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virginity stolen when I was 16 by a girl (long post)

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willheim Views: 265,068
Published: 10 years ago

virginity stolen when I was 16 by a girl (long post)

Thought I would throw in my story.

In 1968 I was 15 and I was very shy and sheltered for the most part and only really started hanging out with more teens when I turned 15 as I knew I had to get out more. I had a few people I knew locally and used to just ride my bike with them and be typical annoying teens with.

One time when I was 16 we were all hanging out in the local close sitting on the green. We were talking about nothing of much importance but then the subject went towards girls and the guys experiences with them. Some of the guys I knew were braggers claiming they'd been with dozens of girls which we all knew was b.s. and others were more honest saying they'd only been with 1 or 2. After a time we saw a girl Joanne hanging around smoking and she came over to just join us and hang out. She was 17 I didn't know her that well I had only met her briefly through others. She was not generally well liked as people found her overbearing and intimidating she was loud and common as well as vulgar and had a reputation for sleeping around and thought she owned the local area since her 3 older brothers were known for being tough skinhead ex-con types so no one really wanted to get on her bad side.

The convo continued about girls and it seemed the guys wanted to make their sexual escapades more impressive sounding now there was a girl listening until it came to me. I was asked what I did with a girl and I basically was too honest for my own good and told them 'not a lot' then came some giggles from the guys which I kind of expected. Then Jo said she was not surprised in the least. I get what she meant in the sense I was not the confident jack the lad type that pursued girls . They were just alien to me although I did want a girlfriend like any
normal teen guy but I was brought up to be with a girl I would care for who I would eventually marry. All of a sudden she just said 'time to be a man' and grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me up and walked me off down a road into a side alley;. I could hear my 'friends' laughing in the background. I laughed too thinking she was joking around or something but then pushed me against a wall in the alley and proceeded to undo my belt and pants. At this point I knew she was serious and I told her I didn't want to. Then she got more aggressive and shouted at me if I didn't she'd have the s**t kicked out of me. I knew she could had easily done that too as she could had made up any story she liked about me attacking her and her brothers would had gone looking for me. So anyway she basically threw me on the floor and raped me.

Most guys would consider it a blessing having it done to them but reality of it is very bleak. What also seemed to hurt was for a while I was teased and taunted about it by my 'friends' who seemed to think it was all a joke or just harmless fun when they didn't really realize the damage it did to me and the whole thing was not taken seriously at all especially in the 60's. If I had told a cop he would had just told me 'congrats son' or something. I really felt robbed of my innocence and like my dignity had been tossed into the garbage or something. I even cried myself to sleep for weeks after and I never told my parents or anyone else for that matter. It will always hurt when I remember it .

Anyway all's well that ends well I suppose, I have been happily married for 9 years but people need to see men can be raped too and it can mess them up and its not just women who are victims although granted men are raped a lot less by women but they are still raped and it DOES affect them!
Jo died from a heroin overdose about 25 years later I learned from a reliable source who still lived near where she was. Her sleazy lifestyle ended up killing her. If there is a God and an after life I hope she is at least shown the damage she did to me mentally.

Thanks for reading! sorry it went on a bit.

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