also self educated about your particular case of Psoriasis as everybody is different and often respond differently to treatments ...     Read this story

  9. Psoriasis can be cured!   by   #166485
    The first thing you have to know is Psoriasis can be cured! But conventional practitioners haven’t got a clue of how to approach it and so all they do is give you powerful drugs to treat (ie: suppress) the symptoms. I recommend to be very careful about starting on any drug therapies. Instead go straight to the heart of the cause...The liver and the gastrointestinal immune system...     Read this story

  10. Iodine has improved my (once severe) psoriasis considerably   by   lazza
    The effect was noticed within 3 days, and I was only on Promaline (3 mg iodine). A strict low carb Paleo diet cleared my psoriasis 95% over a 2-3 year period. Iodine seems to be killing off the remaining 5% in a few months...     Read this story

  11. Update: 9wks post Mirena- Psoriasis almost GONE   by   AlisinChanes
    I had my Mirena removed the 1st week of June. My entire story is in the 1st post, I’ve had too many side effects to count but Psoriasis was one that I felt for certain Mirena brought on. I was so anxious to see if my psoriasis would start to get better (go away) after having Mirena 5yrs. I never, ever had psoriasis or ANY skins issues pre-Mirena, it just popped up in 2009. Since 2009 psoriasis has basically, along with other strange health issues, ruled my life as I tried ”fixing” it. ...     Read this story

  12. Re: What Worked For Me in Fighting Candidiasis - Intro   by   Foodie
    I had pretty severe candida on and off for years without knowing it. I eventually saw a naturopath who diagnosed it and put me on a very restricted diet. she also sold me some supplements, can’t remember what now. It did improve, but if I went off the diet at Christmas, it came back. I then saw a group of students at a holistic healing college, who gave me a zinc test. Turns out I was very deficient in zinc...     Read this story

  13. What Worked For Me in Fighting Candidiasis - Intro   by   frostymug
    I am an adult male who has lived with candidiasis for at least 2 decades. My approach and dedication to dealing with it has been half-assed the whole time up until 2 years ago...     Read this story

  14. Liver Flush, Gut Dysbiosis and major reduction (almost disappearance) of my prior psoriasis   by   fectoid2
    Here’s info about Psoriasis improvement and supplementation with Bifidobacterium probiotics.... ... ... One of the interesting side effects of addressing a dysfunctional microbiome was the major reduction (almost disappearance) of my prior psoriasis. This makes sense because the level of inflammatory chemicals in the body would drop which would affect all aspects of the body....   Read this story

  15. Coffee enemas - My psoriasis is fading away!! :)   by   #172884
    This is amazing! A totally unexpected benefit of enemas and coffee enemas, that I had never even imagined would happen, especially since I have had psoriasis since I was 10 years old and nothing has ever worked! I’m 40 now and I have had only 4 coffee enemas...     Read this story

  16. Psoriasis Cured Story   by   Ginagirl
    A young nurse I work with, very pretty; until you came close up to her; the skin was covered with psoriasis behind ears, on her scalp and under her chin.... ... Usually I wait until people ask me for help but this time I offered my help to her; as I never have had the opportunity to work with psoriasis. I went through her diet; it was full of omega 6 (inflammation) lots of sugary stuff, almost no healthy items in her diet....   Read this story

  17. Re: Is There a Diet for Psoriasis?   by   ng
    I’ve suffered from bad psoriasis for about five years.I could hardly use my hands! After using steroid ointment it got much worse. My groin and head were covered in psoriasis. My consultant prescribed methatrexate which I refused, as I’ve read so many reports on the side effects. I read about how nightshade vegetables can trigger psoriasis, so four months ago I cut out all ’nightshade ’ foods. eg potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. I also have been taking 1000mg cod liver oil every morning for four months....     Read this story

  18. Extreme Psoriasis "Miracle" Story   by   ask vanja
    This is a true story. It happened 1996 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the first time I am publishing this story. Extreme Psoriasis ”Miracle” Story. I gave lectures about diet and natural medicine in Frankfurt, 1996. After one lecture a woman C.J. come to me and asked me to help her husband.  He was in a local hospital in Frankfurt, dying.... He was extremely ill, doctors were not sure what it was, but called it ”Psoriasis”....     Read this story

  19. Re: Psoriasis Cure   by   fredman5555
    For the most part, curing psoriasis means discovering what foods you can and cannot eat. I’ve done it for myself, and I have only a about five spots left. Basically, every time I eliminated a food I suspected was intolerable by my body, it proved true, and more spots disappeared. It’s pretty cool!....    Read this story

