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Compilation of scabies cures
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Published: 9 years ago

Compilation of scabies cures

Scabies Cures

I collected stories from people who claim they cured Scabies

the stories from:

Oil Kills Scabies, Scabies Cures

I have to put in my 2 cents here. Scabies, mites, lice, fleas, etc. are exoskeletal creatures.
Two oils have the fatty acids that eat away their skeleton which kills them as they cannot survive without it. These are

coconut and olive oil. What I did for my son who got scabies from a friend all over his back, arms, and chest was to rub

tea tree oil on the affected areas to drive the bugs up due to the smell and then I rubbed on olive oil immediately

following. I did this every day twice daily for a week and it fixed the problem completely. When my son brought head lice

from his dad I put a tablespoon of olive oil in my shampoo and another tablespoon in my conditioner and shook it in well.

After 3 days the lice were gone forever and I was able to keep my long hair! Hope this helps.

(white) Vinegar Kills Scabies, Scabies Cures

Vinegar (white) is an amazing alternative to your failed attempts. I know it may burn at first but what's worse " slight

burn" or "endless itching"? Yeah I thought u might agree, I personally would go buy the biggest bottle the market sells,

and depending on how serious ur scabies problem is determines whether you add a lot, little, or any water in to a bath tub.

Try to soak all exposed skin, if u need to, fill an empty spray bottle and spray anywhere u fear u might miss- with the

white vinegar.---- also Vicks vapor rub would be my choice for lotion that night just to reassure that any remaining

scabies on your personal belongings, would not be interested in you any more.

Boric Acid Kills Scabies, Scabies Cures

I put about 2 cups of boric acid in my hot bath. You can add 1 cup of vinegar to the water to increase absorption. I had

pretty good results.

You must wash all bed linen and clothing in hot water with a small amount of bleach; otherwise, you will be re-infested.

Cover your mattress with a plastic cover.


Rubbing Alcohol Kills Scabies, Scabies Cures

THIS WORKS - steam iron everything in house, bedding, mattress, cloth covered furniture, rugs. Wash all (that have been in

contact with scabies )clothes in hot water, dry on hot cycle. Bath, water as hot as you can tolerate and add 1/4 cup

rubbing alcohol. Spot treat any itches with a cotton ball and pure rubbing alchohol. We have had it tw1ce in two years and

this is only that that worked for a family of 6.

In the USA, rubbing alcohol, USP and all preparations coming under the classification of Rubbing Alcohols (defined as those

containing ethanol) must be manufactured[citation needed] in accordance with the requirements of the US Treasury

Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, using Formula 23-H (8 parts by volume of acetone, 1.5 parts by volume

of methyl isobutyl ketone, and 100 parts by volume of ethyl alcohol). It contains 87.5-91% by volume of absolute ethyl

alcohol. The rest consists of water and the denaturants, with or without color additives, and perfume oils. Rubbing alcohol

contains in each 100 mL not less than 355 mg of sucrose octaacetate or not less than 1.40 mg of denatonium benzoate. The

preparation may be colored with one or more color additives. A suitable stabilizer may also be added.[4]

Sulfur Kills Scabies, Scabies Cures

I know from experience that sulfur will give you immediate results. It kills the scabies mites. But where can you get

sulfur at a moment's notice? You just can't go to your local drug store and pick up a bottle of it. Well, you used to be

able to, about a twenty years ago, before globalization. But, don't worry. You can still find sulfur, but it won't be

labeled as such. Of course, the easiest solution is to buy a tube of Nu-Stock. Website: But then you

would have to wait for it to come in the mail. If you want sulfur right now, this very hour, look for garden sulfur. I

found a product at Lowe's which is called Espoma, 165 Sq. Ft. Garden Sulfur Natural Acidifier, Item #207722, Model #GSUL5,

for $8.45 USD. Website: It is only thirty percent sulfur. When you open the

package, you can see the sulfur particles which are the size of a split pea. The other particles are brown gypsum. You can

separate a lot of the sulfur through a home-made sifting grate. You can use a piece of metallic hardware cloth as your

sifting grate. I used a 1 foot square piece of 23 gauge 1/4 inch galvanized hardware cloth stretched over a hand-made 2 by

