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Turmeric Wrap/Squeeze Protocol
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Published: 4 years ago
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Turmeric Wrap/Squeeze Protocol

Why thank you for asking. :-)

It is a hypothesis which seems to be working so least for me (going on day 10 with no bites here).

Hypothesis: the morg seem to dwell in the interstitial space mainly.* It appears that you can "squeeze" them OUT of that space, stopping bites and re-establishing your skin's impermeable barrier, by treating from the inside and out simultaneously, using correct substances/proper timing.

{pre-mix turmeric wrap paste recipe = turmeric:ginger powder in 1:1 ratio, added to very warm coconut or coconut-based medical-grade cannabis oil to saturation point; allow to solidify for a few hours.}

A typical protocol goes like this:
Take oral dose of NOVEL broad-spectrum systemic anthelmintic, according to body weight. It should be a Brand new, never-before-tried substance. I'm holding garlic in reserve, currently. Before administration of the systemic: I took my daily doses of all vitamin/mineral supplements, appropriately timed. Incl massive vit c, (3,000 mg), double b-complex, mag-cal)

Next, after internal dosing, quickly wet hair and apply dandruff shampoo to head/hair/scalp. Cover w/plastic grocery bag (PGB) and tie firmly to prevent evaporation, at least for a few hours.

Next: Treat lesions first. Apply turmeric wrap paste thoroughly on all lesions, treating the worst lesions first.

Next: Apply turmeric wrap recipe to feet After completely coating each foot with turmeric wrap mix, place each foot in a PGB, tying bag firmly.

Next, apply turmeric wrap mix all over body. Every inch of skin, but avoid perineum (gentialia/anus) unless those are infested parts. Allow paste to remain on overnite, (you can put on clothing after paste dries: just remove powdery residue with a towel by "buffing it off"... just don't wash it off). Then re-apply turmeric wrap paste the next day, allow to dry before showering.

This mix is NOT about turmeric, but about timing and novel internal substances: re-creating a solid resistant skin barrier as the final end product. See my site for more details. This is fully do-able, I have NO Bites still, after nine days....

the important things: back-off from the previous systemics and topical treatments briefly, then start from the inside with a new systemic, then quickly externally: head, feet, middle, using the turmeric paste. And, yeah. It's like car wax.

Re: Internal Drug protocol--you are your own best pharmacist. The choice of substances according to the philosophy is essential. You need three relatively "new" internally-applicable, broad-spectrum systemics to do it properly. I used metronidazole on day 1, then equimax (iver+praz) day 4, then oxibendazole on day 6 or 7, then metro again on day 10 or 11.

My decision to go on to the next internal substance was based on my body's "recovery"...I assessed when my herx from prev substance was over, based on normal bowel movements and ability to walk and think normally. Regained appetite, etc. There's a lot more detail to this. I really recommend reading on my site.

I did the turmeric body wrap on Day 7 AFTER using the first three internal drugs. It is possible that earlier application of the turmeric wrap would be effective--the earlier and more frequent, the better, IMHO But die off can be harsh. Always wait for half an hur to make sure you won't have serious reactions to internal drug before applying the "squeeze" with the turmeric wrap paste.

From there, after taking the four internal drugs and one single wrap application, I backed down to straight turmeric internally, as well as staying mega on many supplements, prob most important being b-complex; 600 mg/day internal magnesium; and turmeric at appx internal dosage of 1/2 oz/day. If that sounds like a lot, well...I'm not itching, and I can make turmeric gelcaps all nite if that's what it takes...

The intermittent diarrhea can be...captivating. Stay home.

*(as I finally realized with the help of another poster who prefers to remain anonymous here on cz).

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