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I completely healed my exfoliative cheiltis and I would be honored to help you all
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Published: 9 years ago

I completely healed my exfoliative cheiltis and I would be honored to help you all

I completely healed my exfoliative cheiltis and I would be honored to help you all.

I have before and after pictures and everything...

I first started suffering from exfoliative cheilitis in the winter and I had it for approximately 7 months. It was caused by licking my lips, which then turned into white dead skin forming on my lips and then because I hated the new look of the white dead skin on my lips, I would use my sleeve and run my lips. I realized that I had to continuously rub of the skins with my sleeve every two days. Then I stopped for a few days and some skin grew on my bottom lip. I got frustrated and annoyed by it so I forcefully pulled of the skin very hard and my lips bleed and hurt a lot. I thought that my lips would just heal on it's own but it didn't. I used all of the lip balms out there, and hydrocortisone cream and none of that seemed to work :((... I had to deal with this for 7 months (which I know isn't a lot compared to you guys who had it for years). It made me feel terrible. I had to keep pulling of the skin and it did some damage... I also had to check on my lips all the time during the day and I hated looking peole in the eyes and socializing because I was afraid they would judge me about my disgusting lips.. After about the 5th month of dealing with exfoliative cheilitis and reading all these forums I was convinced to put a complete end to this asap! I left my lips alone for one week and then peeled.... My lips looked pretty good for the first time in 6 months so I thought it was done... But no it came back lol (after 3-4 days). So I have up for a bit and I just kept peeling (really gentle peeling, every time the peeling cycle started to catch up)... After each peeIing session I would put AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR FROM EUCERIN onto my lips (VERY important) I noticed that the peeling cycle would persist but not as fast as it used to... And the amount of skin that grew on my lips would decrease each peeling cycle... I repeated the process of peeling once every 7 days followed by the aquaphor lip repair for about 6 weeks. On the 7th week I did the process again...this time I put the aquaphor lip repair on before I got into the shower... I put my lips under the shower head (with the aquaphor lip repair on) for Exactly 1-2 minutes (nothing more)... I then got out the shower 15 minutes after doing so... (after the two minutes of getting my lips wet under the shower head, I never let any more water touch my lips until after I got out the shower) when I got out the shower I went to the bathroom sink and I wet my lips and gently peeled the skin of my lips (from the middle of the lip to the left corner and then from the middle of the lip to the right corner of my lips) I noticed that my lips looked and felt completely healed!!! No more white lines, white clumps of skin or any dead skin at all!! I then wet my lips once more (after gently peeling them) and My lips with a paper towel so they could be damp..

I then put on another layer of aquaphor... AFTER all of this (like 20 minutes after this whole process), get a sheet of bounty paper towel and wet it a bit.. Fold it up.. And pat your lips with it every time they start to feel like they are dry.. Continue to do this for a few hours... Drink two glasses ( a total of 32 oz.) of water through a straw while patting lips with the damp paper towel every time it gets dry ( water is great for the lips and drinking it through a straw will ensure you are not getting too much water on your lips) DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS! continue to only pat the lips with the wet paper towel and apply the aquaphor lip repair while patting the wet sheet of bounty paper towel onto the lips... Don't rub the lips with the paper towel... Simply just pat the water onto them... After a few hours of doing this ( on the 7th week of the "leave it alone" peeling cycle day) you will be completely cured!!! I swear on everything this is what worked for me and I just wanted to share this with all of you guys because I know it is VERY hard to live with and socialize with... My suggestion is to do this once the summer starts and to socialize as little as possible while doing this (only 7 weeks worked for me.. We are all different and had EC for different amounts of time) but I'm just stating what worked for me and I think it should work for everyone with time... I think the main reason this is so hard to overcome is that we are not allowing the layers of skin on the lips to grow back properly because we are constantly under stress, or peeling the crusty skin to early, bothering/ messing with the crusty skin or wetting it too much... just sit back, relax and enjoy life (although it is very hard) by not socializing and staying inside and out of the sun as much as possible you will cure this really fast...

Eat healthy (drink fruit smoothies, take multivitamins, drink lots of water and practice good hygiene) which will speed up this whole process for you.

I promise if you do this for the summer your lips will be fresh and smooth going into the fall.. (I've been cured for a month now!) wish you guys the best! Email me if you have any questions and pictures of during and after

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