  20. Re: Psoriasis Cure   by   username10
    I did go on a psoriasis diet - whole grains, no red meat, no nightshades, no dairy, more fruits and veggies. My psoriasis is almost gone....  Read this story

  21. I have had psoriasis for 14 years. I cut out Dairy, red meat, sugar, and fried foods. Within 2 weeks ...   by   SexyJewel
    Not having any insurance, I decided to go online and try every natural cure that sounded like it would work. I cut out Dairy, red meat, sugar, and fried foods. I started eating Fruits, Vegetables, lean meats and taking vitamins. I figured even if it didn’t help my psoriasis, it sounded pretty healthy anyways...     Read this story

  22. your scars CAN heal!   by   ozone bubble
    I am living proof!  I have many scars all over at varying depths and they are ALL healing just from doing cleansing and flushing...     Read this story

  23. My story; the short of it...coconut oil topically is the best thing I've found   by   machado
    Alright, my story is long, I’ll tell you first what works for me, in case you don’t want to or don’t have the time to read the whole thing. Then I’ll list what I tried and what didn’t work. What works for me: COCONUT OIL APPLIED TOPICALLY...     Read this story

  24. Seem to be having a success!  Would like to share...   by   leyla
    I have had psoriasis for about 3 years and it has been getting worse every year. Spent the first 6 months trying to figure out where to start!   Started with Dr. Paganos book --healing psoriasis....     Read this story

  25. My psoriasis success   by   Watashi
    I get psoriasis on my legs and arms in the winter. Last winter I did a very modified Gerson therapy -- just the juices and coffee enemas. I did about 6 homemade vegetable juices a day -- mostly carrot/apple juice but some green juices as well -- and 2 coffee enemas. On the Gerson therapy you do a ratio of 1 coffee enema for every 3 8-oz. juices.... ... Within about a month the psoriasis was gone.     Read this story

  26. Re: i am overwhelmed by all the information   by   #40993
    Through my research I found a common thread in all psoriasis treatments that had any kind of success. They all involved a radical change in diet and lifestyle. I decided to take the plunge and follow a highly restricted Candida diet. I had some success (25% improvement and less scaling) in the first month but then began to cheat a little. ...     Read this story

  27. another update, better news!   by   leyla
    After my 6th liver flush the psoriasis on my hands is pretty much gone, my ankle, 75% gone and knee 50% gone.... in the past weeks i have simplified the regime, to try to make life easier, and to ascertain what is helping and what isnt necessary for me.... my diet, now about 70% alkaline, 50-70% raw.... back on nightshades(happily so)... low gluten, but not totally gluten free... cod liver oil everyother day... daily juicing(apple carrot beet)....     Read this story

  28. Lifestyle Change of how i reduced psoriasis by 80-90%   by   SilentGuy
    This is how I reduced Psoriasis by around 80-90%   At around 14 i started a weight training program with friends radically changed my normal to a strict diet high protein, low fat, little carbs, no fruit, ...     Read this story

  29. My Psoriasis Story! Good News!   by   kendall55
    I started doing Andreas’s liver cleanses, and eating more balanced, mostly vegetarian diet. Did some colon cleanses ...     Read this story

  30. Ocean bathing gave me a lot of relief   by   vat69
    By the time I came back from vacation my patches on face are gone, the skin is in natural color but a little softer than regular skin. I dont know how long this thing lasts but it was a BIG relief to me, now I can go back to work with pride. ...     Read this story

  31. Psoriasis Recovery with Slippery Elm Bark and American Saffron   by   ejm
    He had me on a pretty specific diet and I was able to follow it for the most part. He gave me a topical ointment and vitamins. I did start to see results that were pretty amazing but wanted something a little less  ...     Read this story

  32. Done "lurking" sharing.   by   fitnessgirl
    Last year Psoriasis came into my life and as a personal trainer and fitness/figure competitor the thought of not being able to wear shorts much less a bikini for competition just blew my mind. Well a year later I’m here to say all of the comments, questions and blurbs from this site have been the only things leading me closer to being able to compete once again. Last year I kicked my own butt in the gym to be at the perfect weight with the perfect muscle tone, perfect body fat per ...     Read this story

  33. Re: Dermatologists lie!   by   Mike_pdx
    The dermatologist didn’t tell me the problem was nutrition and he just gave me topical medicine to put on to suppress the symptoms. It wasn’t until 8 years later that I discovered living food nutrition. I used raw and living foods, fasting, raw juices, and homeopathic medicine to completely heal my skin....     Read this story

