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Fom Wikipedia:
"Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is a condition whose sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with disease-causing agents described as things like insects, parasites, hairs or fibers, but in reality no such things are present."
Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) :
The CDC experts note that the signs and symptoms of Morgellons disease are very similar to those of a mental illness involving false beliefs about infestation by parasites (delusional parasitosis).
From The Mayo Clinic Website:
"Morgellons disease is the popular name for an unexplained skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin. Morgellons disease also features fibers or solid materials emerging from these sores."
The Morgellons Research Foundation:
The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2002 in honor of a two-year-old child with an unknown illness, which his mother labeled “Morgellons disease”. The MRF is dedicated to raising awareness and research funding for this poorly understood illness, which can be disfiguring and disabling, and affects people of all age groups including an increasing number of children. The number of families currently registered with the MRF is believed to represent a fraction of the true number of affected families.
Despite the dismissal by the CDC & Main Stream Medical Establishment of Morgellons being an imaginary disease. There have been Morgellons researchers that have come forth with photographed images of what they have found "growing" under the skin of several people afflicted with this strange dis-ease. [Images are shown below]

From a Jeff Rense Interview (posted below) it had sparked a growing interest as to what is the cause of this seemingly new disease that the main stream medical establishment refuses to recognize, other than to say it is a psychiatric disorder.

So, recently I present the question to Chris Thomas to get his take on the matter:

My question that I emailed him is as follows:
Hi Chris

Recently I've read your essay entitled "A Brief History of Chemtrails". This is one that I had previously missed. But thankfully, Herbert had recently posted it on a forum that we both belong to. It confirmed my own feeling that it has been affecting the honey bee populations. Sad as it is, I rarely see a honey bee these days, whereas in years previous, I use to see them all the time doing their most excellent work. Most interesting was the part you wrote that said chemtrailing lay behind the military & their reason for the era of cattle mutilations that took place.

This has spark my reason for writing to you & ask you specifically about whether this chemtrailing is behind the strange rise in the problem that seemingly more & more people are having with Morgellons - a health problem that the NIH (National Institute of Health) has discounted & says it is more a psychiatric issue. In other words, they're saying its an imaginary problem. I have done a little research on the subject & found that it is anything but imaginary, as there are some researchers that have provided photo images of the various forms that this 'dis-ease' has taken on. It seems to me to be related to fungi & slime molds that gets into the body, but also appears to be associated to a nano technology. The growth of warts & people having a problem with a condition known as 'athletes foot' seems to be somewhat relative.

Just would like your take on this particular health issue: Is this Morgellons problem also related to chemtrailing? Or, could this also be a form of bio-warfare?

Best regards
Chris' response to my inquiry:
Hi turiya

Morgellons is most prevalent in areas of the US where GM crops are grown and eaten. The incidence of the disease is mainly confined to the US. There are extremely few instances in the rest of the world. The EU has banned GM [genetically modified] crops and is, for the time being, Morgellons free.

Australia and New Zealand did try GM but have since put a moratorium on trials because of outbreaks of Morgellons. Although trials of GM crops have taken place in Britain, I am unaware of any Morgellons here. The US, in league with Monsanto, are continuing to pressure the EU to allow the widespread planting of GM and sales of GM products.

Best Wishes
Chris Thomas has said in past articles that production of GMO foods is as big a threat to the survival of the Earth & the Human population that she hosts. It was the same kind of situation that caused the continent of Atlantis, and the reason that it needed to be destroyed, as it threatened all life that existed on the planet at the time. Hence, Atlantis was submerged before the airborne organism infected other regions on the planet's surface. Humanity is in desperate need to wake itself up.

Rense 7/12/2013

Hour1: Cliff Mickelson - Morgellons Special
Cliff Mickelson is a Morgellons patient of over 9 years who has worked very hard to increase awareness of the disease and push for official recognition and accountability to those who suffer from Morgellons and the families who are also affected by this disease. His report of the conference can be heard here. I would also like to thank Jeff Rense, who for years has given a voice to the researchers and experiencers of this controversial issue. Archives of Morgellons programs on the Rense program can be found the Rense website. An incredible data page of Morgellons articles and links can be found on the Rense site here.
This particular segment focuses on Larry's Story.

Hour2: Larry's Story - Morgellons (continued)

Hour3: Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - New Morgellons Photos (click & listen)
Unbelievable as it seems, Wikipedia website defines Morgellons as a delusional belief...
Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is a name given to a condition in 2002 by Mary Leitao[1] where sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present. Sufferers may exhibit a range of cutaneous symptoms such as crawling, biting, and stinging sensations (formication); unusual fibers in the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores). These symptoms have been consistently identified by a range of medical experts[2] including dermatologists,[3] entomologists,[4] and psychiatrists,[5] as consistent with delusional parasitosis.[6] Some cases of self-diagnosed Morgellons have been more accurately diagnosed as known skin disorders.[3]

Despite the lack of evidence that Morgellons is a novel or distinct condition, the absence of any agreed set of diagnostic symptoms, and the existence of an existing medically accepted diagnosis in delusional parasitosis, Leitao's "Morgellons Research Foundation" and self-diagnosed patients successfully lobbied members of Congress and the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the condition.[2][7] CDC researchers issued the results of their multi-year study in January 2012, indicating that there were no disease organisms present in Morgellons patients, the fibers found consisted mainly of cellulose, which the CDC concluded was from cotton fibers, and suggested that patients' sensations were manifestations of "delusional infestation".[8][9]

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