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Link between candida, cold extremities and chronic fatigue ?
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Published: 8 years ago

Link between candida, cold extremities and chronic fatigue ?

Hi everyone !

I've been gathering information on here due to my health problems for a few months already, but now I feel like I'm at a crossroads and I need some concrete help & advice concerning my particular case.

I'll try to describe my journey in the most possibly accurate way. It might be lengthy, but I want all the details to exposed in case any dots could be connected so to speak. Feel free to skip to the last paragraph if you're in a hurry, or don't care about my personal path.

So.. Let me introduce myself.

I am a 21 years old male who didn't have any major health issues up until 2-3 years ago. This is what I used to believe should I say, because some of those issues were already there, however they were just mildly embarrassing then ; I am talking about Seborrheic Dermatitis around the nose area, and parts of my body that were always cold, such as my hands, feet, nose & ears.

I used to be a very anxious teenager, I had deep confidence issues and would often be stressed for no particular reason, which reflected in shortness of breath and overall "tightness" as far as physical symptoms go. It took its toll after I graduated from high school and went to college ; I went through a Depression phase which lasted a few months, during which I would have panic attacks triggered by some feeling of claustrophobia (e.g in the crowded subway). I have started to get gradually oily hair and face around that time, which I thought was weird since I've always had thick, dry hair.

I've managed to rebuild myself mentally and decided to get involved into physical activity as well (I stopped it completely in high school, focusing instead on alcohol & cigarette consumption) and took up weightlifting. As a skinny guy, I was attracted to the idea that I could strengthen both my body and my ego, which led me to the bulking process. My already existing issues slowly worsened : my hair became more and more greasier, and it took me some time to notice that I was losing it. This esthetically unpleasant, much bothering transformation led me to be careful of my health, and I diagnosed myself that I had Seborrheic Dermatitis .

I went the candida way after realizing that the external treatments that I've used, such as various shampoos and creams, only worked temporarily at best. I stopped bulking (and weightlifting for that matter), started to care about my diet and, after accepting that my body was rotten to the core, took radical measures about 2 months ago. It was pretty tough at the beginning but I started to see some results, as I couldn't stand having a smelly, itchy scalp and losing more hair, and at this point I am still following a low carb/no Sugar diet.

My supplementation consists, as of now, of :
- Iodine (Health Leads' 12% Lugols), which I've been taking for a month, as I believe my cold hands problem could be linked to thyroid/adrenal glands issues and, to a greater extent, to my candida/gastrointestinal tract issues. I have went up from 6 to 10 drops a day.
- Brazilian nuts for the selenium intake (1 or 2 a day)
- D3 2000 IU vitamin (twice a day)
- B6/B1 vitamin
- Biotin
- B12 vitamin (once a week)
- Last but not least, I've been experimenting Borax orally for a week (1/4 tsp).

I've also done 5 liver flushes, 3 with extra-virgin olive oil and the last 2 with grapeseed extract oil.

So far I am improving, the scalp rash has disappeared and I have very mild dandruff though my hair is still greasy and needs to be washed everyday. Hair loss is restrained. I also have toe fungus, which I heal by applying either grapeseed extract oil or coconut oil (I rotate every week).
Since i've started to use these treatments around the same time, I don't know which one had the strongest impact on my recovery, so I keep doing it all for the moment. I am planning to try enemas soon.

On the negative side, I feel my energy has plummeted since I've quit weightlifting and restricted my diet, approximately around the same time. I have lost 15kgs in the last few months, mostly fat which I should never have piled up in the first place, and sometimes I am reminded of how I felt during my Depression days. I often feel tired and i experience mood swings, sometimes food cravings out the blue. I stay resolutely positive, but these are facts and I don't want to lie to myself anymore about my health.

My point is I can't help but think I'm not treating the root cause of all my problems though ; I feel like I'm just peeling off another layer, and that there is a deeper cause to all those issues. The more I'm treating myself, the more I belive in the holistic medicinal approach : the Seborrheic Dermatitis , cold hands & feet, overall weakness etc. are linked to each other to me and my goal is to find out how. I believe the accurate knowledge could get me, and perhaps other people, cured faster.

I am currently pointing at hypothyroidism and/or adrenal fatigue. What do you think ?

Thank you for reading me, and thank you for answering.

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