  34. Need feedback PLS! Psoriasis & Liver Flush   by   SkinProbSufferer
    I have done 6 flushes in two months, and my skin is now 90% clear!! I am so thankful everyday and so glad the rest of my life will be much much less stressful, or even no more stress!!!.....     Read this story

  35. SHARING SOME SUCCESS   by   youngblood
    I applied every good idea that I found and found a lot of success. I am now down to a few spots on my legs and they are fading as well. ...     Read this story

  36. Reducing / Curing Psoriasis   by   fredman5555
    I’ve ”had” psoriasis for a little over 20 years, and have done a great deal of research in the more recent ones. Yes, psoriasis is curable in the sense that you can figure out what causes it in yourself, avoid that, and your psoriasis will go away.  From what I can tell, psoriasis is definitely caused by your body’s ability to handle its own food diet. Here are some things I’ve done and discovered...     Read this story

  37. psoriasis cure   by   libbds
    My psoriasis is gone!. I moved to Mexico, and in less than three months my psoriasis is gone, GONE!!! I wish I could post pictures of how bad it was. (50% coverage). I have not changed anything. I drink beer every day, eat beef, eat pork, eat chicken, eat pizza....     Read this story

  38. Psoriasis and Coconut oil   by   Zoebess
    Try Coconut Oil to relieve your Psoriasis~~... ... PSORIASIS... 3/11/2008: Stephen : ”I decided to try Coconut Oil to see if it would help me lose some weight. It never, but I had another interesting side benefit. It has almost completely healed up my severe case of Psoriasis. It has at least taken it to the point that I can pay little to no attention to this ailment that has dogged me for almost 40 years now, since I was 7. ....    Read this story

  39. Not eating dairy helped my husband clear up his psoriasis   by   polaris700
    I too have gotten of the dairy products to help clear my psoriasis as well. I am a firm believer in that certain foods do play a major cause in outbreaks. I also found certain veggies will trigger my outbreaks as well ie..nightshades....     Read this story

  40. Bugoy feels the power of his first virgin coconut oil detox   by   goodsamaritan55
    Bugoy has been diagnosed and suffering from Psoriasis for ever so long, 15 years? Bugoy was finally able to accomplish his very first virgin coconut oil detox which began Saturday morning and ended this Sunday evening. This VCO detox has been delayed for ever so long.  We were supposed to both do the VCO detox last weekend. This Saturday I Made Sure!  Bugoy is a difficult patient, maybe he knows I’m his older brother so he makes it more difficult on purpose...     Read this story

  41. Doing well with Psoriasis and cleansers   by   polaris700
    Started doing colon cleansing and raw food diet.  Psoriasis has let up quite a lot now, no more scales!!  Still taking Flax seed oil and Milk seed too. I will be doing another Fast in a little while ( letting the body take a rest ). Been hard on the raw diet.. cheated with some steak here and there, just cut the meat down alot on the meals , maybe one small serving a week. I have to say , I think the biggest improvement came when I stopped smoking 3 months ago ...     Read this story

  42. Psoriosis Better, From post 4 months ago.   by   Blizzzard
    Well I’ve been in Thailand for over 3 months now and I’ll have to say My Psoriasis had improved greatly. I have been eating very little spicy foods, NO JUNK FOOD whatsoever, (my wife cooks me alot of meals with vegetables etc.) I eat tons of fish, getting exercise and lots of sun. My Psoriasis completely cleared up when I was stayign in Pattaya, I think becuase I went swimming in the ocean every few days. ...     Read this story

  43. Re: Any Success Stories?   by   Hadassah7
    I had success with psoriasis when I went on raw, living vegan foods for nine months. I had a psoriasis outbreak when I started on the diet. It took some time for it to go away, not sure how long, maybe a month or two??? But it never returned during the time I was eating raw foods. Psoriasis outbreaks came again once I returned to the SAD....     Read this story

  44. Psoriasis success   by   crunchy
    Hello All,... ... This post will hopefully be inspiring for those willing to consider it, and I know it’s been posted here before, but another testimonial never hurts.... I’ve had psoriasis on my elbows (one more than the other) since Nov. ’04 after an extended two week fast that I’ve come to believe detoxed my liver incompletely. It worsened over the course of the next year and eventually spread to my penis, which made my dislike of it grow exponentially and my search for a ”cure,” if you want to call it that, more urgent. I began liver cleansing this past December and have had some success wit ...     Read this story

