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Image Embedded 9th Flush: Macadamia Nut Oil failure (UPDATED)
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Published: 4 years ago
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9th Flush: Macadamia Nut Oil failure (UPDATED)


Just done my 9th flush, prep same as always 4-5 days or apple and cherry juice...This time I bought some organic cold pressed macadamia nut oil to use as it's supposed to be the best oil for the flush, it's very expensive.

I found the oil mixture to be no better or worse than the olive oil, it went down ok. Night's sleep was just as uncomfortable as usual. I can feel the oil swishing around my stomach half the night it seems like.

In the morning I made a little change, instead of two Epsom Salts I did 1 x Epsom Salts and 1 x salt water flush. First time I've ever drank a litre of water with Sea Salt in it and I found it very hard to get down...

Around 11am I'd had 3-4 bowel movement and got nothing out but 4 or 5 tiny sesame seed sized light green stones. Usual Liver Flush smell and lots of tiny crumb sized pieces of stones in the water.

At this point in the morning, I always panic that my flush is going to be a failure so I nearly always end up doing another dose of oil, albeit slightly smaller. So I did and it didn't seem to make a difference, got nothing the rest of the day. Out of my 9 flushes, this was the 2nd worse in terms of stones produced. I'm nearly always doing double dose flushes now and I'd rather not be but I feel I have to....

Of course every flush is different, I'd be happy with this result if my symptoms were dying off, but they're not so I'm rather disappointed.

I took humaworm before this cleanse as well. Probably going to wait a month before I flush again, will go back to the olive oil.

* Update: Well looks like I wrote this message too soon. I'd not had a bowel movement since early afternoon and have done an enema since so I figured I'd done with this flush....

I came home this evening and lift a couple dumbbells, only lightweights and had this tremendous pain in my back like i'd been struck with baseball bat, just between the should blades, mid back. I'm writing this message in a lot of pain.

Soon after this I had a bowel movement and to my surprise a large clump of stones and bile came out, this smell was awful, worse smell of all my liver flushes. There was a large black thing in there that was covered in white strings(the strings came off as I fished it out of the toilet):

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Also, in the large pile of stones there was lots of white looking mucus that I have not seen before in any of my flushes, any ideas what it is?:

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Also, what are the chances the trememdous pain I'm in is the result of a gallstone attack? Having never had one before, I have no idea but I can barely breath at the minute.

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