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For the suffering, I have a POSSIBLE solution to your problems
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Published: 8 years ago

For the suffering, I have a POSSIBLE solution to your problems

Hello there, I am here to give you all some light on candida suffering.

Most of you will not believe what I am going to tell you, and that's fine. This is advice that has been working time and time again.

I have suffered from brain fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, bad digestion, the works. I am only 21, and I have had a time in my life where I felt in such a fog I didn't know what to do with myself.

I have been hospitalized in a mental facility because of this. No medications work, nothing was helping. My family completely left me behind because I wasn't a 'good' child. All because I was suffering. I stopped talking, I stopped doing anything fun in my life. All because of this f***ing Candida. I would work in a fog. Come home and have anxiety attacks all night. I spent my thanksgiving and chirstmas in this damn hospital.

Well as of this week I have started to heal all my problems, and rather quickly I might tell you.

The main thing to fix all your problems is DIET! But this diet is different than the normal candida diet. It's called 80/10/10. 80% carbs, 10% fats, 10% protein. I am sure some of you have heard of it, but you might think to yourself,"Isn't 80/10/10 a fruitarian diet?" And of course it is, but this version of 80/10/10 involves mostly cooked foods!

What to eat:
Whole Grains: Organic bread, Amaranth, Oats, Quinoa, etc.
Fruits: All
Nuts and Seeds: In SMALL amounts(remember not over 10%! In nature these were hard to obtain and had hard shells so a little goes a LOOOONG way)
Beans!: No soy for obvious reasons

I am also certain some of you are thinking that I am an idiot. That's okay with me.

Some of you say if you eat fruit and/or carbs you are all fogged out and cannot function. This will happen on the standard candida diet because your blood has so much in it that the insulin cannot properly bring the carbohydrates to the cells. Thus causing a back up of glucose in the blood stream. ALLOWING CANDIDA TO FEAST ON IT! Causing all sorts of these symptoms.

Youre probably wondering well if this happens I am not going to go through that. Well there is an easy solution to that. Do this over a weekend. Either juice fast greens or Water Fast for a couple of days. I'd start on a friday and try not to overexert yourself. On sunday eat some brown rice or anytype of grain that isn't a simple sugar. Do this for a couple of days then add in some fruits and white rice etc.

You will notice your symptoms are not near as bad as they were because now you do not have fat clogging up your blood stream! It takes about 3 days to clear fat from the blood without eating any of it. The longer you keep out overt fats you will feel better.

I know I listed nuts and seeds in minute amounts and I just said to keep them out. It's best to keep them out until all your symptoms are gone and then add them in slowly, but still do not go over 10%. Symptoms should subside around 12-14 days.

You are probably wondering now about protein. Contrary to popular belief you do not need as much protein that all the health folks talk about, nor do you need it from meat. Actually meat is a carcinogen. Look it up, you will see.

Well then why do so many people sell protein products all over the place? Because there's money to be made! I used to eat meat at every meal. When I did I was so backed up I didn't have a bowel movement for over a month! That was my worst.

For me anyway if I eat 80/10/10 I am still getting about 100 grams of protein a day. Most of you do not eat that much anyway, but I am an active person.

That leads to more speculation about carbs making you gain weight. That is not true one bit. If you minimize protein and fat intake and use carbs as 80% of your energy your body will be able to burn it off better. If you notice when you eat low carbs and then you 'carb up' you start to sweat because your body is easily burning it off.

There is just so much I can say about this but I don't want to talk your ears off.

Google the Mcdougall diet. You will see the truth!

No more olive oil, butters, coconut oil (Eat the ACTUAL COCONUT!)

Did I say no olive or coconut oil? yes I did. Eat the actual olive. Oil is not in its natural form, it is super concentrated.

Oils were made for royalty. The 'majority' didn't eat these oils and lived way longer and weren't fat. Fat people were the rich! Becuase they had access to these fats and meats. They were also the most disease ridden people!

80/10/10! Your body will love you and your candida will be gone. 80/10/10 has proven to heal people. You want to give your body the most efficient energy source in order to heal!

One more thing to point out! Your saliva has the enzyme to digest carbohydrates(Amylase) in abundance compared to Protease or Lipase. That should answer it all right there!


I am not affilated by him in any way, plus you don't have to buy anything from him his website has enough info.

This diet is not too restricting! Its not 100% raw at all! f*** that, your body loves warm cooked foods. It's easier to digest and your body doesnt have to 'heat' it up.

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