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Re: Albendazole Reactions
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Albendazole Reactions

Must preface this by pointing out that I seem to have had a severe infection for many many years so your recovery doubtless will be less prolonged. All the same, not sure if this will come as good or bad news to you but roundworms don't necessarily - or perhaps even ordinarily - come out as soon as you kill them. They collectively benefit by having the dead ones stick around to help sustain the mucous layer that will protect their remaining buddies, providing a nice shelter in which to nest, and just making us more sick in general it would seem (without killing us of course).

So - good news in that you are probably - or certainly - killing more worms than you think, but yes, bad perhaps in that there are probably plenty of dead ones still clinging to your intestines.

In my experience the key to getting rid of all the dead ones is clearing out as much mucus as possible. I got a ludicrous amount of mucus out using baking soda enemas but this really was a laborious process and was limited by how far 'up' one can get attacking from the bottom as it were.

Fact is, as much as I tried to convince myself otherwise, most of the dead worms will be in your small intestine rather than the colon, which is apparently beyond the reach of enemas. Having said that, I have spent the last 4 months dealing with a flood of dead worms and they can't possibly have all been in my colon so the enemas must have helped to clear out some of the mucus higher up. That flood began to subside a few weeks back so I was looking into other treatment options.

Funnily enough, a few days before the post a few days back about combining medication with benadryl I chanced upon some cough syrup in the medicine cabinet and figured, what the hey, maybe that might help clear up some of the mucous in my small intestine. That article linked to focused on the antihistamine properties of benadryl but I would have thought that just as critically for worms would be clearing up mucus. Now this stuff wasn't benadryl - more like demazin perhaps - so maybe it has more emphasis on clearing up mucus - whatever the case, let's just say the flood has begun again in earnest. By this stage I've come to perversely embrace the sick periods as indicative of less suffering in the future - actually should point out here what I've noticed about die off is how sick I get when they're coming out of me but how seemingly benign they are when left there - I think of sediment settled in the bottle of a glass and shaking the glass thus dirtying the water as akin to what happens when the dead ones are ripped from their 'moorings' and unleash their toxicity on the body.

Of course one of the effects of die-off is mental fogginess, so much so that one often forgets to take the steps to minimise said fogginess. I'd been suffering through a horrendous tooth ache related to the die-off - among other symptoms - then I remembered the importance of supporting the liver so I bought some liver detox - containing milk thistle - which seems to have neutralised their efforts to make me feel like crap (perhaps its a better product too - another one I used was based on artichoke heart and didn't seem to work nearly so well. Though it might also reflect me being further into my recovery thus having better liver function)

Oh yeah - you asked about what happens to worms that die outside the intestines. I'm not really sure that's a huge issue - albendazole is really designed to combat parasites in and out of that area so its not really something you need to worry about too much, if at all. Anyways, hope there was something in all this that's of some use to you.

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