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How I Overcame Exfoliative Cheilitis
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Published: 4 years ago

How I Overcame Exfoliative Cheilitis

Not sure where to much to say. This has been quite a journey to get to this point. I am extremely blessed to here telling you my story. Although I am going to keep it as condensed as possible.

I got my wisdom teeth removed in oct 2013. It was after that which this whole issue really began. Just like the rest of you I started noticing a white film starting to cover the top half of my bottom lip when in contact with water. I'd wipe it off and think it was nothing. Eventually the prob persisted and I went to the doctor (the first of a MYRAID of specialists).

I had been a long time follower of this forum but never made an account. Its not like I really had any advice at the time. Of course the first few doctors I saw just said it was dry lips or some kind of allergic reaction. But I knew that wasnt the case. I decided to do Daniel Millers method of leaving it alone. In the end the cheilitis spread to my top lip and completely covered my entire bottom lip. Once I started doing the leave alone treatment it was then that doctors could truly see what a monster this affliction truly was.

Over the course of seven months I had seen a myriad of doctors in Seattle, Baltimore, and San Antonio – numerous family medicine practitioners, dentists, and dermatological specialists, I even saw an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, and homoeopathist. None of these doctors had ever seen the condition. It wasn’t long before I became accustomed to that same notorious expression of confusion with a triple dose of concern. With each doctor visit frustration and helplessness collocated inside of me. It’s unbelievably daunting when you have a doctor sitting there, describing your condition as “disturbing” yet implying she has no idea what she can do to help you.

As you all know this is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lips characterized by a vicious cycle of extreme peeling, crusting, cracking and swelling. While this condition was not only disfiguring to our appearance, it also interferes in our day-to-day routine. Not being able to eat or drink properly, not being able to brush your teeth normally, not being able to laugh or smile or sing or kiss; even crying (which had consequently become quotidian for me) was a tedious task in itself with my lips immobile to a certain extent.

Well through months of research I decided on a treatment Imuran aka Azathioprine. My family has always been close with our family doctor and she agreed that we should give the treatment a go. So, here it is: 50mg Azathioprine and 25mg Doxepin (considering I was extremely depressed at the time).

Well its been two months and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I also want to add the most imperative part of my healing process was having faith in God and Christ. He has a plan and everything happens for a reason. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I grew spiritually and learned from this experience. Im still continuing to grasp what I have learned from all of this. It has all brought me closer to my faith religion. A closeness that would have never been possible without a life changing experience as such.

I also want to add that all of you are ALL OVER THE PLACE. You're trying this and that, experimenting here and there. STOP. STOP with that obsessive behavior. Pick a treatment and stick with it! Just ONE. Have patience and faith.

Stay Strong guys!! I know what it feels like to want to give up completely! "This too shall pass."

I posted some before pictures, healing process pictures, and after pictures.

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