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Re: Yes
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Yes

"My daughter was born with this ability, but she has a problem....she wants to tell the Angels how they should be running the heavens."

You should just accept that this is a problem a lot of people are born with, they want to tell others how to run everything, because, they're know-it-alls. In the case of children, most outgrow it. But not always !!

Or maybe its not a problem, just coded into us as part of the competitive nature of Man. Everybody has something to assert, and the strongest philosophy or the one with the biggest guns wins.

Often, in the case of grown-up know it all's, its the unsuccessful ones trying to tell others how to be "successful", to compensate to themselves for their own failure perhaps - they want to reach out and help others, thinking that the "universe" will pay them back somehow. Or to just have a warm fuzzy feeling, the "know-it-all high".

On, "the universe" --- Some suggest, you should give gifts without expecting anything back, but at the same time if you want to "attract" money, there is a theory that you can give things, help, "good deeds" etc. to people and expect a payback from the universe, which is something bigger and superior to people. The "universe" will pay you back. My preference is when I give a sno-kone to Suzy, she either gives me a quarter or dusts my desk. If she is nice to me, I might just give her a couple more. Maybe even buy her a new car if she is really really really good to me, in which case I am the Universe to her. That's the best Love, when each other believes the other to be their Universe. Watch out for people who think that you are not their Universe, they are not "yours", their heart belongs to a Universe which is not you.

Its like a religion, except instead of God of the bible, the Fatherhead is "the universe". Its not personified, just a nebulous hugeass neverending blob of stars and stardust, hot air, black holes, quasars, the ether and a whole bunch of other stuff nobody knows what it is. People have a NEED to believe in something bigger than people. Sometimes its "God", othertimes its "the universe". Both defy definition. Some people don't lke the Bible and its God, so, the "universe" is a viable alternative to try to make sense of a world in which few people really understand anything. Maybe God and "the universe" are one and the same. Or maybe God is like Little Cat Z, in "The Cat in the Hat". If I were God, I'd definitely get small on some days, bigger on others, just for the fun of it. Actually, I already do that ;)

Before I can understand just what the heck you're talking about, I would only kindly ask that you define what exactly you mean by "universe". Please make it a concise definition as possible and don't paste a bunch of links, please....

I don't think anybody knows what "the universe" means, which renders your expression vague and indefinite. So, to me, its meaningless until the word "universe" is defined. My bet is that nobody alive on earth can. In math, "universe" is like, infinity, which is undefined.


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