  45. Re: Any Success Stories?   by   daryl
    I have posted in this forum 2 years ago regarding ayurvedic herbs and my psoriasis is in remission for more than 2 years now. I have been suffering from psoriasis for 9 years. One of the herbs I am taking is Tumeric. Some of the forum members posting I read here are taking tumeric tablet and saw good results too.     Read this story

  46. I did it! completely cleared Psoriasis in 4 days   by   xbsteve
    Through trials of different things, i have found a combination that has finally gotten rid of the Psoriasis i have had for 15 years. This is the first time it has ever gone away. The list of what i have is as follows:....     Read this story

  47. 70% Clear   by   Cancun
    I am now in the middle of what we call a healing crisis. I have finally turned the corner on this thing. I have documented my results since this process began and am going to post before, during and after pictures to see the results. As of today:... ... ... 1. I have no more scales, only red patches that are getting less and less red.... ... 2. The skin on my upper arm has started to peel off where there were patches and not there is REAL SKIN underneath.... ... 3. Although there are still visable red patches, When you run your hand over any part of my body it feels smooth and like natural skin.... ...     Read this story

  48. Psoriasis Cleared up   by   pkatz
    I finished a 10 day Master Cleanse almost 3 weeks ago. By the 5th day, my persistent psoriasis was clearing up. I am continue to be almost entirely clear 3 weeks later. This is the best my areas of psoriasis have looked in over a year. I am confident that had I done the cleanse longer, I would be entirely free of psoriasis. I am a believer.     Read this story

  49. The True Cause of Psoriasis   by   Cancun
    I feel a must address this topic. After reading the responses of both sides and years of research there is a single cause of psoriasis. It is poor digestion and elimination of toxins, which seep into the blood stream, overwhelm the body’s natural elimination system and result in the nasty spots we all have. Of course when people say that it is the a faulty or overactive immune system that causes it, they are just going back one step....     Read this story

  50. Re: Ive had psoriasis for 58 years!!!   by   korynp
    Since you mentioned Pagano and Cayce, I just want to say that the book Healing Psoriasis has completely changed my life. I am not 100% cured yet - but I am doing much better. I just ordered Pagano’s cookbook as well - so we’ll see how that goes. Who knew tomatoes could make such a difference!!!     Read this story

  51. Aloe Vera Heals 25 out of 30 Patients with Psoriasis   by   rudenski
    I thought this study was interesting. Check out the study. I really believe in Aloe Vera. Living on the Coast for several years and going to the beach made aloe vera a part of my daily skin care. It is worth a look. I believe it.     Read this story

  52. ACV is destroying my psoriasis.   by   marlon
    My psoriasis popped up out of the blue around October of 2003. I am 99% sure the trigger was stress because I can remember around that time i was stressed from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep. When it first popped up I thought it was something else and got really worried about it, it took me at least 3 months to go to the doctor for fear of what the diagnosis might be. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to check myself in. Well there I was sitting on the table with my shirt and pants off pointing to the doctor where the patches were ...     Read this story

  53. Dermatologists lie about Psoriasis!   by   glamtaty
    I cant even describe how much I hate dermatologists. They either lie or just plain morons. Thats all i can say.... ... I’ve seen a few of them in the past few years. ... ... One of them gave me this ANOTHER-DUMMY-IS-HERE kinda smile after I asked him about the connection between the diet and psoriasis to which he answered : ”Diet has nothing to do with psoriasis”. That day he prescribed me (no joke) 5-6 medications for psoriasis. One of them was for the scalp,another for the face,then some special soap(ya ok!),and some spray..etc.... ... On top of that(!) He told me to go and buy those medications ONL ...     Read this story

  54. Re: Liver flush results for psoriasis?   by   fectoid2
    It took multiple flushes for me, but I saw improvement in my P during each flush cycle. Yes, it would be slightly worse during and immediately after each flush, but in the second week after each flush, my skin would be better than it was before the previous flush. For me about six flushes were enough to eradicate it, by my psoriasis was relatively mild, elbows, one knee, one ankle and some on my butt. So I used the Clarke recommended two week flush cycle.     Read this story

