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Re: Need help to cure cândida. I'm new.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Need help to cure cândida. I'm new.

It is not mine. Is one guy that cured him better than you cured yourself because now he can eat anything and you don't. Now he is living a normal life. TEll me what you think of his protocol.

"Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well, at least as well as they can with this god awful disease.

I just want to report that I have made full sexual recovery. All that is remaining is residual brain fog, which is improving monthly. If all continues at this rate, I should be mentally recovered by June/July. Also, I have been fully sexually recovered since October give or take, and I have been med/supp free. Given the many false recoveries, I have decided to wait these 4 months, because we all know that PFS can easily come back. So far, it has not come back.

Just a little background:
I had all the side effects, everything. Here is a list I had to make for legal.

In 5/04, intermittent at first and then gradually increasing, the first symptoms were:
• stuttering
• word slurring
• word searching
• word confusion
• poor memory
• word hesitation
• change in handwriting (signature)
• digestive issues: indigestion, belching, flatulence, constipation & feces were small dark brown and pellet sized
• bloating in the lower abdomen
• testicular pain
• bloody stools
• intermittent anal itch
• heart palpations
• shortness of breath
• extreme thirst
• minor food cravings

Developing around 10/04: All previous symptoms increased in severity with the addition:
• poor libido
• erectile dysfunction
• decreased ejaculate volume w/ clumpy sperm
• loss of erectile sensitivity
• acne
• rosacea-like skin
• wrinkling of skin on the hands and around the eyes
• blurry vision
• nail beds began to fan out
• sensitivity to light
• frothy urine
• frequent burning urination
• insomnia
• depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts
• extreme lower back pain especially when laying down
• headaches beginning to develop in sleep
• stopped up ears
• earwax build-up
• ringing in ears
• white tongue
• extreme fatigue
• increase in breast tissue (similar to a female’s breast)
• dry lips
• weight gain
• ridges in finger nails, finger nails no longer smooth, but ridged

I stopped taking Propecia 12/04, within 6 weeks, all symptoms subsided. I started Propecia again around 6/05. The symptoms resurfaced around 10/05 with the same severity as before.

Symptoms remained constant until 5/06 when present symptoms increased in severity with the addition of muscle wastage and sensitive teeth.

In 6/06, I stopped taking Propecia again, within 8 weeks all symptoms disappeared. I started taking Propecia again around 11/06 and in about 2 months the symptoms slowly started emerging again with a general increase in severity continuing to increase in severity up to cessation of Propecia in 6/08
At 8 weeks post Propecia, symptoms resolved to about 75%. At 12 weeks, most symptoms returned with more severity than ever before especially severe Acne and rosacea-like appearance.
New additional symptoms surfaced:
• penile shrinkage with a sort of hardening of the tissue
• rounding of face/chin

Now, I’m going to tell you what I did, and I understand it may be controversial, and a few will want to challenge it saying I never had “real” PFS, etc. To that, I’m going to say up front that I will not respond, and I will leave that debate to the more able and those among you who spend all day studying the “science”. I only cared about what worked, and more specifically, what worked for me. You can speak about hormone regulation, genome theory, etc. Don’t ask me any of those questions because I DON’T KNOW.

My theory is basically that the drug weakened our liver and gut, they couldn’t process properly, detox, whatever, then bile flow stopped, we got constipated, infection grew, the immune system became stressed, metal may have built up for some, and we never recovered. We are at differing degrees of compromise. Once again, is this right? I don’t know. Is it wrong? I don’t know. Did I recover treating this angle and theory? – Yes. You can argue the details.

Let me preface my recovery protocol with this – I DO NOT remember the exact dates, amounts, etc. It has been a year or so long process and I don’t recall to the last detail the dosing, times, etc. With that I will give you the basic outline of what I did. Oh, also, I have previously tried everything under the sun except TRT. You name it, I either have it, or have tried it pretty much.

Ok, so what did I do?

1. I had a very strict diet – I started with a 10 day fast (only water basically). I then eased into kefir and yogurt. I eventually started to add veggies and some chicken breast. No Carbs! I had this diet for about 4-6 months. I also started juicing, and I noticed that it helped a lot. After about 4-6 months I started adding some things like once a week sushi ( I know rice carbs, but it was only once a week). I stayed with this diet up to around middle of August.

2. What supps did I take? – I started taking TONS of digestive enzymes with everything I ate. I also took them periodically throughout the day on an empty stomach. Not just one or two – I took 8-20!! With every meal! My reasoning? – I didn’t want ANY undigested food sitting around in my gut. I also started taking TONS of probiotics. Also at this time I started taking Wobenzyme, but after about two months I stopped because I felt it wasn’t helping.

