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I was cured of a bad bout of Lyme's Disease in 20 days for $29.00, but I am really ticked off (NO PUN INTENDED).
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Published: 9 years ago

I was cured of a bad bout of Lyme's Disease in 20 days for $29.00, but I am really ticked off (NO PUN INTENDED).

I was cured of a bad bout of Lyme's Disease in 20 days for $29.00, but I am really ticked off (NO PUN INTENDED). Researching Lyme's Disease is a study into United States Government's evil and the medical establishment's incompetence driven by profit.

I was one of a couple dozen cases of Lyme's Disease - Diagnosed in Georgia every year. I do not know when or where I contracted it. Perhaps trips to NY years ago.

I was stiff, had memory problems, sleep problems, joint pain, exhaustion, etc. (for years).

I finally did some research and centered on Lyme's disease and asked my doctor to test me.

After my diagnosis, they gave me Antibiotics , which didn't work. When it doesn't work, they call it Post Lyme's Disease Syndrome (PLDS) and send you to an infectious Disease Doctor. Why? There is no agreed to universal cure. PLDS? They have to call it something to hide their ineptness and failure. I suspect Antibiotics may help if caught early.

They wanted me to take Antibiotic IVs. No way, so I did some more research and found Colloidal Silver .

I researched many brands, PPMs and particle size and chose a product for $29. I took about 6 teaspoons a day of medical grade 10 NM particle size 30 PPM for about 20 days later, all of my symptoms were gone. Part of the 6 teaspoons a day were inhaled. I Know that to get something in your blood quick, your lungs can do the trick. I don't recommend anyone to do this, but I put some in a dollar store travel spray bottle (comes empty and clean). What I didn't inhale, I tried to let it absorb under my tongue. I finished the bottle in one month. I could now get up off a chair with no hesitation, tie my shoes, run, walk without pain (but I suspect some residual brain damage - memory, etc. kind of like MS). What a relief though.

I was so impressed, I did some more reading and now I have designed and built my own auto polarity reversing / heated Colloidal Silver fixture. I have made about 5 gallons from 0.9999 silver wire that I purchased so far. Since I built it a month ago, I use Colloidal Silver for de-smelling my sneakers (works almost immediately). I have used it to cure my 2 kids pink eye. Reduced my wife's flu. It is amazing what some people use it for, like lice, foot fungus and killing bacteria in raw eggs for home made mayonnaise. I have a friend trying it on her MRSA.

Just to scratch the surface, Lyme's Disease is a US government made bio-weapon that accidentally or deliberately was released in the early 70s. Developed at the United States Plum Island Bio-Weapons facility, it was first discovered, a mere deer swim away to the nearest mainland shore, Lyme Connecticut (see picture link). Lyme's disease looks just like syphilis under a microscope. Lyme's disease was one of the by products of the US Tuskegee Syphilis experiments that killed hundreds of blacks that was executed just prior to the "discovery". Tulane University oversaw the Tuskegee experiments targeting blacks. Funny that Tulane university is performing "experiments" in Sierra Leone. You won't find the government admitting to much of this but the dots are big to connect.

I am pissed because I caught some evil US designed disease. I'm pissed because my doctor's treatment did not work. I am pissed because my doctor never heard of colloidal silver. Bacteria, germs, viruses and molds can not build a tolerance to CS, but Big Pharma can't patent it, nor profit from it, so they pretend it doesn't exist (funny though they use it where it is needed most - burn units). The government also downplays or hides the efficacy of CS and Ebola, studies that they have performed. I read that the World Health organization has even tried to block CS treatment in West Africa.

Who can you trust? No one! Take your health into your own hands. You get lied to for monetary reasons or control reasons. The CDC in 2004 with held data proving a link of Autism to MMR vaccines (look up Dr. William Thompson the man who performed the studies and then "came out" this August (2014). If our government hid this (and they did) and they killed hundreds of US citizens with Syphilis (and they did), then WHEN CAN YOU TRUST THEM?

So ask some questions, like is Tuskegee true? Do some research on that as well as CS and then ask why and is stuff like this going on today? Do some more research, it will change your life if you currently depend on the health and government experts. But then again, I am probably preaching to the choir, if you are on this site.




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