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Manganese supplement overdose :(
snugglykindness Views: 5,105
Published: 7 years ago

Manganese supplement overdose :(

for 95 days i have taken 15 mg Manganese Amino Acid Chelate (Source Naturals) and last week i realized my symptoms were coming from this mineral.

i have headaches, stiff muscles, spasms, apathy, insomnia, memory/concentration problems, fatigue, malase and muscle pain (particularly between my left shoulder and neck). everything except the parkinsons like symptoms.

i feel really spaced out and weird.

all symptoms r quite severe and not mild especially the headaches, insomnia and stiff muscles.

the reason i didn't make the connection earlier is cause over the past couple of years i'v had so many problems one after the other i thought these were just the old problems and attributed them to other past struggles.

but now i'm certain its not and a lot of these symptoms r new, feel unique (as in i have not felt like this specifically in the last couple of years or ever), and they all really match up with manganism (manganese overdose/toxicity).

now i don't know what to do cause is stopped taking the manganese on Friday and its Monday now and i don't feel any better and possibly worse.

my head is freaking killing me and i'v been taking fairly high doses of Tramadol to kill the pain and help with sleep. also for that i have been taking GABA, 5htp, rhodiola, to help with the symptoms.

i'v been taking all this stuff for a while not knowing where these symptoms were coming from and i also have been alternating with the
Tramadol and some of the other supplements cause they can interact and i don't want to get addicted to the Tramadol.

i can't find much information based on other people overdosing on Manganese supplements as it does not seem to be very common and only found one other forum post at a place called Phoenix Rising about it and didn't find much help there.

from what a few people said they had problems with manganese and the symptoms cleared up a few days after stopping. but thats not happening for me and i doubt any people carried on taking it for months after the symptoms started.

from the research i'v done so far (and theres really not much information out there on this) all i'v found is that zinc, and iron are antagonistic to manganese and that manganese is excreted through bile.

so i plan to start taking 50 mg zinc 3 times a day with copper and taking an iron pill every day. i also am going to be drinking a lot of lemon juice cause it increases bile flow.

i also read that some studies have shown 500 mg daily of calcium supplementation to decrease manganese bioavailability so i started doing that as well.

i already take a lot of supplements including NAC, vitamin C, B complex and many more to many to list but i will if necessary.

does anybody have any suggestions on what i should do?

this is so bad and i'm really quite worried cause things have not gotten any better since i stopped taking the manganese on Friday (i guess its really only been almost 4 days now).

i'm also pissed off at the label on the manganese supplement cause it says take 1 tablet daily and now from my research most places say you should only take 25 mg once a week (if needed). i think this is really iresponsible and dangerous labeling.

i can say in all my life i have never felt like this and it sucks real bad. i really hope i can get some help and advice here.

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