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Starting again with severe CFS/ME
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Published: 4 years ago

Starting again with severe CFS/ME

Hi Dr Bakker,

Just to give you a brief outline: I am a young guy of 24 and used to engage in lots of vigorous activity. At the beginning of last year (Jan 2013) I started on a candida diet with very little information whilst suffering from extreme anxiety and it made me incredibly sick. I had to leave work and I was eventually diagnosed with CFS/ME. I gave up on trying to treat candida after about 9 months. Last October as a result of overdoing I went from mild/moderate CFS/ME to severe and have been slowly recovering from bedridden to housebound since (though I still spend most of my time in bed). I can't stress enough how disabled I have been: for a while my parents would have to cut my food up for me at meal times. I have been eating a paleo diet with starchy veg for about 4 or 5 months.

When I first started treating candida with oregano oil tablets I got extremely foamy urine (I have spoken to you about this before). I have had numerous tests for protein in my urine but they have always been returned as normal. The foamy urine slowly subsided over the course of last year until it became irregular and eventually stopped.

Now it is back, and it is seemingly a result of engaging in very deep mediation. I remember you telling me once that the HPA axis is so important we could treat candida by treating that alone (this was in regards to me starting the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Programme).

I have seen some slow improvement, but the recurrence of the foamy urine (albeit less than it was with oregano) indicates to me that I still need to address my dysbiosis. I don't have many of the common symptoms such as GI symptoms or a white toungue which makes it very puzzling. Still, something is in me that is coming out in my urine and it has left 3 different allopathic doctors scratching their heads. It is seemingly a discharge of toxins from somewhere, and I have always just had to assume it is from my gut microbiome.

I am considering embarking on your programme, however I need to do it extremely gently. Seemingly the toxins from candida die off damaged my system so badly I have never recovered. I want to do things gently and have my body clear things out and no go in there with a KILL KILL KILL attitude because that is what has me in this pickle already.

I am on the verge of buying your book as it says there are no nasty side effects from your style of treatment. Does this mean that die-off is minimal? I can't do anything that will cause even moderate die-off as the risk of falling back from hosuebound to bedbound is too perilous. People have told me to push through it all before and the only place that has got me is seemingly permanent disability.

What are your thoughts?
Due to the level of illness, would your recommend a proper, paid consultation?

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