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I BEAT Candida 100%, fatigue, acne 100%
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Published: 9 years ago

I BEAT Candida 100%, fatigue, acne 100%

I had Candida in my gut since I graduated from high school (caused by regularly eating entire boxes of cookies after getting stoned, mononucleosis, frequent Antibiotic treatments, oral steroids, frequent drinking, fast food, etc).
I suffered for 3 years (fatigue, acne, and chronic yeast infections - back to back to back to back every single week). I read so much (blogs and articles) and tried so many pills, diets, etc.
I became obsessed and took drastic measures, but I am finally free.

Before My Diet:
I had already been on the standard candida diet for over a year. Like everyone else, it was relieving symptoms only temporarily. Why? Its not good enough. Candida is a tough survivor. It will return soon as you eat "normal heathy" foods again. I believe candida can eat zucchini, carrots, etc. What I believe does not really matter.
Humans are tougher than Candida, and this is how I became free of Candida...

My Regime:
Note that I am simply stating what I did. I am not sure if some part(s) could be omitted.

1. Diet
For an entire year I only consumed fennel, boiled chicken, leafy greens, and water.
No oils, no spices, no nothing!!!
To get enough calories, I ate a minimum of 6 lbs of chicken every single day.
I recommend frozen chicken from Trader Joe's. They have no hormone, no Antibiotic chicken in 2 lb bags for 7$. Just throw them in a big pot with boiling water, drain, and eat! I never drank the broth.
I then chopped fennel and other greens to make a salad.

2. Supplements
Vitamin B - every morning.
S Boulardii - a YEAST which competes with Candida for space. However, it can not live in the human body. It can only pass through, and take some Candida down with it. I took some everynight before bed.
Probiotic - multiple times a day (taking a trillion of units each day!)
SF720 - maybe its all bull, maybe its the only important thing. I have no idea. I just took it so I am including it. I took 3 with every meal.
(I will include links and discuss choosing other pills below, for readability)

Very slowly reintroduce foods after one year. At first cooking with the smallest amount of oil gave me extreme diarrhea. Having just one bite of steak or a morsel of fish... diarrhea.
Start slow, start by boiling everything. Once you can have a bit of boiled zucchini or boiled fish, try to boil it with and then finish it in coconut oil. Eventually, you will relearn to eat normal foods, cooked normally.
I have been eating a mostly paleo diet for over a year without any sign of Candida. I can eat out at restaurants often and drink high quality liquors in moderation. I can cook all sorts of yummy foods without worrying. Could I get away with eating a cookie? Probably. I just dont want to!

Additional Info:
I exercised at least 3 times a week. Lifting or running.
I lost alot of body fat but maintained nice muscle mass as long as I ate enough chicken. At the time of writing I am 5'10, 145 lbs, and under 5% body fat.
If there are other guys reading, do not fear: you will become lean but not scrawny!
This diet will cost you a fortune and lots of time. Cook all your days chicken once at time to save time.
You will not eat out with friends. You will not drink or party. IT WILL SUCK. But it is all worth it.

References to the Pills I took:
Feel free to choose your own pills. Just make sure there is NOTHING other than magnesium stearate, cellulose, vegetable glucose, or silicone dioxide. No maltodextrin. No nothing! Seriously!
B - B-Right by Jarrow
S Boulardii - Saccharomyces_Boulardii_MOS by Jarrow
SF722- Formula Sf722 by Thorne
Note: The above 3 can all be found on Amazon.
Probiotic drink - Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic by Inner-Eco
Note: This drink can be found at Whole Foods. Original flavor obviously! I know it says a tablespoon a day, but I was drinking two of these bad boys every week!

Well, thats it!! Go kick some asses my friends. We are the humans. They are the yeast. Accept their declaration of war, and then starve them out.

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