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Uterine Fibroids: Plan of Action - Do you agree? Advice?

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Published: 8 years ago

Uterine Fibroids: Plan of Action - Do you agree? Advice?

I am an US expat living in Africa and have no doctors here to speak with about this.

I am trying to heal uterine fibroids (had for 8 years – uterus size of a 14 week fetus) with very heavy bleeding and have just aggressively started to try and treat myself.

I have discovered many interrelated, underlying, potential issues including parasites, candida, leaky gut, clogged liver, insulin resistance, as well as toxic relationships, positive attitudes, etc.

Here is my recent path. First, I left my toxic 14 year marriage and all other toxic relationships about 10 months ago.

Although a good choice, it took a toll on my body and my fibroids blew up from 12 to 14 weeks and flooding turned to hemorrhaging landing me at the doctors with a HG 6.0 and no money for emergency surgery.

I treated anemia with iron and a change in diet. Cut out drinking and added many high iron foods and lots of veg. Anemia taken care of but I knew my next period could land me in a hospital again – or kill me as I live in a place with dangerous doctors.
I also started taking Folacin, B12 and increased magnesium. Next to cut down bleeding.

I have cut my bleeding in half with vitex, red raspberry and sheperds purse. This past month, I introduced wild yam cream. Will know more next month but i think my sleep is improving.

(I was already treating anxiety and sleep issues with 5-htp and GABA for about 6 months now and am much better. I scored high on adrenal fatigue tests for years and now score a medium. Improved sleep.)

I have introduced creative visualization and positive thinking techniques back into my life about 6 weeks ago and it is strange that the overwhelming fear I had about everything simply left me. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.

Amazing results in just a few months… and now it is time to deal with leaky gut, probable parasites, liver gall cleanse, inflammation - I am suspecting these are all behind my fibroids.– and as I’ve just discovered, leaky blood brain as I am feeling affects of GABA.


**This is my remaining plan if anyone can comment on the order of my self-treatment, recommendations, or changes.

(1st) Candida dietary changes and fish oil

(2nd) Parasite cleanse (Wormwood, Walnut hulls, Clove Buds) – 3 weeks

(3rd) Broad spectrum Probiotic – 50 million – 1 week

(4th) Liver and gallstone cleanse – Hulda Clarks method

(5th) Candida: - 2 months

  • Diflucan – 1 week
  • Nystatin – 1 month
  • Caprylic acid, Pau D’arco, Oregano Oil, Black walnut

 (6th) Broad spectrum probiotics and green foods – 2 months


In addition, starting pychnogenol and billbery for leaky BBB (for 6 months) and during all this time continuing fish oil, magnesium, folate, B12, vitex, red raspberry, sheperds purse, wild yam cream, 5htp and GABA (although GABA will stop working if leaky BBB is fixed).

Follow up, food grade diatomaceous earth to keep parasites away (affordable)
Will continue occasional liver cleanse and general candida diet
I plan on doing a food allergy test as soon as I can afford to travel

I forgot to mention that I have been taking serrapeptase for about 4 weeks but I don’t think it will help without a thorough cleanse and eliminating inflammation causing foods. So far I am just experiencing a huge clearing of sinuses and no more sharp pains in my back while working at the computer. This leads me to believe it is also addressing inflammation in the body in other places I don’t notice.

I am not taking supplements for insulin resistance but I think that will be addressed with this course of action.

I welcome any advice and comments :)


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