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Re: Change your diet. Flush your liver. Learn about candida fungi!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Change your diet. Flush your liver. Learn about candida fungi!

Hi White Shark! Thank you so much for replying to my forum. I appreciate it more than you think. :)

My diet today: Well, I usually have random foods I find in the fridge and don't really think twice about it. Things like Nutella, Milk (I drink a lot of milk, and I'm pretty sure dairy is causing some smell but since I can't smell what I smell like then I'm not sure), I have salad sometimes and it has like cucumbers and lettuce and a lot of greens and I also add tiny cubes of pepperjack cheese (which is probably not good haha), I DON'T drink soda, eggs, sandwiches, cereal, strawberries (not all the time, my mom doesn't buy strawberries that often so very rarely do I eat them), eggs, I'm not a big fan of veggies and fruits (never been much of a fan since childhood lol) so yeah I don't eat veggies or fruits other than sometimes a banana and strawberries like I mentioned. Those are all the foods I can really think of right now, but they are most of what I tend to eat.

Have I tried to change my diet: Yes, I have. But I usually feel overwhelmed by my changes, and go back to my other diet. Plus, my mom doesn't believe that I have any problem whatsoever, and she makes me out to be some crazy person whenever we talk about it. And when I try to follow a diet, she always bugs me and says "Why don't you eat?" "You're already so thin" "You should eat" "Are you hungry?" and she asks the "are you hungry?" question about 50 billion times a day. So yeah, I've tried to change my diet, to no avail. Plus, I don't know if it will work, and that thought makes me depressed. When I get depressed, I usually just stop trying to do anything..

Have I done Elimination Diets : Well, as I said before, I have tried doing salads for like 2 days... hah. It didn't work. But I'm willing to try a diet I guess. I'll try anything to get this horrible smell off me.

I am currently trying to eliminate all processed foods. And what are "rrady drinks" ?

I don't cook hahah, my mom cooks for me. But I'm sure that I can ask her to cook whatever foods I need to eat for me. :)

I will try seeing which foods are hard to digest for me, thanks.

I will check out Liver Flushes. :)

I'm actually thinking about starting a diet- it's a Gluten free diet. Some guy from this website talked about how he was in the same situation as me and he eliminated gluten from his diet and his smell went away. I'm not very sure it will work for me, but I guess I'll try it. What do I have to lose, lol.

I usually don't drink much water, but lately since it's summer I get really dehydrated (Another thing, before this whole Bad BO thing I used to drink soooooooo much water, and people used to call me the water girl. hahaha but when the Bad BO thing started I rarely wanted to drink water. I don't know why..)

And I do drink milk, way more than water. I think it's because I like the taste more. xD

I don't know much about Candida, I've heard of it a lot on this site but I didn't think about it much. I'll research about it.

Ooooh Iodine :o I haven't heard of that. I wonder if it's another pill... I have a super hard time swallowing pills. I always have a vomit reaction and I end up spitting it out. Plus the bad taste in my mouth isn't that great either. But after I post this reply I'll search about Iodine. Thank you.

Thank you so much White Shark! You're awesome. :)

And I have one question for you- did you have Leaky Gut? Did you cure it? And if you did how?

Thanks again, hope we'll be able to stay in touch and work together to beat this horrible thing! :D

Best wishes.

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