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Re: More Information for you knowledge seeker.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: More Information for you knowledge seeker.

thank you Veltec for your prayers. I am sorry to hear about your aunt.

I wanted to let you know my brother and I seem pretty back to normal now for a week.

He did not apologize or see the wrong he did me but I am letting it go as it all seems ok now.

I really appreciate your prayers. I read this back when you posted but somehow must have gotten distracted and did not reply then.

I happened to go on an advanced cancer site and spent a long time trying to share some things that might help him via alternative health but his story and others thee was o horrific they scared me so bad.  I did not know people suffered so badly and thought of the suffering they might have prevented.

I thought today that was my future and it was so awful (cancer had for one thing wrapped all over and around his spine and paralyzed him in a week with horrific pain that the intense surgery did not help and more radiation..omg it was awful and he was so positive inspiring everyone.

then I thought..wait a minute these people seemed to be those who did all the doctor's treatments and not much alternative health..

Maybe that is not my future,,,maybe I just got to see what might happened if I do not get serious and work harder.

Maybe that is not my future if I can do what can heal me and forego the doctors as mainly I have done.

If I can cure my own triple negative maybe it will give hope to others and knowledge.

I did read also today that though triple negative does not respond well to traditional treatments of doctors, it does seem to responds to alternative health so maybe that was the message I was given by my visiting that site and trying to help people know cancer everywhere does not need to be there future.

the doctors told this man he had 6 months to live and he stated he would be here in 6 months alive.

But I thought..wait a minute Anne Frahm had been given a 1 in a million chance ..she had an aggressive beast cancer (the man who was paralyzed and had all kind of pins and rods put in his spine had male breast cancer and was just 41 years old,

Anne had tumors in her spine that ate away some of her spine and broke her back and had multiple tumors all over he bones almost everyone of them..all medical treatment failed her and she then went on a comprehensive health building program that in part consisted of an 80% raw vegan food and 20% cooked , cleansing colon etc and in 5 weeks doctors pronounced her cancer free and so she as for at least 7 years, so this man does not have to die he has 6 months to do an intense program and it might make that cancer they could not get out and the new ones in liver and lungs go away.

if it worked for Anne why not this guy..he already has the winner's attitude now he needs the lifestyle changes and I hope he looks up the links and all the many things I told him off.

All of these horror stories I read involve nasty medical procedures I have not read a lot about failed alternative health though I am sure they exist but most there talk of feeling great..

So I am hoping that is not my future but one of healing and the cancer stopping and not returning.

But it was very very sad to know a little bit of the intense pain and nightmare that cancer causes in addition to what I already knew.

It sure is a lot easier to do the alternatives and change diet than to have the pain too bad for morphine and go through this horrible bad news one after another and intensive surgeries.

I hope one day most will just turn to the things that others have healed their cancer with and know that is a viable option..too much fear is used to sell this stuff and anyone who does it naturally is cared and treated o bad by doctors who act like they are idiots.

I just hope I don't let people down by not doing my program well enough and then people in my life feel it is no good as I want to help alternative health grow and not hurt it.

I want to have my story turn out well so I can help others to try it more and hopefully prevent so much suffering by those I can reach and convince it is good to try it.



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