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What Worked For Me - Part 2: Antifungals
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Published: 8 years ago

What Worked For Me - Part 2: Antifungals

The next topic we want to discuss is antifungals. These are the substances that kill yeast. There a wide variety of antifungals. There are systemic antifungals that are absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. These are prescription drugs, a few of which can be had online without a prescription. The main ones are ketoconazole which is somewhat hard on the liver but otherwise is a good antifungal. Diflucan is another one that is not nearly as hard on the liver and is a first-line drug against fungal infections. Itraconazole is in the same family as these drugs and is a more recent generation ďazoleĒ drug which is also excellent. Terbinafine is not an ďazoleĒ drug but is another excellent antifungal. It will work synergistically with the azoles, specifically with diflucan. Amphotericin B is a systemic antifungal but is nearly impossible to get and should only be used under medical supervision due to its danger. These systemic drugs are somewhat expensive and should not be used for more than 4 months at the most. Generally, only people who have a stubborn infection (that has lasted for more than 5-7 years) really need these drugs. Otherwise, you can get relief using over the counter natural remedies which are cheaper.

Before I discuss natural antifungals I want to mention the limitation that all antifungals have when treating candidiasis of the gut. The main location of the heaviest infection in the body is the colon. It is as far away from the mouth where the antifungals enter the body as you can get. Consequently, all of these antifungals will eventually get absorbed somewhere along the way in the gut before getting to the colon. The exception to this is the non-systemic drug nystatin. However, it has been found that when nystatin is withdrawn, the yeast reappears. One strategy to overcome this problem is the use of enemas to place the antifungals into the colon directly. This topic will be discussed more fully in a later post. So look at the use of antifungals as a way to reduce the toxic load on the body, not to completely eliminate the yeast. They will allow the liver and immune system to recover and do their job as they were meant to. I might also add that since yeast reproduces fairly quickly, you should take antifungals twice a day (12 hours apart). Taking a least an hour before eating is the best. I take mine at 6 in the morning and at 6 at night. Taking antifungals only once a day is not aggressive enough.

There are a wide variety of natural antifungals. The main ones are:

Coconut oil: A personal favorite since it is also good for health in other ways. I take 3-4 tablespoonfuls a day. I take it after my lunch but can be taken anytime with food or without. It becomes liquid at 75-76 degrees F so store it so that it will be soft (68 Ė 74 degrees). I canít stand drinking the liquid and trying to eat cold coconut oil is like trying to eat paraffin. Yuk. I find that chasing it down with almond milk makes it much more palatable. It is a good stool softener and mild laxative and therefore I take this only once a day.

My next favorite natural is monolaurin. It is made from coconut oil and is more potent. One teaspoonful is equivalent to several tablespoonfuls of coconut oil. It has no side effects and is totally safe. You could eat a whole jar and not suffer any deleterious effects. The best value to buy it is from Their product is much cheaper than buying capsules. It has no taste, comes in small pellets and is easy to wash down. There is a good discount when buying 6 jars which should last a year. Getting over yeast infection of the gut often takes a year and sometimes in difficult cases longer.

My next favorite is undecenoic acid. It is derived from the castor oil plant. What yeast it doesnít kill outright, it causes the other yeast to covert from the dangerous fungal (mycelial) form back to the benign bud or spore form. Essential. It is sold as the product Formula SF722 by Thorne Research. The suggested dose is 5 capsules 2-3 times a day. Comes in bottles of 250 capsules. Buy quantities accordingly.

Other natural antifungals include:

Olive Leaf Extract

Pau DíArco


Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)


Caprylic Acid


Black Walnut Hulls

The first 6 I know are excellent. GSE, garlic and caprylic acid should not be consumed in excess. While they are excellent yeast killers, they also kill good gut bacteria to some extent. Obviously they donít kill good bacteria to the same extent that penicillin or tetracycline kill, but I think that if they are used in excess they can lead to gut flora imbalance which is precisely what we are trying to correct. Iím not saying donít take them. Iím saying donít go overboard with them. The first 3 on the list do not affect good bacteria as far as I know. While Iím on this, donít consume turpentine. Yes, there are people who are suggesting this on the internet. Iím sure it does kill yeast but it also kills good bacteria quite successfully.

Essential Oils

Oregano Oil

Peppermint Oil

Clove Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Oil


Thyme Oil

Marjoram Oil

Tea Tree Oil Ė Not for internal consumption. Useful in vaginal yeast infections. Must be diluted. Do google search if interested in this.

The essential oils are super potent. Iíve listed them in the order that I prefer them. The clove oil, cinnamon leaf oil and eugenol all have the same active ingredient: eugenol. They are not only excellent antifungals but eugenol also has an effect on biofilms and quorum sensing which I will discuss in the next post. The active ingredient in oregano oil is carvacrol. When purchasing oregano oil, look for what percent of carvacrol it has. The highest percentage Iíve found is 85%. This must be diluted with extra virgin olive oil first. It will burn you otherwise. Some oregano oil preparations are pre-diluted and are only 25% or so of carvacrol.

For essential oils I like to take them in a 00 gelatin capsule. Take a 00 capsule, drop in 14 drops of extra virgin olive oil, then drop in 3 drops of essential oil each from 3 different essential oils. Place end cap on capsule and gently shake the contents. Swallow with water. I might add that Iíve seen reported that peppermint oil does not affect good gut bacteria.

When taking natural antifungals it is critical that you rotate them every 2 weeks. It has been found that if you donít rotate them, the yeast somehow adjusts and becomes somewhat immune to them over time. So you might gradually rotate the antifungals. Lets say you take 3 antifungals (non-essential oils) and 3 essential oils. Every 5 days change one of the antifungals (both the non-essential oil type and essential oil). After 15 days they will all be changed out (rotated).

Like I said earlier, donít expect to completely eradicate all yeast using antifungals. You need to kill most of the yeast and when you do it is time to ramp up probiotics to replace the yeast and restore flora balance to the gut. It is fine to take probiotics from day 1 of your treatment but donít expect too much from probiotics until you get the yeast colonies under control. I have read reviews on of probiotics where the reviewer was totally cured of their yeast problem using the probiotic alone. My reaction is that they didnít have candidiasis, just mild yeast overgrowth that wasnít the leaky gut kind. This leads me to make a disclaimer that I am going to make at the end of all my posts due to some responses to my posts:

Since it is fairly hard to know how serious or widespread a yeast infection you might have, I am going to assume it is a serious infection. If your infection is not that serious then if you take my advice you will get over your infection much quicker than normal. All of the things I discuss here are helpful to curing yeast infection. It is impossible to answer what is the least you have to do or buy to get over your yeast problem. I am writing to a large audience. Each personís needs are different. Donít ask me if you HAVE TO do any one thing or combination of things Iíve discussed. Take responsibility for your own health. Do your own research like I have and EXPERIMENT wisely.

If you missed my previous posts in this series you can read them here:



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