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Re: Can I still have mercury in brain, despite dmps challenge test showing low numbers..?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Can I still have mercury in brain, despite dmps challenge test showing low numbers..?

== my reply is below.

I do not have aspergers that i know of.

== You might look up the symptom list, especially if you've had most of the symptoms since early childhood.

Yes the aminos are for alertness and basically a number of transmitters. They are still not working that i can feel.

== If the symptoms match inattentive ADD fairly well it will be difficult to treat with only amino acids. I'm struggling with that myself. The aminos, etc help me but don't fully replace a low dose of Adderall medication. You might try putting a few hundred mg of DL phenylalanine under you tongue and see how you feel. This would be used along with oral tyrosine, mucuna puriens, and related vitamins and minerals, maybe even whole adrenal extract.

Yes i am using cutlers method however i am using a product that contains a mixture of chlorella (takes a lg amount to do anything)Nac, edta, garlic, cilantro, ala, and dmsa.. If i take 2 every 3 hrs it gives me the right doses of 50mg dmsa and 50mg ala..

== Taking doses every 2 or 3 hrs is part of Cutler's protocol. I'm one of those who feels better when taking ALA every two hours. A close female friend does fine with 3hr dosing.

== He says we also need to take plenty of antioxidants--1G vitamin C w/ each meal and before bed and 1000IU or so of Vitamin E or similar per day. It is dangerous to kick up heavy metals with chelators and high sulfur/thiol supplements such as NAC without plenty of antioxidant protection.

== Cutler uses ALA as the primary chelator. It is the one that moves inorganic mercury (Hg) across the blood brain barrier (bbb). However it needs to be taken carefully and thoughtfully becauses it moves Hg across the bbb in *both* directions. In the Gregus study of ALA on mice (not Cutler protocol), the treated mice excreted more Hg than untreated mice but ended up with *more* Hg in the brain and organs than untreated mice. Cutler's protocol is designed to maximize the chances that Hg will be moved out of the brain and organs. I can explain more if requested.

== Cutler discourages people from using EDTA when there is a mercury problem as you'll read here.

== He discourages people from trying to use NAC and cilantro as "chelators." NAC ( cysteine ) only has one SH/thiol group. These are like Hg magnets. Therefore it does not grab Hg as well as LA's two SH groups.

== I'm confident Cutler's view is similar to what is expressed by this autism doctor whose own son greatly improved on treatments that included a variation of cutler's protocol.

== Obviously I think you should find a different source for ALA ( and DMSA or DMPS if desired ). There are companies that sell 25mg ALA.

I really think the other ingredients help knock the candida down and chlorella maybe is helping my gut as the mercury escapes. So far so good. In the past i have severe bloating from dmsa. This time not as bad.

== I'm glad to hear that. DMSA has a reputation for aggrivating gut problems. I'm not so sure that you'll ever need more than 25mg DMSA if you have a Hg problem. ALA is the primary chelator for Hg. Cutler has tips for dealing with candida from DMSA. These include plenty of zinc. Since it is not my problem I don't know the list. I know some of the parents of autistics like biotin. There are many other things. Many adults skip DMSA and use DMPS instead.

Regarding the mms, its sodium chlorite mixed with citric acid . I highly suggest doing your own research. Watch Kerri Rivera on youtube and how she uses it to cure autism. I suggest her book. 120 plus cases cured. I am writing this on my phone if this seems scattered..

== I've looked into it enough over the years and heard enough opinons. My conclusion is that if a person has autism spectrum symptoms due to drinking bad water in a very poor country and can't afford real medication, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement might be better than nothing.

== Miracle-Mineral-Supplement contains chlorine dioxide, a "bleach" and "disinfectant" as described by a water treatment solution company?

== There is nothing that K Rivera can say to change that fact.

== If Hg is the major reason for autism symptoms it makes better sense to treat the Hg problem. I understand that gut problems are a common symptom of Hg. Hopefully people can find a better way to treat those problems.

== ATB

== Joe

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