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Published: 6 years ago

my doctor appointment today

I called our primary care docs to have them call in refills of Albenza (originally from ER doctor) because these pinworms are psychotic and will not go away.. after 3 weeks of cloroxing, steaming, boiling and doing everything i've read online about cleaning and steralizing and eating well - no sugar - no processed foods... take the herbals, garlic, papaya seeds etc....††the†f*ckers are only getting worse. We went from not knowing we were infected to having them show up on a whim in a poop sample - not†feeling them at all... to feeling them tickle and flutter then to having them declaring war inside. They have become startling... I won't say painful, but it makes you wince.

The doctor called in prescriptions for all the kids but won't call it in for ME until I go for a visit.

My 5 year old went with me to the appointment, which was a complete waste.. †we did get a selfie in the doctor's office though... her brother taught her how to take mirror pics†

Then the doctor comes in.. try to explain the story from the beginning and the ER visit and the Albenza... but she is telling me that HER supervisro's supervisor will not allow her to even prescribe anything to me until I do a test because I would be a liability.. ? For real? I have something thrashing in my colon like a rabid beast and you're sending me home with a cup to sh*t in? †Actually no... they gave me this thing to set on the toilet to sh*t in... then a tongue depressor type thing to dig around in it and pick out the good parts and put them into these tiny containers that are already half full of some kind of liquid.. you're kidding me, right? The hard piece of wood chip or twig that I crapped out earlier today won't even fit in it.. how am I suppoed to put it in there to have it tested? They would not accept my tupperware container because it isn't sterile. I argued that it WAS because I boiled it myself... but the lab wouldn't take it.†

The doctor (she's actually not even a doctor.. nut an assistant) said she thinks it's something more than just pinworms because they're supposed to die off quick.†

Also, I have to do a pinworm smear, which means I have to scrape my bottom with this plastic spoon and put it into a vial. The enclosed papers even says multiple tests may need to be done done to produce a positive result. Great.

† †

They sent me home with this paper†

†and by the looks of it, I lost 4 pounds in a week (I think it was the DE that scraped 4 pounds of intestinal yuck out of me)

So, she says I have to do all this stuff... then rush it to the lab and wait... then MAYBE they will medicate me. But first, if anything is positive, they will have to refer me to infectious disease in Harrisburg first.. then THEY will medicate me. †Thank god... maybe i'll see real doctors. †They don't wanna see me back til October, btw,

I showed her the dog dewomer i've been taking.. she said to stop because it's NOT the same as human medicine.. I said pyrantel is pyrantel.. I'm not picky about WHERE the pyranetl comes from... all I know is that when I take it, i see more white worms in my poop than your crappy one dose of Albenza every 2 weeks. †I am not usually a mean person, but I secretly hope I infected her and she gets worms goinging all ganhnam style in her ass and she suffers terribly.

She also told me to stop reading about it on the internet because everyone is crazy, nobody has worms coming out of their body, anyone selling herbs and zappers are frauds (which I tend to agree)††and people claim unreal things like getting pregnant from toilet seats.

Dumb b*tch, I'm furious now.. I'm going to go dig though that pile of yucky poop in the tupperware container and make sure the nastiest stuff goes in... but I already know its a waste.

I want to get pics of the wood chip things... I hope someone here can tell me what they are.


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