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Re: swollen gums with OP
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: swollen gums with OP

Hello Cinnamon,

Not sure if you're still looking for answers on this, but I couldn't help but respond. I just found your post because I keep having swelling in areas of my gums after oil pulling too, and I have also suffered from candidiasis (which I'm certain was the actual cause of the IBS I was diagnosed with.)

The swelling for me happens frequently after pulling & I've been pulling at random for around 2 years now.

Last night, as soon as I rinsed my mouth, the gum area between two of my upper teeth (near the front) swelled instantly. This is probably the most swelling I've ever had yet. Tonight, I'm noticing that the gum between 2 teeth is swollen on both the inner part and outer part, if that makes sense. Last night I only noticed the swelling on the back part of these upper, close to the front teeth & tonight, the swelling is on both sides (inner mouth area and outer,) but only between those two teeth.

I wonder if there's a link between this swelling/pain and candidiasis.

Anyways, long story short: I found coconut oil after reading more about IBS and learning for myself that it could be treated and that candidiasis plays a role in IBS. I took a tsp of coconut oil daily and for the first time in years, I noticed a tiny bit of improvement in the stomach pain.

I was instructed to up my dose to two tablespoons after a few weeks in & I had a horrible case of herxheimers. So bad I could hardly handle taking the oil anymore. I ended up coming across a remedy that I claim saved my life (the IBS/candidiasis and endometriosis combined had me severely ill) aloe vera.

I finally made pretty much a full recovery from those problems, but over the last couple of years, I've had quite a few flare ups here and there when things get off for a long period of time. Like when my dentist put me on Antibiotics for an entire 6 months. Now, I have my own aloe plant and since I've learned to identify the issues so quickly, I can eat a piece and be back on the right track in just a few days. So, if you're still suffering with candidiasis, I would highly, highly recommend trying aloe vera to help. Even if you're just keeping it under control and trying to maintain it, aloe is perfect.

Anyways, I apologize. I never meant to get that deep into the candida stuff. I was originally just going to reply about the oil-pulling thing and got carried away when I seen that you & I had both candidiasis and some common issues after OP'ing.

But back to the oil pulling. I use olive oil more often than coconut oil. Last night after OP'ing, the gum began throbbing!

When I first realized that this swelling was happening after I pull, I assumed pretty much what you did -- that it's some sort of detox.

There are some nuances between my "symptoms" and yours, though.
See, mine would turn into these bubble-like 'things' on the roof of my mouth and/or right beside a tooth. It might also be useful to note that my swelling "bubbles" tend to come up nearby a tooth that has had dental work! The swelling I have right now is right beside a root canal. Other times, it has appeared near a tooth that's been drilled and temporarily filled. I'm starting to think there's something to that...

Do you have any dental work? Is the swelling happening near, if so?

My swelling always comes up as bubbles, like I said and after a day or two, they become like open sores.

I'm getting more curious as it keeps happening to know what it's all about. Is the oil-pulling drawing out toxins from our bodies or our teeth and causing this swelling and sore-like things to show up? These were my initial assumptions.

After day or two, the "bubbles" (which sometimes feel hard when they first pop up) of swelling will flatten out and be more like sores or blisters. Raw and open and obviously painful.
They always go away after a few days, though. They've not been a constant thing like yours, and aren't as painful as what you've described.

Not sure if that's some kind of toxin thing or if it's due to swelling of the tissue eventually going down turning into something like a sore.

Is your swelling anything like what I described? If so, that makes me wonder if it's something about us folks who've had candidiasis. Maybe we have some sort of bacteria or toxin and when we oil pull, something happens, maybe that toxin or bacteria is trying to be removed and swelling happens as part of the removal process?

I've always thought that it's toxin removal of some sort. I had this image in my mind that the oil-pulling was drawing out toxins from my gums and perhaps the swelling/blisters would occur due to a lot of toxins being in that specific area or something.

You said your gums are always sore and it lessens after you eat.

I don't think you're doing anything wrong as you pull, though. But there are some things you could look into:
How long do you pull at a time? Are you vigorously pulling? How long have you been doing it?
Might want to look into the brands you're using.
They say to only use virgin oils and stuff. I've used the grocery store coconut oil (when I ran out of everything else, including the cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil) and didn't notice anything negative or worsening of the swelling/blisters/bubbles I've had.

