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Re: lump under skin on penis: thrombosed vein or peyronie's disease?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: lump under skin on penis: thrombosed vein or peyronie's disease?

Dear Peyronies suffers
I have stayed off this forum for 2 years on the subject of peyronies and there is no cure, only control -- do not believe any of the cutting ways of peyronies doctors of any kind! Even so, see below email to me, and my reply [I expanded further] especially for peyronies suffers wishing to try concentrated bee venom, instead of natural beesting injections

Email sent me [I edited]
I have read your letters about applying beestings for Peyroies disease. I find it very interesting. I would like to give it a try, but I won't be able to use alive bees; instead I would like to apply bee venom with syringe directly to affected areas. My question is: Why you didn't use elaborated [or concentrated] bee venom instead of the living bee's venom? Can I do it the way I choose? Are there any inconvenient? Etcetera?
I will appreciate very much your response to my questions.

Here is my reply to above email sent to mail box [but expanded for current readers]: I have been free of peyronies impairments since 2007/8! The search to discover a self-repairing application took me 2 years, but I had searched for alternate answers over the internet since 1998; when I was originally diagonalized with peyronies!

Little did i know my marriage-separation date would be in March 2005! Peyronies victims are of both sexes! Yes, No! Little did she know i would get freed of my peyronies two years later!

There was no answers [online], no relief of any kind from the medical professionals [online or off]. Also, all medical college records stated [over and over]: that there are no known cures of any kind available!

Yet, with over a thousand hours of in vain online searching, only one statement proved correct and most useful to me: that there is a direct link between arthritic relief and honey bee venom!

With this only statement of truth in 2005 I began honey bee injections into my hand's finger joints for basic training or practice -- after a few months of trial and error -- only then i did risk injecting bee venom into my penile! I must have injected myself many times, even did a lot of jumping up and down [spinning round and round] in the meantime, but over time i became an "expert" at removing plaque from both finger joints and then followed up with my penile!

After doing all this experimenting on my penile, i did discover later -- though -- how to eliminate all the pain involved with beesting injections to both my finger joints and my penile [a relief that came way too late for me] -- for i had already done 800 or so honey bee injections over the years]: simply by spraying ethyl chloride a few minutes before injecting each bee stinger did the trick! And if some pain did surface, another quick spray reduced it back down to zero!

These days, many people do fear honey bees, and much PR is posted online about all the allergic kind getting put into their grave boxes! Of course, the actual persons allergic to bee venom is well under 5 percentage – I think way less! It seems there are no truthful records to the actual numbers allergic of honeybee venom!

The person asking me about the use of concentrated bee venom; he was not the first to ask me. Even so, I still believe natural bee stingers are the best and safest way of getting in control of one's peyronies discomforts and deformities! After all, 2 bee sting injections per week for 6 months for typical peyronies deformities is not a big deal– also bee stingers are free for the taking. I have discussed all this 2 years back in some 30 plus letters posted at keywords are beesting,peyronies!

Finally, it is very possible, if such person does not have real live honey bees [in the community] to in stead just make their direct purchase of the concentrated bee venom!

Okay this is possibly good news for some people not having live bee source [believe me -- bees are everywhere].

My alert here: one must use this type of bee venom [concentration] with great care! For natural bee venom is not concentrated, and the amount is very very tiny – that actual passes into the body, at each injection site!!!!!

Personally i would go look for the live bees in one's community. I have discussed how to catch them/take care and feed them/ and how to use their injectors safely with reversible tweezers! Even know if each injection is a successful one or not [see letters keywords: peyronies,beesting]!

Okay with all the above said:

[Plan A, see plan B in P.S.1]
My only suggestion is to experiment with one's finger joints to determine the exact amount to be injected elsewhere: i.e. the penile [note: whatever happens to the finger in your experimenting will be likewise the same effects with the penile, itself]!

But instead of actually injecting the liquidized venom with the needle, only place [a very tiny drop of venom] right on top of a newly opened pricking yielding one blood drop! And instead of the needle pricking the skin surface [really bad idea], instead use a pricking device – all diabetic persons use to get their sugar-level readings.

