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Re: So I married a sociopath...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: So I married a sociopath...

I am new to this forum as a poster, but I read it and a few others for support from my experiences with two narcissists/psychopaths in my life.

First, I want to offer my support and sympathy to peace please7. Although I have never been physically harmed, the mental and emotional abuse, especially using my children to get to me, have been so unreal and devastating. It is the most unfathomable feeling when the abuser manages to take your children away, even when everyone around you knows that you have been the primary parent and their role was minimal and even that you and the children have been verbally and emotionally abused. Having any part of 'the system' used against you when you are a true victim is the most powerless and despondent I have ever felt. From law enforcement, the court system, private therapists, and even family and friends used against you by one soulless evil monster is truly to live in the Twilight Zone.

Sure, there are things one can do, but sometimes it just feels so hopeless, and I want you to know that I totally get that. I get that therapists can be bought and or manipulated. So can the court. So can your family and friends. If your abuser has money? Forget it. No one is immune to the influence and manipulations of a narcissistic psychopath bent on your destruction. I can not believe to this day how easily people can be bought. Yes, BOUGHT to do an abusers dirty work. These people may think they are doing 'the right thing', as they have been manipulated into believing that they are on the side of justice or goodness, but what if they know better and have straight out been bought? Another feeling of complete disbelief and hopelessness by the victim that few can comprehend.

Some of the worst offenders of this are therapists. The betrayal of an adult, much less a child, by someone who is supposed to be bound by law to council and help the victim and who then turns on the victim to side with the abuser is another unfathomable feeling of abject despair.

If you are naive enough to think this doesn't happen, and happen often when a narcissistic psychopath/sociopath is concerned, please wake up. The victim here is just that. A VICTIM. Not a weak, lacking in confidence, or self esteem, crazy individual...a victim in the true sense of the word. Blaming a person for not having enough self esteem to allow these monsters around them in the first place is siding with the abuser. Nobody asks for a narcissist/sociopath to enter their lives or expects the treachery of getting dis-entangled from one when the brutal realization occurs. We victims were targeted in the first place for being what they can never be...calm, serene, wise, caring kind people. Placing blame on being a good person who is a victim does not help their situation, but adds to the despair and hopelessness that their situation will be seen for what it really is.

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