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Re: The Antibiotics Story
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The Antibiotics Story

3 Steps to End Constipation

Top 3 Steps to End Constipation

1. Get More Bacteria in Your Life (Take Probiotics)
In our digestive system lives a diverse and large population of bacteria. Our poop is mostly made of bacteria so it is important to support the good bacteria that make perfect poops possible. There are a couple ways of getting more good bacteria in your life. The first is like our ancestors eat fermented foods on a regular basis. The second way is to take probiotic pills which contain known strains of good bacteria that will help. When I started taking probiotics I immediately saw an improvement in my bowel movements. I also saw good results eating SCD legal yogurt (a lactose-free fermented food) on a regular basis. So I would recommend picking one or the other to get started. Fermented foods or probiotic pills. The fastest change I know of is to start taking some lactobacillus acidophilus pills.

2. Eat a Supportive, Easy to Digest Diet (like the SCD Diet)

What is a healthy digestive diet? My definition would be one that removes food toxins, made of whole non-processed foods and filled with nourishing easy to digest foods. That means specifically no grains (filled with toxins) or added sugars (which feed bad bacteria and cause poor hormonal changes). The best diet specifically designed for restoring digestive health is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). SCD encourages good bacterial growth to further heal your gut and helps to kill off bad bacteria that might be running amuck in your gut. If you go the extra step of starting off with the intro diet (like the most successful people do) it is likely that you will start seeing results in the first week.

3. Make Sure You Don’t Have Slow Digestion

IBS-C can easily be the result of slow digestion. I said above that there are a number of things that can slow digestion down like stress, emotions, and toxins to name a few more. But if the structural components that govern the speed are broken, then all other treatments are only going to be marginally effective.

Healthy stomach acid is the key to creating the proper bowel speed. It all starts with the acid level, which is a first line body defense that destroys pathogens, toxins, and starts the digestive process through the intestines. If you’re low, which is pretty typical for IBS-C people, you need to figure out how to get your acid levels up. The best supplements are usually digestive bitters or Betaine HCL. I use Betaine HCL very effectively and it has been a big key in getting rid of my IBS-C.

Remember these 6 steps work best in concert together to naturally get rid of your IBS-C and stop that nagging constipation that creeps up every few days to annoy you.

I encourage you to take action today by choosing one of each and implementing them in your life.

Comment section:
Nadine June 27, 2014 at 10:47 pm
I found something that worked for me – and it turned things around fast. I had (have?) a bout of ibs-c. Came on right after a gut infection of some sort. So I was operating on the theory that my good bacteria had been wiped out and that my digestive tract had been damaged. Tried everything for about 3 weeks. Started a probiotic, which I’m still taking. Drank a lot of water, which I’m still doing. Taking deglycyrrhizinated licorice. And I’ve removed things from my diet that I know I can’t handle very well. But what really made the huge difference for me was eating coconut oil (a good grade – virgin, unrefined). Everything feels back to normal now – and the change happened just like that – the coconut oil literally cleared up all my symptoms the first morning that I ate 2 tsp of it. I think it’s a natural laxative, but I think continued use also ‘preps’ the colon so that the probiotic can take hold ( it’s not that easy to repopulate the colon). Anyway, still taking a couple of times a day, but hope to stop soon (almost afraid to) and just do ‘oil pulling’ with coconut or sesame oil.

I’m not selling the stuff, and up until a few days ago didn’t know anything about it. I was desperately googling when I came across the amazing benefits of coconut oil – controlling ibs symptoms just one of the many things that it supposedly is good for.

One more comment – I’m getting into the ‘fad’ of ‘oil pulling’ (which I also discovered when researching IBS) because I suspect that some undiscovered tooth infection or decay may have started this trip. I’m hoping that oil pulling will take care of the bacteria in the mouth – and subsequently keep the colon clean.

PS) Coconut Oil helps end constipation FAST because it kills off fungus. Coconut oil has even been used to cure Candida.
Detailed in testimonials & supplements here in our Candida References:

PSS) Poor stomach acid can also be the result of severe Iodine deficiency.

"Stomach acid–the why and the what-STTM"

"Supplementing with Iodine restores our bodies natural ability to create the correct amount of stomach acid it needs."

Also see "Stomach" in our testimonials:


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