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Evidence Showing The Crooks Are Losing
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Published: 4 years ago
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Evidence Showing The Crooks Are Losing


I just wanted to post some signs that the crooks are losing the battle. We post tons of stuff showing they are winning, but there is a lot of good evidence showing they're losing too.

1. There are many freedom groups out there standing up for freedom and the truth like the video above. They are sick and tired of our rights being taken away and are ready to hold the crooks accountable.

2. Big Pharma is losing their battle too. Most people realize vaccines are totally worthless along with the drugs they push. I know about 70% of the population in the US are on the drugs, but a lot are spreading the word and waking the rest up. Most people who are on the drugs also realize they aren't being cured.

3. Most people realize the main stream media is not the best source for news and are looking online for the truth.

4. The world knows GMO's and Monsanto are bad and are turning towards organic.

5. People are realizing the lies by the "government" saying marijuana is bad. Washington state and Colorado have legalized it and many more are going to.

6. Many states are standing up against the federal "government" and passing bills that outlaw federal laws. Some states are even authorizing their own currencies.

7. The world is standing up against fluoride in the water.

8. Most of the world now realizes the US 'government" is a den of liars and requires hard proof before believing anything they say.

9. The world is tired of the US financial Ponzi scheme that they have pulled, and are moving away from the dollar.  

10. Most people doubt the official 911 lie now.

11. Most people in America have had it with the "government", and it's at all time lows.

12. Militias are popping up all over the country.

13. Most of the world is tired of the US policing the world.

14. Most of the world realizes the prices for gold and silver are being manipulated and are taking advantage of it and buying. This will come back and bite them. And the one metal that may save gold and silver, is lead. ;-)

15. Most countries do not buy into the false fear mongering propaganda and false flags put out by the US. Their audience is shrinking daily. Does The Boy Who Cried Wolf ring any bells?

16. Most countries do not buy into the attempts by the US to start WWIII. Most of the world is thoroughly disgusted with all the US tricks and deceit.

17. Most of the US military and police are not going to go along with the crooks plans. The crooks are fully aware of what's going on with this awakening and are running scared and eating each other.

Bottom line is, most of the world realizes the "government" in the US is nothing but a gang of lying murders that stage false flags events and steals resources from other countries. That's all they have left. These countries know the US is bankrupt and are just sitting back and watching the lion die its slow death, and trying to stay out of the way as it lashes out the last few times.

All the while the rest of the world is walking away from this bad B rated show called the US, and shaking their heads in disgust and wondering how the People of the United States allowed this. The rest of the world is aligning for the next phase in world progression and leaving the US behind.

Now with all that said, the People of the US are still going to have to deal with a lot of garbage headed our way. Like the possible ebola pandemic. This is one of the final lashes coming out from the dying lion. We may have to deal with that other virus going around attacking children in 40 states. The "war on terror" which is against the American People.  Cyber-attacks, "terrorist" attacks, economic collapse, martial law or an EMP attack by you know who. But if there is anything left in the American Spirit, we WILL survive. Even a few million UN troops can't stop it. And I don't believe Russia or China will attack. The US is the attacker. China and Russia are sitting by and watching the US self-destruct and setting themselves up for the next world stage without the US.

But like I said, if we are even 10% of what we used to be, Americans can stop a few thousand psychopaths who are running this country! Or even a few million of them. And they will stop all the UN troops they can send. So always remember this when you read all the insane news coming out each day.

They are going to make their final moves of self-destruction. They have to. They are in it too far now. It will be insane for a while. Sit back and watch if possible. Let the insane eat each other. Then be in position to turn things around for the better after it all eats itself. America can be restored! The elites plan can be foiled. In fact it's already in the works.




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