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i believe i have figured out morgellons!!!!!!!!!
haleyrae Views: 6,193
Published: 8 years ago

i believe i have figured out morgellons!!!!!!!!!

I have now tested, and retested my theory about Morgellons. I recently started having some weird symptoms, and thought i had some kind of skin infection. Until, I started noticing strange hairs that were so stuck to my face and neck that they were practically invisible to the naked eye. I could feel them though, and they were everywhere. The more i touched my skin, the more I found, and continued to touch my skin, now I could feel things. It felt as thought there were insects in my skin, hair, everywhere. Naturally, this made me feel anxious, and paranoid, and when everything came back normal, I started to worry that I may be crazy, or schizophrenic. Also every morning upon awaking I felt fine, but then by the nighttime, after having touched my skin a lot during the day as people do, all the symptoms would return. I have figured out why this is, and have indeed sorted the Morgellons mystery.

Morgellons sufferers do indeed feel all these symptoms, and do indeed find fibres, and hairs coming out of their skin. Here is why-they actually conduct their own electricity. The more they rub their skin, the more they add electrons to it (skin) giving it a negative charge, and in turn anything neutral or with a positive charge is attracted to it (law of electricity), which is why they have so many fibres on and in their skin. It gets imbedded, and new skin grows overtop, also up their noses. This electric charge they have created makes their skin feel tingly underneath, creating the illusion of bugs under skin. Also, their hair starts to move on its own, and they find it trying to stick to their own face, even find long hairs that are attached originally to their heads trapped under the skin on their faces, and necks. This is the same reason as before, Their own electric charge has drawn it to it. Also when they rub their skin, anything in on or underneath, rises to the surface, wanting to stick to the skin. All of it starts to come out. This is also why cellphones, watches, and electronics malfunction in their presence. Due to their incredible and abundant supply of electric static they possess.

So, if you do not believe me, then try it out for yourself. Wear gloves for the next couple of days, and do not take them off at all. Not to shower, not to use the washroom. Just leave them on. Do not rub any part of your skin. I guaranty you, all of your symptoms will disappear. Now after these 2 days, take the gloves off, and rub your nose gently using water or coconut oil, really anything that is liquid, and not damaging, for about 5-10 minutes (longer or shorter if you prefer). Now chill for a bit, and you will notice the tingling begins again, the dining in ears, your phone starts to act up again, your hairs start to act strange again, things feel like they're on your face. All of it returns.

In conclusion, to all you Morgellons sufferers, you are actually a rare breed of incredible humans. You are actual walking, talking, human electricity, and possibly even a phenomena. I hope this helped, and can put many people with this condition at rest. Even if the symptoms are bad, know that it's only static electricity, and there are no bugs, or gross things crawling on or in you. You are healthy, amazing people, and a gift to this world.



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