  55. Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal   by   goodsamaritan55
    Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Parts 1 and 2... ... Here is the full journal of Luke from Poland where he gives a blow by blow account of how he cured his psoriasis.... Yes, psoriasis cure, not mere psoriasis treatment.... If you are interested in psoriasis cure, read on and learn how Luke did it.... ... ... ... ... PSORIASIS CURED. What your doctors told you about psoriasis being incurable is a big fat LIE.... ... Luke’s psoriasis treatment and cure was made possible with the psoriasis cure outline at ... ... (06 ...     Read this story

  56. coal tar shampoo, followed by a topical application of a coal tar lotion   by   gypsigran
    I had psoriasis on the hairline in the back of my head and around one ear. ... ... Nothing worked until I tried coal tar shampoo, followed by a topical application of a coal tar lotion. IT WORKED and never came back. This condition followed severe emotional stress and breakdown of my immune system. ... ... I was not professionally diagnosed as by that time I was sick and tired of doctors and took my health into my own hands. I read sometime later that the AMA had discovered a combination of coal tar and sunlight was the cure. ... ... Hope it helps someone.     Read this story

  57. Urine therapy - psoriasis 90% better now.   by   nico_c
    Hi, firstly I’d just like to say what a great site this is! It really is a lifeline to sufferers such as myself - especially when things are at their worst.... ... For me the worst came in December 2004 when large patches of psoriasis began appearing all over my body (the worst being all over my face). It was unrelenting - wearing clothing was agonising, bathing felt like i was being stung by nettles, eventually after a month of sleeping only 1 hour every night (i was exhausted but the pain was too severe)i felt ready to die.... ... At this point i was desperate and remembered something i’d read o ...     Read this story

  58. Best liver flush for seborrheic dermatitis? New to liver flushing!   by   fectoid2
    I cleared my Psoriasis using the Clark Liver Flush protocol. It has nothing to do with having stones. It’s just intended to move a lot of bile in a short period of time in order to detox the liver. It’s very effective.... ...     Read this story

  59. Re: RA and Psoriatic Arthritis HELP!!!   by   phelp
    I have met two people who cured their arthristis at the Paracelsus clinic by removing their root canal or dental infection. I asked a young doctor their and he said about once every two months or so that happens. A biological dds may be worth a shot     Read this story

  60. To: Ginagirl   by   vitob
    Thanks Ginagirl, I’ve actually read that case! ... But my question is if I want to use iodine to body paint, what do I do? ... ... I’ve tried coconut oil before, both internally and externally. I got the entire section of psoriasis on my back to clear up! But no matter how I tried, the psoriasis patches on my chest/belly and my shin just wouldn’t clear up. ... ... Through detox, no starch, ACV drinks, VCO, and anti candida supplements, I’ve gone from 85% covered by psoriasis to about...I’d say 10-15% now. These are just two stubborn places left! ... ... But if I painted over the areas with lugol, I’m af ...     Read this story

  61. Cheap Psoriasis Cure   by   #110920
    I use dead sea salt in a bath to keep my psoriasis under control. It really works a treat but it’s quite expensive using it all the time...   Read this story

  62. Re: if there are 3 things i should add .........   by   dumbrod
    I finally cleared myself up 100% from a mild, but very stubborn psoriasis that has also plagued me from 18-28. The way I did it (I think) was:.1. Coffee enemas (A liver flush may have been involved which would have been preceeded by a parasite cleanse)... 2. Avoiding ALL hydrogenated oils (it’s in everything and is a bad poison)... 3. Grade 10 tumeric.....     Read this story

Educational Stories

  1. Health may seem illusive   by   White Shark
    While FMT has a great potential in curing microbiome, it would take a very long time (many years) for good microbiome to allow for spontaneous healing of the liver. Eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Hives, Acne, Exfoliative cheilitis, Athletes foot, Alopecia, and majority of other skin diseases are actually all more or less LIVER diseases and not only liver, as liver feeds intestines, they are also diseases of intestines. Unfortunately, they are not recognized as liver diseases, but that is what they are.  ...     Read this story

  2. What Worked For Me - Part 4: Enemas and Colon Cleansing   by   frostymug
    ENEMAS AND COLON CLEANSING... ... Now we get into a subject that is fairly unpleasant but I think necessary. In fact, I know I turned the corner in my battle with candida by doing enemas. The problem I was having was knowing if I was making any progress by doing the standard protocol against candida. The only thing I had to go on was how I was feeling and is my die-off progressively diminishing. These are subtle things to judge. Candida regularly produces toxins even if left alone. It is part of their metabolism. When you kill them with antifungals they release lots of toxins in a short period ...     Read this story