Yes, a hand held pricker device – it can not damage the skin or tissues much, only prick it a little; yielding one tiny blood drop at a time at each pricking site! Actually, this is good enough, for the bee venom will pass through the blood droplet and enter the connective tissues pronto!

For example: say i need to prick the finger joint in two places to get visible results. That is place needle point at blood droplet sight -- add one droplet of bee venom concentrate into each. Then "press down" on mixture with a spatula. And if the results are slight swelling [all good news].

Let me repeat -- for one fresh blood droplet oozing out! Now, drop the smallest drop of bee venom concentrate out of syringe needle's as possible! Yes, right on top of the fresh flowing blood droplet – then immediately apply a metal spatula right on to top of blood droplet with venom added – yes press down so the venom liquids go right into the tiny “wound, itself!”

What will happen next: the toxin [tiny little poison darts will enter the blood droplet and swiftly pass right through the blood and its wounded tissues – directly attacking all connective tissues for about 6 inches or so [which means much of the penile].

Important note here: venom travel on their own energy -- they move swiftly to attack living tissues. Honey bee venom attach living tissues, not nerve tissues as some snakes or spiders toxins do! Also, honey bee venom is extremely weak, when compared to snake and spider toxins! But all injected medicine of the doctor prescription kind -- go no where, that's right it just sits there! They just sit there at the same injection entry point! That is why the doctor presses down on the lump of medicine just injected!

Then watch for some redness and swelling about the finger itself-- which should be visible [good news]. You can repeat this same procedure, until the entire finger swells up, so stay on one finger to determine the size of bee venom “droplet” needed to get slight swelling of entire finger!

Note: If the hand swell up, you put too much venom into one finger joint! If wrist swells up you are either [above average] sensitive to honeybee venom or you have added way way too much venom at one time in just one finger.

With above procedure perfected, it is possible to do the [same procedure] directly on penile to get effective repairs in a timely manner-- over a few months. For extreme cases, maybe a years or year and half.

In all these cases, it is better to consider in house applications – for all doctor repairs are of the blood letting kind, with lots of cuttings on the floor [who's cuttings?]! How much cuttings on the floor can a man spare regarding his penile! The correct answer is – none! Yes, or no!


Also please note, i still [2014] do honeybee injections twice a month [penile] to BLOCK-OUT ALL plaque therein. And in regards to my hands; weekly injections still apply!


p.s.1, PLAN B: after writing the above injection method using injection needles it occurred to me that few will follow this more complicated [but safer] way to gaining peyronies relief via bee venom concentrates.

Therefore, for the one's determined to inject themselves with needles please approach your experimenting with caution and gain enough practice at the same time!

[a] get the smallest diameter needles possible
[b] practice injections on the forefinger only
[c] the amount of bee venom to be injected must be very very very small
[d] put the injecting needle closest, as possible, to the actual peyronies deposition
[e] when taking into needle bee venom concentrate, risk of air being injected too must not occur


[a] the smallest needles are typically used by diabetic, but if smaller ones exist use them instead. The main reasons are two: one, there will be a measure of pain registered at each entry of bee venom toxin, and you must learn [by feel and sight], what is the proper amount of toxin used per injection site; two, you must eliminate any chance of injecting air into penile! For air is considered a major toxin to living tissues – but on a grand scale!

[b] the nearest thing to another penile on a person is one's forefinger. Joking aside. The main reasons are two: one, it is easier to see what is actually happening at each injection event [to the finger] of bee venom is the reasoning here! Practice makes perfect, and the balance of swelling and pain must be measured before ever trying to inject the penile; two, that each attempt of injection bee venom liquids, they must always be the same amount!

My cheerful note: there is an option here – specially if you faint a the sight of blood “yours!” I am sure your partner [she] would love to prick your thing. After all does she not have a major interest in complete recovery of one such penile! Why? For playing cards in bed is surely boring! Yes, or no!

[c] and [d] and [e] I can not stress this too much here, even so the needle could have a great advance: That is you can put the bee venom right into the plaque deposition zone within the penile, itself. The thickest deposits [plaques used are the same material on one's teeth] are located at the arching parts of the penile [remember there are seven levels of peyronies, see my letters].

So, if the bent part of the penile is to the left right or upwards, then the heaviest deposits are in the inner-part of bend, itself [letting the doctor cut you here is the same as going to the meat grinder for help]. The worst situation is if the bend in downward, then the deposits are within the center of the penile above the ejection [urinary canal].