Is yours Virgin? Organic? Could you just have extraordinarily sensitive gums and maybe need to use only organic? I know some folks have skin so sensitive that they can't use anything but organic skincare products without having problems. Maybe gums are like that, too? Is your skin super sensitive? Just trying to cover anything and everything here.

I usually use extra virgin olive oil. I have used sunflower oil, too, (cold-pressed) and for some reason, did not feel like I was getting as good of results as I did when using any other oil. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was or why it felt like it wasn't doing as great of a job, though. But olive oil should be good, especially if it's a reputable brand.

Some more questions to consider:
You do it each morning...
The pain has been going on for a month, and you've switched oils. Have you tried sticking with only one of those oils for a period of time?
Maybe take a break from pulling? Could it be possible to do too much of this? I mean, I'm sure if you did over-do it, you could have some unusual, even unpleasant things happen. All that detoxing at a rapid pace, it could definitely have some effects like that. Like when I overdone the coconut oil and had Herxheimers.

Is the pain still there even when you've skipped pulling? It's a constant pain? Where is the pain/swelling located? Anywhere specific or all over?

Sorry for such a huge response and for all the questions. I'm just really curious about what's causing this for you (and curious about my own thing).

I would definitely follow the advice of Molly and switch oils for a while, but I would try to stick with only one for a period of time. Just to narrow things down.

I just don't think your gums should be *that* painful for this long. Makes it seem like it's not a detox symptom because you'd think after a month, you'd have less toxins in your body, especially if you've been doing it each morning! Surely the pain would not still be happening, and definitely not so bad.

I have heard of people experiencing tooth sensitivity, even some tooth pain after pulling. In fact, I have had sensitivity afterwards myself. Have also heard people say their teeth expelled fillings from oil-pulling! The severity of your pain and that it's on-going sounds like something like gingivitis. Oil pulling is said to help with that, even prevent it, so that just doesn't seem likely.

Oh, and is it all of your gums? What about the roof of your mouth? Or is it just one side of the mouth? That might help narrow things down? I mean, if it's your entire gums, and from what you said, I think it is all over? If so, then it does sound like it's something of a tissue irritation, not a detox symptom.

Molly's suggestion that you could be allergic does make sense. You said you can't be allergic to the oil because you take it internally every day, too. How long have you been doing that? If you've only been doing that as long as you've been oil-pulling, then it could be an allergic reaction. But if you've taken the oil internally longer than you have been oil-pulling with it, then I suppose it's unlikely. Unless it could be something to do with toxins mixing with the oil and... I don't know. But that brings me to this: How long do you pull at a time? Over 20 minutes? I've read that if you go longer than 15 minutes, then the toxins start re-absorbing into your system. I've read so many conflicting things on that, though that it's tough to know for sure. Maybe, though, the toxins are actually what's hurting your gums. Maybe they're swishing around in your mouth along with the oil and causing the problems. If that's possible.

On the other hand, I've OP'ed for way over 20 minutes before without ever feeling anything negative happen. I don't know if you would feel anything, though. But, you'd think if you re-absorbed all those toxins at once like that, you'd have some kind of noticable effects (probably feel sickly or something). I usually pull for 30 minutes at a time & I know I've well exceeded that amount of time. If I'm showering or something, I'll pull the entire time. It seems like the longer I go, the better the results, for me.

Then again, could it be a case of gingivitis and not oil-pulling related at all? Perhaps it's a coincidence that the problem came as you began pulling, although it really does sound like it's some sort of effect from pulling.

My first step would be to use one type of oil only for a period of time (at least 1 week). It could at least help narrow things down.

So could skipping pulling all together for a short period of time.
Maybe doing that will give your gums time to fully heal, and then you could keep narrowing things down from there. You could skip for a week or so, and if they do fully heal, you'll know it is somehow OP related. Then, you could pick OP'ing back up, doing it for maybe 15 minutes or less a day.

If they didn't fully heal after a week or so, then you'd know it's something else.

I hope you find answers. Please update and let us all know how things progress and if you make any changes. I'd really love to know more. Not sure if yours is anything like the strange sore-like things I get, but I am still very interested to know what is causing your issue. I really hope it stops hurting and things get better for you. :(

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