4 wood frame. After sifting, I hand-separated the remaining sulfur out of the mixture, so that I had 100% pure sulfur. Then

I put the sulfur in a plastic bag and smashed it with a hammer until it was a fine powder. You can make your own Nu-Stock

ointment following this recipe: 75% sulfur, 2% pine oil, and 25% mineral oil. As for the pine oil, I know you can buy it

online. You might have to call around to find out where you can buy it. You should also read up on it before you use it.

You can also just omit using it. By the way, I read somewhere that sulfur won't kill the scabies eggs. No problem: Keep

applying the ointment every other day for about month. Learn about the scabies life cycle, and you may be able to cut that

time down. Also, clean your environment very well. I used a water-bleach solution to clean everything. Wash your clothing

in boiling water with a surfactant detergent and a very small amount of bleach added to the water. Well, there you have it.

Now you should be able to take care of this problem. Good luck to you, and God bless.

I used hollywood sulphur soap. I bought it at the beauty supply store. then used regular soap to prevent the redness and

itching. It works. Then I ordered some neem oil and mixed it with tea tree and mineral oil in a little bottle for

conditioning of the skin. Now the doctor two of them misdiagnosed it but they did give me bactrim or septrim that's for the

secondary infection. Okay! Well I followed it up with triphala and neem pills from swansons my skin feels great! People

please soak them clothes because they will come back . I did storage pails from walmart and you would not believe what I

used permethrin insecticde 3 capfuls under running water soap powder and ammonia to soaked 2 hours. Then soak in plain

water. Then wash in machine with soap and ammonia it works! Best of luck i. I hope it works for you

The carpets I got a hoover steam cleaner and put the insecticide permethrin 1 or 2 capfuls with lemon ammonia and the deep

cleaing solution with water and did the carpets. I also shampooed the furniture. Oh get little spray bottles and 90%

alcohol for the toilets and paper towels soits a clean sit every time. In the end I had already ordered cream well that was

the finishing touch. These things are serious and they wil bankrupt you or have you running out of your house and home. Oh!

I heard their excretions is the one that causes the infection. I read that its a skin infection supposed to be related to

the MRSA infection bacteria yes at first even the septrin wasn't working fast enough. But I had a back up I the form of

herbal pills neem , Wormwood and triphala (which is supposed to kill them internally. Neem oil works wonders in healing the

sores. Add mineral oil cheap walmart 1.97

Salt against Scabies Mites

After using Ivermectin and Permethrin over and over again I decided to approach this a different way. I also used DE Earth

among other things. I knew I was washing everything during and after the treatments only to continue itching and seeing

very tiny bite marks. This told me nyphs were still in my skin. I took a warm shower, not hot, remained wet, rubbed table

salt from neck to toes and left it on for 10 minutes. You will feel a tingling sensation on the bite sites. This is good.

It means the salt is getting into the bites and burrows. I rinsed and then added table salt to the cortizone cream I had

been using creating a paste and spread it all over. The salt will fall away but you will not be uncomfortable or even know

it is on your skin. I went itch free ALL day! I showered again at night doing the same routine. Again itch free and bite

free. The bite marks have dried up, now healing. I put table salt in all my shoes making sure it got under the linings.
I think the biggest problem has been dilluting everything and not using it as a paste form. Tea tree oil did not get rid of

it even when I dapped it on full strength and burned the heck out of my skin. Scabies need fluid and oxygen to survive. The

salt dehydrates them and they die. This was way too simple as I have been battling this for months. I did this for 10 days

straight to make sure it was not my imagination or hopefullness. I no longer have anymore bites and no itch. My bite wounds

are almost completely gone except for the scars left behind.
I continue to vac every day, change the sheets and wash and dry everything in hot. I freeze what cannot be washed and put

in the dryer in the freezer for 48 hours. Not sure I will ever stop doing this for fear they are lurking somewhere.
There are many variances regarding how long scabies can live away from a host and I am not taking any chances.
I have not felt this good in months and now I am going to have a life again.
Try the tables salt routine. I promise you will feel relief the first time you do it and it will just get better every day

Best to you all. This has been the worst infection I have ever been through and not one I ever want to see return.

