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Magnesium chloride is effective for ebola, chikungunya, swine and bird flu.

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Published: 9 years ago

Magnesium chloride is effective for ebola, chikungunya, swine and bird flu.


A lot of naturapeuthic doctor would give magnesium chloride in this case.

Read this article for instance, it's a google translation from French to English.

Magnesium chloride is effective against chikungunya virus.

It was tested during the outbreak of a called named "chik" at the Réunion isle (French antilles). At this time, it was alleged that the product did not have any scientific study (despite the studies by Dr Delbet, member of the French Academy of Medicine, at the beginning of last century, apparently ignored by all the doctors). Today, there is a serious work by a researcher in molecular biology at the university "Sorbonne Paris V", in Paris - Professor Tran.
Whereas magnesium chloride is effective against viruses because it increases the phagocite activity of macrophages blood cells, it might be interesting to test it would on Ebola.
Indeed, magnesium chloride enhances the immune system by promoting intra and extra cellular communication and that is why it has such a broad spectrum of action. He is one of four elements essential to life, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Note that this is in the form of chloride that magnesium can heal.
Magnesium chloride or nigari, are natural remedies against chikungunya.
Marie Billi wrote to us about the subject and her email seemed very interesting, so we decided to publish it because it could be of service to thousands of people infected with chikungunya.
Marie Billi: "I would point out to all those affected by chikungunya that there is an effective, natural and economic wat to eliminate symptoms: it is magnesium chloride, sold in pharmacies, or nigari sold in health food stores. Just drink a diluted dose (20g) in one liter of water (or 3 tablespoons nigari in one liter of water) throughout the day. As soon as the bowels are emptied (diarrhea), the symptoms begin to disappear. If they do not disappear completely, we continue to drink one per day for 20 days.
I am Marie Billi, a former city councilor in Nice (France), and during the epidemic in the island of Réunion in 2006, I had informed the population. Of course it had created a huge controversy, but there has been great results (I have testimonies of healing that will soon be published as a supplement to this article.)
I've got some scientific studies about the action of magnesium chloride on chikungunya, made ​​by a researcher in molecular biology at the university Sorbonne Paris V, and I am at your disposal. "
mail: m.billi at giraudi dot com

Comments and efficacy studies about the effectiveness of magnesium chloride against chikungunya virus.

We asked Ms. Billi some comments and scientific studies or at least an interesting extract, and we will publish as soon as we receive them. Article to be continued...

We also point out that it is a natural remedy that does not replace the medical treatment that has been prescribed for you, although there is really no chemical treatment with proven efficacy to date.
The Sorbonne scientist, Dr Tran was asked for his studies about the action of magnesium chloride on chikungunya, and he said that magnesium chloride is effective. He has published this study and participated in the World Congress on Chikungunya in June 2007. A doctor at the hospital in Bayonne (France) reached the same results (Dr. Marc Larrouy).

The scientist has published his work and was very surprised not being heard by anyone. (As always when one finds a solution that costs nothing against drugs that are expensive ... For example, the memory of water, which could be used to manufacture drugs without molecule, with just the memory of it in water. This will be the subject of another article).

The experiment was made in 2006 during the outbreak in Réunion Island. People infected with chikungunya have used magnesium chloride and about 90% of them were cured after just one take. Many thanking mails and testimonials have been sent, we will make some of them available and the scientific report.

See the report of the study on chikungunya
Magnesium chloride effective against Ebola

Magnesium chloride also works on the Ebola virus as it strengthens the immune system. It allows intra and extra cellular communication and that's why it works so broadly. It is part of the 4 elements without which there would be no life.

Reminder: The dosage is 20g of magnesium chloride in a liter of water. Take 1 liter during the day. A glass every 2 hours for example. We see the symptoms disappear once the intestines were cleaned, gutted. Then continue if symptoms persist with a glass morning and evening for 20 days.

Although Dr Delbet and Dr Neveu have never seen any renal or other problems resulting from the intake of magnesium chloride at this dose, and during all the years in which they have experienced this natural product, it is advisable for people with severe renal impairment to use under medical supervision or to abstain.

Tap magnesium chloride internet - chikungunya and you will find lots of information on the subject. (at least in French)

Another natural remedy that seems to work on the chikungunya virus: turmeric.
Also read testimonials and study on chikungunya and magnesium chloride

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