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My Tapeworm Story - Please Help
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Published: 7 years ago

My Tapeworm Story - Please Help

My parasite story

This all started 6 months ago. My wife showed symptoms first. She had severe diarrhea for two weeks. She is not one to go to the doctor, even though I tried to convince her to. Two weeks after her symptoms started, mine began. I also had severe diarrhea that lasted 3-4 weeks. The diarrhea was accompanied with mucus in my stool. A week and a half after my symptoms started, we went to the doctor.

We explained, to the doctor, our symptoms. At this point in our infection, our only symptom was severe diarrhea with mucus. I suspected Giardia based only on our symptoms. We had not traveled anywhere or drank from an stream or lake but after reading about Giardia it sounded like that sort of fit. We talked to the doctor about this. He did not think the cause was Giardia but prescribed us Flagyl anyway. The doctor also sent a stool sample kit home with me to so he could confirm if we actually had Giardia (I didnít do the initial stool sample thinking Giardia was the cause). We took the 7 day course of Flagyl and began to feel worse than before. Now our symptoms included severe abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, excess gas, along with occasional diarrhea. At this point we thought that the Flagyl might have killed the Giardia but also killed all the good bacteria, so we started taking a probiotic.

After about two weeks and no improvement I went back to the doctor and explained we were still having issues. This time I did the take in a stool sample and it was tested for parasites and bacterial infection. The stool samples came back three days later and were negative. I was starting to go nuts and this was just two months into this.
I knew the illness was caused by an invader and not IBS, Crohn's, etc. because my wife and I had the exact same symptoms. I went to a different doctor and once again had a stool sample tested for parasites and I was also tested for H Pylori using a breath test. The results again were negative. At this point I was starting to think I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life and not know what the cause was.

I never really thought I had a parasitic worm. I thought like most of the doctors in the US, that people in the United States donít get worms but then my blood work came back and showed that mine and wifeís glucose levels had dropped significantly. I started researching all the symptoms and it pointed toward an intestinal parasite. Then, just a few days after Thanksgiving I passed what looked like a tapeworm. I was not sure at the time and made the mistake of flushing the toilet before collecting the worm. I am still kicking myself to this day. I went and looked on the internet at pictures of Tapeworms and what came out of me looked exactly like the images I was viewing. I immediately went to the doctor.

I told the doctor what had happened and he believed me and prescribed me Biltricide. He also sent me home with another stool sample kit and said this one would be different because the lab could pinpoint what to look for. I said ok and was excited because I thought this would finally have a resolution to our problem. To my disappointment this was not the case.

The disappointment started when I went to the pharmacy and they said that Biltricide was not prescribed any more in the United States. The pharmacy called the doctor and told him that the only medication in the US for worms was Albendazole. The doctor talked to the pharmacist and they decided on a single dose of the Albenza. I asked the pharmacist if this would work and he assured me it would but I had my doubts. My wife was also given the same script and we both took the Albenza that day.

With the single dose we both killed a couple of worms. We also felt a little better a few days after taking the single dose but about a week later the symptoms were back. The symptoms were not as bad as before but I could tell I wasnít cured. The symptoms now were bloating, occasional stomach cramps, dry skin, difficulty swallowing, undigested food in our stools and stomach rumbling. I went back to the doctor and tried to get them to prescribe us a larger dose but they only gave us another single dose. We took the 2nd dose 12 days after the initial dose. This time nothing happened. I had also taken in another stool sample which of course came back negative.

Now I was feeling really helpless. Not only had we spent countless dollars trying to figure this out we had, we also failed to eradicate the worms with the doctorís protocol. So at this point, I started taking Diatomaceous Earth, eating papaya seeds, and pineapple. I tried the DE for 21 days and the papaya seeds and pineapple for a week. Neither of these did anything of to ride me of the worms.

Realizing I would not be able to find a doctor to prescribe me anything that would get rid of the worms, I started to look at overseas pharmacies and at animal medicine. Weighing the risk of both I decided to order the animal medicine. I ordered Praziquantel and Valbazen to fight the worms.

I reluctantly took the Praziquantel and Valbazen. I took the dosage recommended on this forum. 25mg/Kg three times a day for three days and 3.75mg of Valbazen twice a day. Iím currently on day four and I have killed two or three Tapeworms but I am sure that I have not killed all of them because I can still feel wiggling around my anus. In my opinion I donít think I will kill anymore with this protocol. The ones left are the hard to reach, battle tested worms. I have also caught a cold so I am wondering if I should continue the Valbazen?

With all that said I am needing some much needed advice on the next step I should take to completely rid myself and my wife of these worms I 100% know we have. Yes Iím thinking everyone around me thinks I have lost it. I hardly ever got sick before all of this started. Now I have not been myself for the past six months. Please help!


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