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Re: Iodine and serrapeptase - Eureka moment, fibrin
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Iodine and serrapeptase - Eureka moment, fibrin

I have three bottles of enterically coated Serrapeptase capsules right now. 40,000 units per capsule, 120,000 units, and 250,000 units. I'm 45 years old 6' 1" weigh about 200 lbs. and estimate myself to be at 15% bodyfat. For me the 250,000 unit capsules, are too much for everyday use, but the price was cheaper, and I can use them as needed. Often I can't wait an hour to eat in the morning, so I don't always take the Serrapeptase regularly. If I haven't taken it in a while, I can get away with taking 250,000 units only once, before I feel that I may have taken too much. The 120,000 unit capsules are about right for me, but can also be too much for extended daily use, if I am taking other supplements which may thin my blood or reduce clotting. Oddly enough I have quite a few that do that. I tend to be a bleeder. So, I am sensitive to how thick or thin my blood is. I am male, so usually it is my nose that does the bleeding. We men also have a built in blood flow/circulatory restriction indicator. A few years back, I had gotten fairly out of shape, after a decade of poor diet, stress, and not exercising. In spite of the fact that I tend to exhibit all the signs of high testosterone, things were always fully functional, but not functioning to the same high degree as they did when I was a teen. So after some personal life changing traumatic events, I found myself with both the time and will to get back in shape.
I lost fourty pounds in about four months through fasting two or three days at a time followed by eating low carb for a few days, then fasting again. This left me feeling quite a bit weaker. I also had injured one knee, which I attribute to being so out of shape, and then injured the other knee while hopping everywhere to spare my injured knee. This made it difficult to even walk, much less exercise. Anyhow, I did not have a job, or insurance, or money, so I could not have a doctor look at my knees. But I know I had popped one out of place and torn something inside, and damaged the other one also. I determined that I'd just have to see if I could rehabilitate my knees without the aid of doctors or therapists. So I went to the internet to do my research on how to fix my knees, how to improve my circulation, how to build more muscle, how to keep the weight off, how to improve my health and appearance, and supplements in general.

My circulation has improved back to teenage performance, judging by my "indicator" through the use of supplements and the loss of the weight. I took the following supplements that I think helped me do that: Iodine, Niacin, L-arginine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin C, L-Lysine, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Vitamin K2, plus many herbs, pomegranite juice, seaweed, and more.
I also took red rice yeast, but do not reccomend it. After taking Red Rice Yeast for a while I began having awful muscle pains. Which often is a side effect of Red Rice Yeast and other statins. It took a while to recover from that. I guess I should have known better than to take something that is biologically identical to what medicine a typical doctor might reccomend for one's circulatory system.

I have been working out and have gained my muscle back and a little bit of fat. My vision improved from last year to this year. My current job requires a thourough annual eye exam, and this year I forgot to bring my reading glasses, but was able to pass without them. The prior year I could not pass without them, and was then required to have them with me at all times. Now I don't have that requirement.

I could go on for quite a while about all the benefits I have gained by trying things that were reccomended by the folks here on the Iodine VWT forum. When I am done with my body transformation I may even write a book, or at least a more complete telling of my journey of discovery.
Did I mention my High blood pressure went away, with no doctors.

Too much to tell.

I am very thankful to all who share their experiences good or bad, and the things they tried, and the results they've gotten. I believe in a way we are doing medical research every bit as real as what Big Pharma does only we don't have a monetary incentive to skew the truth. I understand most people will not accept our annecdotal findings with much belief, but I do. And I have reaped the benefit of better health from listening to the experts on here, and steering away from licensed Doctors.

A recent physical showed me to be in great health. The Doctor told me that all supplements did nothing, or they would have to be licensed. I told him that his naive dedication to allopathic groupthink was charming, but that I was not ignorant to the point of belief. Anyhow, I shouldn't have pissed him off before the prostate exam, Ouch! I think he was mad and was trying to rip it out of me. But there also, he had to admit that my prostate was in great shape.

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