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Re: Blasting worms - Sylvester Stallone Style?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Blasting worms - Sylvester Stallone Style?

Oh thats right.. i think you told me about the cottonball thing when my kids had pinworms. Oddly enough, we had them and never even knew about them until I was getting ready to put the lid on my daughters stool sample and there were live ones in it standing up like hair on an arm and then coiling. She was sick for 3 weeks and we were thinking food allergies or celiac... the ER wanted to do a parasite & ova test and I'm thinking to myself, yeah right, you're wasting my time looking for parasites. Boy was I wrong! That was just the beginning of my hell on earth. As hard as the pinworms were to get rid of, I sort of wish that was all I had going on. And I find it hard to believe that pinworms would cause elevated eosaphils or whatever those white blood cells are. The sample that went to the lab with worms in it also came back negative. How's that for messed up. I about lost it when her doctor called... i saw them, her dad saw them.. the er doctor saw them and said his own kids even had them.. but the lab didn't see them? Then I develop the roundworm (possibly whipworm) from hell right after that, but the labs are all negative. I swear to god if it comes out that my girls have something else besides the pinworms, there are no words for the amount of hell I'm gonna raise... did you ever see the movie John Q? That's gonna be me. I get so mad even thinking about it.
But anyway, I need to invest in a toilet jet stream! I try to do enemas, but they dont give much relief :( sometimes i will get 1 or 2 out.. but the lab conveniently rejects them. Theyre a lot bigger than pinworms and they dont come out easy. I dont know if they're suctioned fast to my colon or what.. but they need to leave.. and if i have to blast them with a pressure washer, so be it.
But anyway... I don't think it would hurt to do a Liver Flush now. A lot of members here discover more parasites are expelled after they do a liver flush. Some do hang out in the liver and need flushed out. I can't speak feom personal experience because I can't tell when my liver is flushing so I have no idea.
Have you tried DE? Some people swear it shreds their worms.. i haven't had the same luck, but it did clear my skin up and made it glow. That might help you out. I would wait until you get a good photo of what you're expelling and see if someone can ID it for you so you know what to go after. Even if you just get a generic roundworm ID, then you can use a broad spectrum med like albenza. If you have liver flukes or tapeworms, that's a different med. Candida sometimes looks wormy too... its so hard to judge unless its separated from the glob of poop and pushed off to the side. I have a lot of stuff that looks like worms at first glance, but once separated its clearly mucous or something else.
I don't know what to say about the zapper.. I'm not sure i would risk pissing anything off :/ Try to figure out what you have first and then you can come up with a battle plan. You dont want to fry your liver unnecessarily. that will just make your skin worse.

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