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Gluten fixed hand eczema wtf!!!
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Published: 6 years ago

Gluten fixed hand eczema wtf!!!

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone can help me my health is getting far worse and in the last year have had horrible hand eczema where I've had to wear gloves and creams for them to even be usable. I've been on special on and off diets (restricted candida diets) generally not lasting/having a binge every 3 days on average on dairy/chocolate etc, then going back to meat/green veg for as long as i can until I crash again (which is generally no longer than 3 days!).

Basically I've been diagnosed with ige allergies to almost everything (was 6 out of 9 foods on the skin prick test soy, tomato, wheat, peanut, other nuts also cat/dog, dustmites and ryegrass?)

Also been diagnosed with what was said to be an incredible amount of blastocystis hominis, suspect I have incredible candida (I can see it on my tongue change/mutate every time I have Sugar and my gut feels all swampy/damp.)

I seem intolerant to every food besides green veg and fish (red meat/chicken/eggs whilst don't cause my skin to itch/whole body to react seem to gloop up my gut and feels as though food rots in there for days it's gross.

Basically I've found by eating what in my case are non allergic foods (things like eggs, potato, rutabaga, avocado, almonds) that my digestive system changes completely and for the worst. When I eat an allergic food my whole stomach seems to work properly despite the intensity of the allergies and I can feel/taste stomach acid breaking it down and I have bowel movements.

Now every time I try and go on a strict diet whilst my body feels a LOT better eating non allergic foods within the day it's as though they don't break down properly. I eat these foods and there's absolutely no reaction, bowel movement anything, even hours later I can't feel any movement in my gut it's as though I haven't eaten it is very scary. Around 2-3 days into this diet my stomach starts feeling very tense/full of concrete and I can get tension in my abdomen right up to my upper chest the pain is incredible far worse than anything with eating allergies and it feels as though I need to go to the hopsital it feels like an emergency. When this weird bloating occurs there are sharp stabbing pains everywhere as though my gut is constricting over itself for some reason, I have a intermittent inguinal hernia on the left side that pops out every single time I go on this diet/get this cemented stomach feeling, it's as though my guts decided it can go on a holiday without any allergens and simply switch off, (I'm thinking for some reason there's no bile/stomach acid??). The stool on this diet is always normal in colour but looks very clayish/mortar like in texture. The cemented feeling of the gut feels horrible, like a weird constipation, when I try to go number 2 it feels like it's coming from half way up my lower intestine instead of right at the end, and if I force it the hernia will pop out for a second.

Every time I try the ultra strict green veg/white fleshed fish only diet (only foods that seem to give me ZERO gut reactions) around 12hrs later the diet becomes unbearable as some sort've die off. My gut goes incredibly thin within a day and sucks in with a little dimple above my belly button, can feel air trying to move as though it's concreted up again but not as bad, the same excruciating bloating however is worse and in my journal here I've written with the bloating I was experiencing to weird "pulling" sensations from above and below my belly button, as though my gut was sucking itself inwards in mild spasm.

Terrible dyshridtioc eczema arised on my hands over a year ago now and allergies seem to make it weep pus, this definitely doesn't happen when eating non allergic foods, but it's actually far worse when not eating allergies, it itches and seems to have a thousand micro cuts all over my hands. I just ate gluten last night, felt as though all the concrete and rotting food from the non allergic diet purged out my gut and amazingly my hands have healed. AND WOW the emotional mood I'm in is very non-miserable and it's like I'm high on life (the gluten has had a mental affect as though it's completely rebalanced all my hormones). Weird thing no pus this time, but even when there is afterwards the hands go into a healing process generally, whereas with non allergic foods there is no pus and they just rip up with boils and splits for some reason. I think it has more to do with allergies cleaning out rotting food like I was saying, when I eat allergies I need to go all the time, when I don't it's like my stomach acid/digestive system takes a holiday. I think the eczema may have to do with the amount of gunk in my gut at the time (along with many other factors like handsoaps!)

I'm completely lost I try the ultra strict diet I can't get past a day with an ultra tight gut and spasm like sensations and that god awful bloating that causes me to cave every time. I try adding potato and those other non allergic foods and while I can last longer my stomach gets more cemented and constipated it seems. I eat a general western diet and it all cleans out but then my immune system is raided and I feel like I'm recovering from meth the next day (I haven't tried meth but do smoke marijuana daily as of late as it calms down all my allergies). So none of the diets work, I obviously need supplements and need to address this blasto/candida microbe problem, I was diagnosed with mild aspergers as a kid and seems to be some mercury in my blood (moreso other places) I'd imagine dna methylation would be dysfunctional and maybe that is why my gut is getting worse on these diets instead of better?

I guess the clear one is the blasto, I have the triple drugs from the CDC here ready to take, but I've heard they destroy good bacteria.. and therefore candida thrives... and blasto eats candida therefore theoretically the drugs won't work? Every time I try the candida diet or any sugar/starch free diet so I can take these triple meds I never get close enough to starting I've lasted 4 days max and wanted a week before starting the triple drugs to ensure success. As I was told a special diet was necessary for the drugs to work? Reason I only last 4 days (besides incredible cravings) is ultimately the bloating/constriction my gut seems to go through every time. I feel like I'm going to die and I just run to the fridge when it feels like I need an ambulance and eat some chocolate or ice cream and it goes away in 10min (and then I'm having my first bowel movement in days and on the toilet in 10min all better again). I've passed out from the flu and come close to death from dehydration I'm pretty hardy and never felt the need to call an ambulance in my 25yrs of life but this bloating/constriction pain is unbearable and feels as though something seriously severe is going wrong.

Sorry for the extremely long winded post I have no idea where to start it seems I have every leaky gut related illness imaginable if you try to heal one it seems to worsen the other!!! How do you guys treat this stuff haha? It's crazy how severe these illnesses actually are, they remind me of intoxication moreso than illness like I'm drunk or something always in a fugue like state that I can never seem to snap out of!


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