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It's not only the lips for me.
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Published: 9 years ago

It's not only the lips for me.

Hi guys! I'm from the UK and I've been lurking this peeling lips section for a few years now without signing up, tonight I just thought hey why not speak to these guys, It's 3:26am . I know some of you might not believe me when I say this but I have this over other areas of my face/body and my lips like you lot.

I think the reason I never signed up before was cause I haven't really read anything that I didn't already know, plus it's confusing with people maybe getting other versions of this that look similar without trauma, like diet, allergy etc.

Anyway I have a severe case of this compared to you guys, I have this on my face, scalp and even my penis, yep thats right even my penis! I even have a huge amount of damaged skin on my body that is kind of similar but maybe a little different in how I got it.

It's really hard to explain to you guys and especially doctors how I got all this. You know the way a lot of you guys got this by rubbing your lips too much? Well I done the same thing to my face, scalp,penis etc. The top lair of skin is destroyed beyond repair. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror or a photo I look kinda like a burns victim.

Also because I scrubbed my face etc with soaps,creams etc it means the palms of my hands are also destroyed and weakened skin wise, they shrivel up like a prune after about a minute in the shower. This all started when I was about 16 in 1996, I'm 34 now and I still live with my mum and dad and my life is boring, like I'm just existing really.

I'll post some photos to prove it as much as I can, It's kinda harder to show
the skin on my face compared to the lips because a. I dont like walking around looking like a freak! and b. The skin on the face etc is harder to show as it's a different kind of skin than the lips and sheds off easier when in the shower. That doesn't mean it's easier to deal with or really any different than the lip skin, just harder to show in pics, hard to explain unless you had it. Back in about 2003 I didn't wash my face/lips etc for about 3 weeks and the top lair of skin built up and made a feeble effort to try and form again, like you guys already know about!

thanks! thats me done for the night lol, It's hard to explain all this shit to people, to hard to cover it all with just 1 post!

sorry about my puncuation etc, not great at it.

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