3. What Meds did I take? – NYSTATIN! – I started out with the liquid taking 3 teaspoons a day, Again, let me reiterate, I don’t remember how I graduated the exact dosing, so don’t ask please. After about a week I notice it was really helping. After about 3-4 weeks of use I regained nocturnals. So what did I do? Yup, I doubled the dose to 6 teaspoons a day, then up to 9, topping out around 12-15. It was great and I continued to see improvements. I was now getting mornings. So, continuing with my logic, I eventually was able to source the nystatin tabs (don’t ask where I got it from) and I started taking 3 tabs a day with the liquid. I eventually worked up to 12-15 tabs a day plus 12-15 teaspoons liquid. I eventually stopped the liquid and just stayed on tabs as I felt they were more effective. Then I got a scr1pt for Diflucan and started rotating that. I would take 600-1000MG for a couple of days, then take a month or so off. I didn’t want to tax the liver too much. I continued this from March/April to around the middle of August give or take. I also cycled Phellostatin at 3 pills 3 times a day with the Diflucan. I would also stay on it a week or two after cycling off the Diflucan, though I didn’t always do that. There was no set pattern here. I took Lufenuron – whole bags at a time for a week on, a week off, and just cycle it. I also took it periodically. Again, no set pattern.

4. So life was going good, then I hit a break through – I started using these Chinese herbs. What did these herbs do? Well, they really hurt my stomach. I was shitting all the time (5+ times a day) and was very fatigued. They also made my erections near perfect after about 4-6weeks use. Libido was almost normal as well.

5. Colloidal Silver – I took 16oz a day for a month or so, and then went down to 8oz a day.

6. Diatomaceous Earth – The heaping teaspoon three times a day. This helped as well, and it also improved my mental faculties.

7. Black-Walnut , Wormwood , cloves – I took this cocktail in the morning, 14 days on, 14 days off.

Supp/Med Summary:

1. Digestive enzymes with every meal.
2. Probiotics before every meal
3. Two Nystatin tabs upon waking, 2 at 10am, 2 at noon, 2 at 4, 2 at 8, 2 before bed
4. Diflucan – 600-1000mg 4-6 days on, take 30-45 days off. Repeat
5. Phellostatin – I took three pills three times a day. I took it normal when I took the Diflucan, but I also took it without the Diflucan as well. It is herbal based.
6. Lufenuron – was intermittent and was not present during recovery section, though it could have played a part. I took an entire pack a day for a week, then took a week off. The dosing was not always consistent.
7. Colloidal Silver – 8oz in morning, 8oz before bed. After about 6 weeks I went to just 8oz before bed.
8. Diatomaceous Earth – 1 heaping teaspoon in morning, afternoon, evening.
9. Black-Walnut Hull, Wormwood , Clove Tinctures – all in the morning. Make a cocktail of it and drink it down. Use dosing listed on the bottles.

Great, now that is my supps and meds, now I’ll provide a little timeline so you could see what I did. I recovered right around the end of September early October.

11/10 – Started fast, new diet, started wobenzyme
12/10 - introduced nystatin liquid, still new diet, still wobenzyme
1/11 – Still on diet and nystatin liquid, stopped wobenzyme, starting getting good nocturnals
2/11 – Still on diet and have upped nystatin, great nocturnals and returns of morning
3/11 – still on diet, got nystatin tabs, tried some Diflucan, started banging again. Granted, it was difficult, but was able to work.
4/11 - Same as 3/11 added Lufenuron and Phellostatin – more banging libido improving.
5/11 - Same as 4/11 – sexual improvements continue, erection quicker and easier to obtain.
6/11 – Same as 5/11 but started Chinese Herbs – almost normal erections, libido improved further. Alsp, around this time I started taking more liberties with my diet – hamburger, tacos, not much, but a little.
7/11 – Same as 6/11, added DE, Black-Walnut , Wormwood , Cloves and Colloidal Silver – WHOA! Big break through this month. Sexually almost normal.
8/11 – Same as 7/11, kept going, pretty much normal.
9/11 – Same as 8/11 – had eye surgery, stop taking all supps/meds 2-3 weeks post op I recovered. I have not taken any supps/meds since. Actually, I’m kinda nervous to try anything.
10/11-present sexually recovered, working on remaining brain fog, which has improved
immensely. My diet has been pretty normal. I can eat anything and no changes in health."


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