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Image Embedded Fluke Parasites damage reversal? Contractable in countries outside of Africa, Middle East, Asia, ...?
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Published: 7 years ago

Fluke Parasites damage reversal? Contractable in countries outside of Africa, Middle East, Asia, ...?

Hello Humaworm,

I am reading all these forums with many people talking about liver flukes. I am curious if they could all be accurate about the type of parasite they are finding as parasitical flukes only come from certain regions of the world.

Can you please confirm if there are 5 types of human parasitical flukes? And if it is possible to contract them outside of these regions?

  1. Schistosomes Inercalatum - Congo, Cameroon & New Guinea.
  2. Schistosomes Japonicum - Africa
  3. Schistosomes Mansoni - South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East
  4. Schistosomes Haematobium - Africa, Middle East
  5. Schistosomes Mekongi - Mekong River Basin, Laos, Cambodia, South-east Asia

I am quite scared to have just discovered flukes in my feces after starting a cleanse. I have lived in Africa for 12 years now and have been suffering some pretty serious ailments. I can't believe I just now discovered this parasite. I feel like a moron for not being more aware.

The damage is devastating from these suckers. I myself have uterine fibroids the size of a 14 week fetus with debilitating hemorrhaging, severe anemia, severe brain fog and memory impairment (lost my ability to even add simple equations), chronic bronchitis/asthma, and have a fatty liver.

As part of my self treatment, I am doing a variety of cleanses. I wonder if I found the culprit, or at least a partial culprit.

The fibroids showed up 9 years ago when I was living and swimming in the lakes of Rwanda. Fifteen years ago I was in the Mekong Delta and had a dinner prepared with vegetables from the river. Have also been to the Middle East as well as Congo. It could have been from anywhere and scariest of all, could have had them for a very long time.

It seems the damage can be extensive and I have so many health issues. According to WHO, fluke parasites are the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide and can lead to cancer, liver disease and renal failure as well as many other ailments.

From looking at the sizes and shapes of the various strains, it seems that I have the Schistosomes Haematobium which means that the longest I could have had this is about 11 years. Probably from the lakes in Rwanda. I know someone who had to have most of their liver removed after swimming there.

I am hoping you could answer some questions or let me know who at curezone could answer them...


  • How long does someone have to be infected with fluke parasites before serious symptoms show up?
  • If I've had this for say 8-11 years, and all this damage is done, can any of the damage be reversed? (I am also starting to take NAC for liver and mitochondrial damage)
  • How does it affect memory? Is it permanent or reversible?
  • Is it true that they can infest many parts of your body, not just the liver?
  • Is it possible that all of the posts on this forum from people who have never travelled to these regions have somehow gotten fluke parasites? If so, how?
  • Many places say that flukes are microscopic and not visible to the eyes, yet the measurements given for the various types are large enough to see. Are we able to see flukes with the eyes? Perhaps we are all wrong in what we are seeing.

I was hoping to feel joy to rid myself of these parasites when I read all the posts, now that I've discovered I have possibly the most harmful parasite of all, I am scared to death of the damage it has caused. (I also have hundreds of threadworms:( not too worried about those)

Thank You crying


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