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FBO ( Fecal Body Odor ) success story
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Published: 9 years ago

FBO ( Fecal Body Odor ) success story

Observer and finally I can claim my success...

Hiya everyone..You may not have heard about me yet..I was following this forum every day and night for approx 5 months..I used to say to myself that I'm too helpless to share my story - I used to sit and cry alone bcz I felt that my life is finished..I prayed for God to take me bcz I couldn't take any more torture..I have been through a lot in my life since I was actually born till today - I'm 32 years! I used to just read this forum and go away with a new plan or a bit of hope..but I always said one thing before I slept..I'm
Not alone and I got to help this ppl and myself I can't just not fight it..I wanted to come back here one day and write my own success story..

I was not cured yesterday or last has been over a month that I actually know that I have no longer fecal Body Odor ..I have actually studied nutrition for 10 years..I killed my candida in 1 month about ten years ago and my diet has hardly been changed and so my body. I learned how to listen to my body..however a year ago I had a major car accident and I have abused with some drugs which initially I thought was the reason as to why I developed it. I had it for roughly 5 months I used to hear ppl coughing and looking at me in a very weird times it was fecal or fishy or mostly fart smell...I didn't have money to afford even digestive enzymes so I had to revert to food to cure me like I cured myself from candida..what has helped me was the years of health obsession and body chemistry..I would wake up in the night and start reading about something and suddenly I discover another piece of the puzzle..until I finally solved it.
To begin with..I discovered the own natural cure is because at days I felt I didn't hv and at days I felt it very strong and I was listing out reasons as to why...I tried and tested just food and inner body screams..

One time I woke up I felt that I needed yellow fruit and veggies I badly craved knowing how cleansing lemon is I went off to the juice shop made thek doing only pure 100% lemon with some ice no water or mint or me it tasted few minutes I felt something different..I felt I could breathe my nose got clearer my throat was feeling clean and I felt so different like it's did for good 12 hours then I slept woke up and I was back to the fart feelings and smell..I had already eliminated all caffeine sofa Sugar drinks by then as well diary meet chicken and fish just veggies and one type of fruit..this was the combination key..pineapples!! The good thing abt pineapples that it made me fart and whoever knows well about this problem you know that there is gas u feel bloated but it doesn't pass but then u get involuntary without u knowing in the worst time u mostly needed...I used to get this in high stressful moments such as public places..I developed a phobia of crowd since then and still till today it's hard to let go and knowing I'm cured..

Since then I have been broke many times I kept my last pennies on solely lemon juice and pineapple ending with the cans ones but I used to wash it water it still helped...I discovered the first thing I should munch on in the morning and last before bed was pineapple..this good change has happened overnight..and from then on u either get the FBO but lightly or not get it at all..I discovered that when I didn't sleep I was having the following tummy noises disappeared apart from the the nights I don't sleep..I am slowly introducing chicken and fish once a week and noticed no reactions and often diary and still no reactions..I have also reduced my fresh lemon drink from daily to twice a week maximum and pineapple in lower doses..for those of you who are curious as to why pineapple is a very simple answer-it's enzymes are very a fresh one and tell me how your mouth feels afterwards..very sore like it has eaten your mouth..this is a great cleanser as I did believe that I had fecal matter inside fact the first few days of lemon drink followed by pineapple I eliminated more than usual and having this problem the last thing u need is a hard bowel..I was not sure if I had hemorroids or not however I had problem eliminating it all - perhaps IBS..after a bowel movement I used to smell worst!!! Now I feel finished every time I pass a bowel and the lemon plus pineapple will soften it..I felt these two could melt a rock inside me even lol!!!

This is my true story feel free to comment here..I have actually created my own website bcz I am already a personal trainer and a health freak and I want to reach everyone out there to learn more about our body..I'm launching my website fairly soon by Gods grace..

For those who have had this problems for years I recommend u to invest in a detox ebook..I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist I know what worked for me would not work for everyone but the key to all diseases is detox..this has worked for me 10 years ago until today. Not to mention the food itself made me look younger..

The one ebook I suggest is from total wellness..this is similar to my 10 year study but collated in one not buy anything out there - learn about detox because this is the key to a good health..only the food has cured me nothin else..I wanted to try many things but my financial situation didn't help which goes to show how much money we spend but I always lived on one term - Mother Nature is unbeatable!! This was the inspiration to build my website and help ppl..

The ebook I mentioned earlier you can find it here - I have actually signed up to be their affiliate simply because I do not have the time to put together everything about detox. The good thing about this is that you this ebook that it explains everything we need to know dear fellow FBO sufferers..I am hoping that you will find same success as I did just by going all natural. I would say try for maximum 2 days stick with lemon juice (lime juice is equally good) and fresh or canned pineapple..just be patient and remember it's nature and it's def going to help you at least if not cured you..stay persistent!!

Thanks for reading and wish you all best of luck and cute for this terrible thing..I will pop in here as often as I can to answer questions..feel free!


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