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Re: salt pushers
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: salt pushers


you are obviously an intelligent vixen.

but you are demonstrating some serious reading comprehension deficiency here.

i made a few points, and i guess i need to repeat them again.

you have a habit of relaying your personal experiences which is all well and good. and it's great that you and your aunties feel good with salt. but there is this great leap you constantly make that since it worked for 2 people then it is the answer for everyone.

when you make these fanciful leaps i cannot take you seriously.

v is always careful to phrase things properly and not goad people into making rash decisions.

and since you happen to be of a normal intelligence level compared to the masses of retarded people who are unable to formulate complete sentences, people are taking your word for gospel. trapper is the one who has come up with this salt push idea. you and he are pushing the push as a solution for everyone, and it is just not so.

the fluid regulation mechanisms are very complex. (actually fluid regulation/intake etc as i am studying now is more important than almost everything talked about on curezone but that's another story) you cannot just throw salt at everything and expect it to work. also you have to look at nature and the sodium content of fruits and vegetables - which is what human beings are designed to eat. fruits and vegetables would skew towards higher sodium than potassium if that was how humans were built. and it's not just about sodium and potassium. you have a flawed way of reducing everything to these simplistic ideas. just because you made some good connections it does not mean it is a universal truth.

it is probable that the people who are doing well with extra salt are adrenal insufficient or of a particular body constitution, but this is a wild guess and i'll be the first to admit it. adrenal insufficiency sure is a very common theme among the sick. but there will always be the exceptions. this is why i told you to take on individual cases instead of trying to practice medicine in curezone soundbites.

some people add in a lot of salt and things work better. other people add in extra salt and they become hypertensive, excess sweating, irritable and overheated. it just depends on the person. and i don't want to hear trapper yap away about how good extra sweating is just because he did it. abnormal perspiration is a sign of being unbalanced.

i did not say the adrenals need salt, you misquoted me. i said that in some cases of adrenal insufficiency salt will balance things out. not even in all cases. it happens to be a complex issue and very individual.

i also happen to agree with barefoot in that all minerals should come from fruits and vegetables, preferably in their raw state. chris bragg was also very adamant about minerals coming from food sources.

just like Iodine i have tried the salt pushes so i'm not just criticizing the idea here without experimentation first. i have talked about the issue with some heavy hitting doctors in the east and the advice was salt to taste, which also happens to match my highly advanced sense of intuition. when i feel a cold coming on often i'll crave salt and eat a few teaspoons in a day and that will usually knock it out before it comes on.

am i running around trying to convince everyone to eat salt when they have a cold? of course not. that's troll business.


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