What can be useful here is the opportunity of injecting bee venom nearest all these depositions of plaque; for the venom acts collectively like millions of tiny darts [all darts are motorized]; they are running all about the body fluids [all directions] killing [spearing through] the nearest living tissues cells encountered. But when it gets to striking all that plaque – mountainous-like masses, when compared to living tissues in the same zone – all that happens is millions on tiny darts get stuck into this calcium!

The good news is the immune system has white blood cells [T-cells] rushing all around catching [first] the lose still running darts to kill them. But when the immune system encounters all those stuck in the calcium darts, it calls into action these huge white corpuscle [T-cells] of the bull dozier-truck kind!

What happens next: all the calcium-stuck darts get [completely] dug out, including much of the [virgin] calcium plaque along with it. The main reason is much of this calcium plaque is contaminated with bee venom – due to their oozing out of toxins within each dart! The result is all the now-deaden darts and lots of contaminated calcium masses too get removed from the penile [no cutting ways needed here doctor! thank you]!

Is this a slow plaque removal system here? Not at all, what the immune system removed in one week, due to bee venom impregnation of peyronies plaque, must represent years of deposition work by the immune system! For the answer to why, see my letter on the subject at curezone, keywords: beesting,peyronies.


The basic rules of removal and block-out method for peyronies suffers are the same. Twice weekly inject honey bee venom, be it natural bees or injections! Do not over do it either. The more venom equals more pain, but no gain! Why is this so? The logic is simple: venom can only travel about 6 inches in any one direction before getting captured and killed by the immune system. So adding more toxin only adds more risk that the immune may over respond: as in an allergic-reaction way [not good news]!

Also, injections twice a week allow the immune system to move its white blood cells in the injection zone to dig out and make all its repairs in a proper amount of time [more basic rules are listed in the letters at curezone; read the newest to the oldest and take notes to get a workable plan in your head].

Finally, I do think there are advantages to this needle approach: injecting venom deeper into the penile could be must useful! But basically one injection into any part of the penile is ample, for as was mentioned above bee venom travels about 6 inches before getting run down by the immune system white blood cells [T-cells].

I did not try this method, for I am currently living in Chile. Maybe if I were living in my country America, I would be thinking along the same lines as the email requester! Even so, the above information [plan a and b] are about the best I can do here: regarding use of injection needles with bee venom in them.

Please excuse my writing habits [that applies to all my written letters at curezone]. For I have been out of country 24 years, now, and much of my writing and english have gone to the wind! I am very happy being in Chile [now 68 years], it is much like America before world war II, so I am enjoying the same environment [day-to-day living] that my father did when he was in his youth!

[Hint of the life in Chile today: when I was 7 or 8 years old; youths made skate boards out of old metal skates, and put a board with wooden apple crate and handles “America's time frame.”

But more importantly I did play in my neighborhood streets without fears of any kind back then! Well it is now the same “time frame” here, but in the smaller cities of Chile specially: Yes, more so for Chilean children run and play [laugh and learn] from a central theme – a safe house with dedicated mother and father therein; resulting in well grownup and educated teenagers!

Yep, just as I did achieve in America back in the late 1950's, and even more so for my father way back in the late 1930's! For all the above comments, I will finish here in Chile, thank you].

Lastly, I have removed my website: offline, for I prefer to end all this writing on peyronies; which makes all my online comments to come to an end. I did post this website, 2 years back, for I thought it would have been useful to some; that is help others get relief from peyronies in the safety of their own homes.

For me, the internet has changed for the worse; too many rabbit holes to fall into. I will writeup a new [yet unproven] procedure to solve my prostate enlargement issue [but off-line]. I did try a passive repair procedure, but infected my penile in the process. I will do a better job of it this time around! I have known for several months that my prostate was infected with candida! I suspect candida yeast colonies really love both the saliva and prostate glands for a specific reason. That reason being; they prefer ready made homes – organs that are mostly spongy-living matter with lots of channels and canals throughout.


Thanks I have nothing more to add on the subject of peyronies relief in the home. Good luck, and happy pricking [no pickle jars needed here! Thank you]!

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