One of my children got scabies and went undiagnosed for 2 months. By that time. the WHOLE family was itching!!! It was a

nightmare! The cream the doctor prescribed did not was apparently a very aggressive and hardy form of

scabies.... anyway, someone told me about bathing in about 1/2 cup MULE TEAM BORAX to a moderately filled bathtub of very

warm water .... we were also told to wash our clothes, bedding, etc in hot water with 1/2 cup mule team borax added to the

wash (use only half the amount of detergent you would normally use). The whole family was cured within 3 days. We made a

mixture of hot water and the borax in a spray bottle (sorry, can't remember how much) and sprayed down our carpet, fabric

upholstery, and car interiors (vacuum all well when dry).
This really did work, and I hope it helps - as with anything, please consult with your physician first. By the way, you can

find Mule Team Borax at Walmart where the washing detergents and oxi cleaners (for wash) are located. It's about 3 bucks

for a big box.

By the way, when I say 'cured in three days', I mean, we did the treatment for 3 days.....after 3 days, the sores were dry,

the itching gone. We repeated the process 7 days later (AFTER the 3rd day of treatment) to make sure no hatched eggs

reinfested us.! The Key here is to MAKE SURE you treat EVERYTHING. Most people forget about stuffed animals and fabric car

interiors. It will take this to completely rid yourself of these bugs. I continued to use Mule Team Borax in the wash for

the next couple of months. Also, if your kids go to grandmas, aunt's house, day care, etc., the people at those places will

ALSO have to treat and wash all items (possibly as well as themselves) to MAKE SURE there is NO reinfestation.

I found the tea tree oil to be helpful. I'm not sure if I was reinfested or suffering post scabies, however, I'm finally

starting to heal.

After much prayer and effort I was free of scabies, but then got reinfested with my shoes. I quickly submerged my leg's

under water for a while. If actually what look like the mites floating in the water after just a few minutes. Crawling

sensation was gone too! Praise God! Also do a head lice treatment with nix, super important. We kept treating from the neck

up. The scabies kept surviving in our hair!!! Makes seynse doesn't it. I also bombed my home and vehicle with bedbugs and

lice fogger. Today we are good.

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular remedies for eliminating scabies. It seems to be able to penetrate the skin and

suffocate the insects. This is similar to the way that nail polish works to kill chiggers. Be advised that nail polish will

rarely eliminate scabies, because the mites will typically relocate before the nail polish dries. Tea tree oil treatments

are applied directly to the bite areas with a cotton swab. The surrounding area and anywhere else with excessive itching is


Neem oil is used by organic farmers as a natural insecticide. The E.P.A. reports that neem is "generally recognized as

safe" for use in food products. This God-given "insecticide" is considered so safe for humans that they exempted their

typical stipulations for maximum pesticide residues, so that unlimited amounts can be present in foods. Neem works

differently to most pesticides, because it does not kill on contact. For some insects, it hormonally disrupts their life

cycles and their desire to eat, whilst with others, it simply repels the insects by smell. Its smell is not strong to

humans, however. In the case of scabies, neem oil prevents reproduction, a fact that is very pertinent due to their short

life cycles. Neem seems to work by altering the hormones of insects (like soy), and in fact, neem is an all-natural

contraceptive in humans too. It is a much safer contraceptive than "the pill". Most scabies sufferers stop getting bites

after two days of neem treatments, but some adult mites are guaranteed to still be alive. If possible, rub neem oil all

over the body with a cotton swab, and purchase neem soap to use in the bath or shower on a daily basis for two weeks (the

life cycle).

