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Re: Day 25 of my second LONG MC- discouraged

Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Day 25 of my second LONG MC- discouraged

Sometimes I'm actually thirsty instead of hungry, and that is when I sometimes drink water. I never drink juices or sweet drinks when I'm not fasting and sometimes I feel that I truly NEED water. But something odd is happening when I drink just water, at TIMES. I feel SO thirsty AFTER, and dry mouth happens. No matter how much water I drink, that still happens. At those times, which are only a few times a day, I try the lemonade and it feels like it eases that. Why I don't drink just more lemonade is because I also feel full, in a way, after I've drunk some; my blood Sugar doesn't need any more at that time, so I'll drink water, then, if I'm still thirsty. I am getting 5-6 8 oz glasses a day, tho. I use a Nalgene bottle for my lemonade, which has measurements on it, so I know how much I'm getting, and another one for water, so I can keep track.
Near the end of the first fast, I felt dizzy a lot, and my activity level went down. I feel dizzy, some, now, too, but expected it, so am not alarmed. I do still have a good amount of energy, tho and am doing a lot.
<<< Likewise, you should not & cannot compete against yourself so don't think so much about the numbers (although no doubt about it they are super impressive!!). Focus on how good you feel. >>>
Thanks for the encouragement and praise on my accomplishments so far, smiles. I hadn't *felt* like I was competing; I just had a modest goal of 30 pounds this time, wry smile. Who knows, perhaps I was competing?, but this time, I truly wanted to lose a *little* more before the traditional winter slowdown started
As for winter not arriving till December...smiles..I'm on the edge of New England and I get very cold doing the fast, even WITH the cayenne. That's why I wanted to do it now, while it was still a bit warmer.

I had been on some medications 4-5 years ago, which I discontinued in April. The first year I was on them, I gained 80 pounds and with asthma and severe depression, just couldn't seem to get any progress. We had been vegetarian till 7 1/2 years ago and even after some of our family started eating some meat, still ate a mostly whole foods(organic when we can afford it) diet. My diet has cleaned up some, I'm not doing ANY chocolate, not even the once-in-awhile I gave in to before, (and very little of any kind of sweetner, NO Sugar at all)I know that I just can't touch it without addiction setting in. I *do* feel that the Master-Cleanse helps a LOT to take away addictions! I felt so PURE after the first one, I didn't want to mess myself up...and my body was so much more responsive to the chemical effects of the foods I ate, it was easy for me to tell if something was causing me problems. I never did drink milk, but even my consumption of cheese and yogourt is VERY minimal now, it really causes clogging up and respiratory reactions for me. I am eating a lot more vegetables, and less meat, even tho I never did eat nearly what the "S.A.D." people eat. (Standard American Diet) I have not felt much like eating grains, since the first MC, nor that I needed them very much. Fruit consumption's a bit higher, I eat more nuts, now, tho, tahini was something I felt SO needing of after the first fast! My first full (cooked) meal after coming off very slowly was steamed cauliflower with miso tahini sauce, lol.
My energy level obviously is way up, I'm not doing active "excercise" yet, but AM walking nearly every day, a nice brisk 20 minute or so walk, our town has TONS of hills, so that's a good thing. I don't have to sleep as much during the day, I used to have to nap an hour after I took my meds! Now I only rarely nap, but I do need at least 8 hours of sleep every night, 10-12 is preferable, but on the fast again now, I wake up with terrible thirst if I sleep too long.
I hope this gives you a little more to go on? HUGE difference with this one and the other...on the first, my chiropractor was around and adjusted me five days a week..I had NO asthma, and lost all that weight, had fairly frequent bowel movements. This time, he isn't. I've only been adjusted once, my bowel movements are a lot more infrequent, I use the smooth move tea. I have still the same amount of asthma as I did before the fast and I've only lost the 10 pounds..grimace. Ah well. Some things I can't change, and the chiropractic this time is one of them; he's on sabbatical.
Thanks for answering, Lotus; I look forward to more discussion...


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