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Image Embedded Fat in stools, floating stools, low weight, no rectal sensitivity
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Published: 8 years ago

Fat in stools, floating stools, low weight, no rectal sensitivity


Before I continue I want to excuse if my english does not sound very clear to you and also make clear that I have NO medical insurance; all medical services in my country are paid and our family's income can't pay for medical expenses. So usual advices like "go and see doctor" wont work. I, however, believe that everything can be cured through proper mindset, body support, cleansing, herbs, prayer and so on.

I am almost vegetarian, except some fish. Do not eat white flour and any form of junk food. Have done two Arise and Shine cleansing in the past.

Some background that might help: I am 45 years male. I was born with anismus (It was only recently I figured out how to deal with it) which went undiagnosed and manifested as severe constipation through my childhood (one or less bowel movement per week! and only with the help of laxatives or enema) which turned into encompresis, that alwso went unrecognised by parents and doctor and ruined my childhood and my rectum to the point I could not feel BM urges anymore.sad It was around that time when I started losing weight and became skinny for life. Never paid much attention, though, because I generally had good health through my life. However in the recent years I feel down, often depressed, have much less energy and vitality, hear ringing in my ears, used to have night sweats.

I never knew that stools should sink and leave NO residue on the water that's why never paid attention to it. Unfortunately in our society you can't see other peoples bowel moevement, neither it is thought at school or on TV. It was recently when I started toilet training my little son and noticed that his stools are always well formed, always sink and leave no trace in the water. Although we eat the same food and drink the same water mine always float, rarely have a distinctive shape and leave a thin white layer (fat?) on top of the water, like the today's one. It might have gone for years, I do not know, since I never paid attention...

After much reading and wondering I decided I had some form of malabsorbption. I am very skinny, as I said.

Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Went completely off wheat for few months - did not see any difference in stool/weight gain
  2. Started taking digestive enzymes - did not see difference either
  3. Did liver flush few times - one time I got a handful of green stones out but did not see any change in the situtation
  4. Did colon cleanse 2 or 3 times using Arise and Shine system - I saw some good results and got mucoid plaque out. But did not gain weight.
  5. 15 years ago I switched to squat position for emptying the bowels - it helped me a lot with the constipation and hemmoroids.
  6. I went to iris diagnostic specialist who told me I had congestion in the gull bladder and a stone in the left kidney. He prescribed me a lot of herbs and tinctures which did not bring any positive effect, except bancruting the family budget.
  7. Did parasitic cleansing few times using Vermox, Hulda Clark's system and a russian system (Trihelm). Did not see any positive changes.

So, I run out of ideas, please write your suggestions and experience. Thank you once again!


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