Cayenne was described in the herbal book, The Badanius Manuscript, printed in 1552, for treating scabies. Topical

applications of cayenne will quite literally burn the scabies, without causing any health problems for the host. Most

people who use it place large amounts of cayenne into a warm bath and remain in it for an extended time (until the water

becomes cold). You can purchase cheap packets of cayenne from the "Mexican" section of many grocery stores. Remember to

protect your eyes while handling or bathing in cayenne. You should always keep an emergency eye wash solution in a dropper

bottle containing Colloidal Silver and a pinch of Sea Salt .

Zinc can be used to help fight the secondary infections that occur under the skin and to prevent opportunistic fungal

outbreaks. Grind zinc tablets into a powder, and add water until it makes a paste. Apply it to all irritated areas of the

skin. Mixing turmeric with this can help to stop itching, and it has its own anti-parasitic qualities. This is also how to

make a natural anti-dandruff cream. Zinc is the main anti-dandruff ingredient in commercial shampoos.

Teatree oil absorbs deep into the skin,straight or mixed with olive oil,kills the scabies lice,anywhere thats itchy or


tobacco treatment for scabies. After reading the tobacco post on this site I tried it the next day. I have been fighting

the itch mites for 5 months. Ive tried all treatments from oils with clove and mint to bleach with borax baths to

permethrin cream from the doctor to permethrin insect poison from the hardware store. We have washed and cleaned for

months. My wife and I both sleep in sleeping bags on the bed to make cleaning easier. All the treatments worksome, but none

eliminate the pest. The permethrin works pretty good but the mites return. You need several toxic treatments, in my case

the entire body is affected. A bleach and borax bath soak helps some, but a drenching after the bath with a solution of 1

part bleach and 4 parts water really knocks them back, but still they return and the bleach treatment is pretty harsh on

your skin. I bought a cheap chewing tobacco pouch and put a pinch in 2 cups of water and boiled it then lowered the heat

and let it steep like tea. The liquid was fairly dark and I put it in a spray bottle and cut it by increasing the the

volume by 1/2 with wintergreen rubbing alcohol from the dollar store. The mix goes on easily and dries in a few minutes. I

dont smoke so in about 20 minutes I noticed I had a nicotine buzz that lasted about an hour or so. I had a reaction from

the mites about the same time. Ive used to tobacco juice mix 3 days in a row, even left it on 24 hours at a time. My

scabies is greatly reduced and I believe I will soon be rid of them. Im going to skip a day or so then make some more

tobacco juice and alcohol treatment and spray off again. It seems that what ever you do the treatment needs to be repeated

a few times over a 2 week period to get rid of them. The tobacco juice seemd to disturb mites that were not affetced by the

1 to 4 bleach mix. I feel better now than the whole last 5cohol months. Itching is minimal and no new red rash flare ups or

burrow eruptions. I have irritated skin on my back that gets better every day. Im healing up finally. I believe my tobacco

mix was a little too strong because the last time I used it I double sprayed to finish off the batch and had a stronger

nicotine buzz afterward. Next time I will cut it 50/50 with alcohol. Nicotine is toxic and you can over do it. The mites

definately do not like it. You will know that minutes after you apply. Next day the infection has subsided considerable.

Ive spent $ hundreds so far on doctor, creams, and remedies. It seems this can be cured herbally by using $1 worth of

chewing tobacco and a spray bottle to apply the mix. Nicotine is toxic and needs to be applied sparingly. Do not use if

your not careful with it. You can have a reaction by using too much. Too strong a mix can cause a reaction to the nicotine.

Make your mix thin and see if it works. Do not over apply and caution should be used before applying to children. Consult a

doctor before using.

We (my husband, myself and our two children ages 4 &6) were recently exposed to scabies. My 4 year old was the first to

show symptoms of bug bites but when we went to the pediatrician, she didn't know what it was. Just some sort of bite.

