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Under-eating causes Hypothyroid
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Published: 7 years ago

Under-eating causes Hypothyroid

Almost everyone who has been diagnosed with so-called "Adrenal Fatigue" also has hypothyroid. The reason these people have hypothyroid is because the theory of "AF" is simply a mistaken case of calorie-restriction/starvation as I show here and the reason they have hypothyroid is because under-eating causes hypothyroid, a cause that is very overlooked.

University & Gov sources that under-eating causes hypothyroid:

- Medical Conditions Associated with Hypothyroidism:
Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. In these patients, reduced thyroid function may be an adaptation to malnutrition.

- Complications of Anorexia:
Hormonal Changes: Thyroid hormones are lower.

- Medical Conditions Associated with Hypothyroidism:
Anorexia or bulimia. People with eating disorders are at risk for hypothyroidism.

- Anorexia nervosa
Complications may include: Thyroid gland problems

Random personal medical or health sites (you can judge their credibility):

- Deficiencies leading to Hypothyroidism
Nutrition: Fasting, starvation, anorexia, protein or calorie malnutrition, lack of hydrocarbons, lack of fats (severe deficiency)

- Thyroid Diet Secrets: Are You Eating Enough Calories to Lose Weight? While you'll run across an occasional expert who recommend extremely low-calorie diets for weight loss with hypothyroidism, the majority of experts believe you may not be eating enough to maintain your metabolism. Dropping calories too low can lower your metabolism and send your body into "hoard" mode -- a process which thyroid patients are particularly susceptible to and which can offset weight loss efforts and keep you from success at your diet.

- Who is at Risk for Underactive Thyroid?
Dieting, especially starvation diets which severely restrict caloric intake, is another common cause of underactive thyroid. Starvation slows the body's metabolism as the thyroid gland learns to expend energy more efficiently to conserve calories for the next "famine." After a starvation diet we have a tendency to gain even more weight than we took off, and we may find it even harder to lose weight the next time we try. A low-calorie diet can suppress the thyroid function in less than 24 hours. After one to three months of such dieting, there is a danger of permanently inhibiting the thyroid function.

"Other causes of hypothyroidism may include a deficiency in dietary Iodine and/or selenium, stress and burnout, external radiation, surgical removal of the thyroid gland, estrogen dominance, overzealous dieting or eating disorders such as anorexia"

- Sluggish Thyroid? Are You Making These 3 Common Dieting Mistakes?
1. Under-Eating and Over-Training
2. Veganism [see All who got sick when Vegan under-ate]
3. Low Carb, Atkins, and Paleo Dieting

- [Thyroid Hormone] fluctuates in response to caloric intake and external temperature. During starvation, the body naturally lowers TH, not only to reduce caloric needs, but also to prevent ketone bodies from building up in the blood and kidneys.

Also, the gender risk rates of hypothyroid are parallel with eating disorders:

"Women have 10 times the risk of hypothyroidism as men"

"Anorexia nervosa... is diagnosed approximately nine times more often in females than in males."

"Bulimia nervosa is nine times more likely to occur in women than men."

So-called "Adrenal Fatigue" is really starvation and that is what is causing people to get hypothyroid and this is further supported by what snake oil salesman and "AF" guru Dr. Lam has observed:

"The vast majority of Adrenal Fatigue cases occur in women."

His quote should be accurately stated as:

"The vast majority of starvation cases occur in women."

because that's what "AF" really is; starvation.

Stop the thyroid madness by stop under-eating!


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