  3. Dr. Chris Reynolds: Red Skin Syndrome Cure   by   White Shark
    Dr. Chris Reynolds has successfully eliminated topical steroid dependency/addiction in thousands of patients with the so-called ”Red Skin Syndrome”. Here he explains his original, natural method that is freely available to everyone...     Read this story

  4. Topical Steroid Addiction: Red Skin Syndrome: Corticosteroid Addiction & Withdrawal by Dr Marvin Rapaport   by   White Shark
    The term ”Red Skin Syndrome” was coined by Dr Marvin Rapaport MD. Dr Marvin Rapaport found that overuse of topical steroid creams can cause nasty side effects when withdrawn. Common symptoms include weeping, burning skin when a steroid cream is discontinued. In many cases, overuse of potent steroid creams causes the skin to enter a cycle of addiction, with doctors prescribing more potent steroids to treat the worsening skin condition, a never ending cycle...     Read this story

  5. Podcast - Antibiotics could be at the root of allergies, autism and eczema   by   GetCuredOrDieTrying ... Allergies, autism, eczema and even obesity may be linked to the widespread use and abuse of antibiotics, according to Professor Martin Blaser, the Director of the Human Microbe Biome Programme at New York University, in his new book, Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues. VoR’s Tim Ecott spoke to him in New York.... Prof Blaser explained his hypothesis to VoR: “My basic idea is that most of the cells in the human body are microbes.  ...     Read this story

  6. Target the colon.   by   dvjorge
    Two years ago, I wrote it.... You may get some benefits reading it :... ... Hi all,... I am motivated to write this topic after seen the opportunity of asking for permission to stick it permanently to the forum useful posts. So, I will ask for it to the forum’s administrators.... Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language, so excuse me if you find redaction mistakes.... I have several reasons to chose this topic for this post. First, I have noticed during my four years researching candida how misunderstood this syndrome is, and the amount of myths about it we find in the web. As I have said in ...     Read this story

  7. I'll save you a few headaches and give you some shortcuts.   by   powertool4
    I haven’t posted on curezone in a while but I was real active last year when I got really ill after some antibiotics and general anesthesia. Much of what I know now I will have never been able to know if I did not go through this entire year studying, researching, experimenting, etc. It was a very hard year. For that, I am thankful ...     Read this story

  8. Food Allergies Could Be Caused By Antibiotics   by   GetCuredOrDieTrying  
  9. It's not only the lips for me.   by   phelp
    I m telling you check the one thing that nobody checks-your jaw. Get a cavitat scan and a pano-only go to a biolgocial dds.... My lips pealed for years then I got very sick.... Head-scalp-lips-that’s all dental-penis-I would guess you have issues with your front 8 teeth-get a caitat scan-find a bolgical ddds to treat and e cured     Read this story

  10. India on its way to an antibiotic disaster   by   Dr.Jeff
    India has emerged as the world’s largest consumer of antibiotics with a 62% increase in popping habits over the last decade.       Read this story

  11. Gut Dysbiosis: The New Normal for U.S. Kids   by   GetCuredOrDieTrying
    How many kids did you know when you were growing up that had autism, ADHD, acid reflux, allergies, asthma, developmental delays and/or mental health issues?. I knew of only ONE child with any one of these in the whole time I went to school from elementary school to high school. Now that I am a mom, I can tell you that it’s the rare child who does NOT have any chronic illnesses. The statistics ...     Read this story

  12. Re: Need some advice with Candida   by   NAMIR
    I had similar issue, The body moves candida toxins to the skin and scalp. I has all come back now that my Candida situation is a lot better. You need to do more detox, Epsom Salt baths daily, Drink tons of water, Milk Thistle, Nettle Tea, Coffee Enemas are also a great way to detox.     Read this story

  13. Some people were able to change their tolerance   by   White Shark
    Just thought you should know that some people were able to change their tolerance to food, and sometimes even to 100 % cure their intolerance or even allergy.... ... Generally, what helped them is one of the next things, or a combination of things:...  Read this story

  14. Re: Crawling on scalp! help!!   by   CLEW
    Start adding some Borax into your shampoo! It is only as toxic as salt.... It’s anti-fungal and anti-arthropod along with their eggs. Use Borax in your laundry now, especially when you wash your beanie...     Read this story

  15. Re: I'll save you a few headaches and give you some shortcuts.   by   Cheshire77
    Can candida over-growth occur independent from a leaky gut? Or does candida over-growth always cause a leaky gut?  ...     Read this story

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