Apparently not all scabies infestations look the same. Once we did find out it was scabies, we did the permetherin cream

and it didn't work for us. I then did days and days of research on natural treatments. I am soooooo relieved to say that

after 3 days of this "treatment" we are all seeing positive results. I do want to say, I am not a Dr., herbalist or

anything of the sort. Just a desperate mom using my gut and going off of what worked for others. I hope it works for you.

It has been a nightmare for us. Here is what we are doing:

First of all, we bagged literally everything we could and are keeping it separate so it doesn't get contaminated.

Decorative pillow, blankets, towels stuffed animal, ect.
Then, I sprinkled some diatemaceous earth ALL OVER the house and let it sit over night. I mean on the floors, the

furniture, the beds, everywhere. I let it sit over night and vacuumed it all up the next day. Please keep in mind that

although it is not toxic if eaten (only if it is food grade can you eat it) but it is toxic to breath, so keep open windows

while doing this part. I bleached anything I could and what couldn't be cleaned with bleach I cleaned with a disinfectant.

The next day we had our carpets steam cleaned. I am cleaning the house everyday from top to bottom. Vacuum every day!!! It

is exhausting, but necessary. I also spray the beds,furniture,carpets and curtains daily with tea tree oil and 1ml of clove

oil diluted in water.

For our bodies we make sure we shower in the AM then slather on the mixture I made of 1ml clove oil, 20 drops of neem oil

and 20 drops of tea tree oil in 8oz of coconut oil as my carrier. Whatever oz of carrier oil you use, make sure only 6% of

it is clove oil or it can burn your skin. We only use towels once, clothes once pillow cases and sheets once. Then wash

everything at the end of the day in HOT water, before we bathe in HOT water with Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide and a few

drops of tea tree oil in it. We sit in this bath for at least 15 mins then scrub gently with Borax. Be gentle as it is very

abrasive. Then we air dry, or dry with the hair dryer (the mites hate heat),and slather on more of the oil blend I made.
This has been a nightmare for us and I am exhausted, but soooo happy to have found something that works. We also take some

benadryl for the itching.

As I mentioned it has been 3 days and we are now itch free. It was suggested to do treatment for at least a week though. I

probably will stop using the borax now, but continue the cleaning and oil for at least 2 weeks. From what I read it is

important not to quit to early because there is a gestation period for the mites in which they may not dye from the

treatment until they hatch. So, we will see. As I said before, I am not a doctor, herbalist, aromatherapist or anything. I

just did a bunch of research and put together my own plan based off of what worked or didn't work for others.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at

Good luck and God Bless

Are you all having these continued scabies confirmed by a doctor? My son got a biopsy done yesterday by his dermatologist

to confirm that his continued itchy rash is still scabies. She explained that the reaction to the bites last long after the

scabies are gone, making people assume they still have the actual infestation, and continuing the treatments that make the

rashes worse. These creams are very toxic and your body may be responding to the over simulation or toxicity over

continuous use of the creams. I researched this and it makes sense. Check out the post scabies itch syndrome and go see a

dermatologist for confirmation before you keep putting these toxic creams on you're skin. You may be making the situation


I had a terrible case of scabies. I tried prescription Permethrin just on my arm first. I causes terrible skin irritation

and I was glad I did not put it on every inch of my body (per instruction).

After doing a lot of research, I bought neem seed oil and mixed it with olive oil. I think I mixed it: one part neem oil,

with nine parts olive oil.(you can also mix it with unscented lotion that has plant oils in it -- Do NOT use mineral oil or

lotion with mineral oil in it) You have to put it on every inch of your body and in your hair and leave it there for 24

hours. At the same time: all bedding has to be changed, any clothes washed, all carpets vacuumed and all cloth covered

couches, chairs vacuumed off. You will still have itching for up to a week -- even after the mites are killed. I used ice

water packs to dull the intense itching on my arm and leg.

Epsom Salt does not work

Epsom Salt provides some relief from the itching. It does not work as a cure.
It does not kill eggs, it does not kill scabies.
It is soothing on the skin and so people often post that it works.
Wish it did work.


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