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Finally had it. Had to cure the public embarassment
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Published: 9 years ago

Finally had it. Had to cure the public embarassment

I'm taking an avarage daiy dose of 45mg Nardil. Three years.  It has a few side effects that diminish over time but flatulence, especially virulent flatus, remains.

I've had enough of excusing myself from the table only to leave it in the vicinity of strangers before returning... or accidentally slipping and having the whole table in an uproar trying to get to the culprit.  Worse is that my closest friend know exactly who it is and must be wearing thin on accepting it.

I checked out carbon impreg underwear and inserts and many forum comments suggest that these are expesive and tend to lose effectivness over time.

I have a gallon of activated charcoal in the basement left over from an acquarium hobby.   It's full.    I wen't to Walmart and got a roll of 3" X 24" self adhesive 'sports' wrap.  There are surgical versions but walmart didn't carry them.  I cut a 3x4 inch rectangle and poured a heaping teaspoon of actvated charcoal into the center and folded it teabag style so that it rolled together and adhered without leaks.  It tucks right up in between the cheeks and the very light adhesive keeps it in place without adhering to hairs.   Removeable during a bowel movement. 

I actuallly did my best to test run it.   Drank four heavy dark craft beers, huge bowl of bran cereal,  and one extra 15mg of Nardil.   About six hours later the gas came on like a broken main.  Usually in these circumstances I literally cannot go out in public.  The room I"m in starts to smell like a zoo. 

NOTHING!!   No dectectable odor WHATSOEVER.

I was so happy I almost shart myself.  Goog thing I didn't.  this little bundle is dirt cheap and should last a few days before disposal.   I really am astonished at the ZERO odor that is able to pass through one heaping teaspoon of activated charcoal.

The next day I ran four miles with the little sac tucked in there.  There is no notice of it whatsoever.  The light stickiness of the self-adhering gauze kept it in place without a bit of movement.  When having to go to the batheroom it's very easy to remove, set aside, and replace after cleansing myself extra, extra, clean.

Hope this helps anyone else dealing with the effects.  The causes are so multifarious that I'm afraid I can't lend anything to the discussion.



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