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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy

1 can you use castor oil instead of coconut oil to paint the breast.
* You will have to experiment - let me know what works for you. I am only aware of coconut oil.

2 how much Iodine do you use to paint the breast (large)
* You will have to experiment
You should ask this question at the Breast Cancer Choices discussion group:

3 do you subtract the amount of mg used on the breast from total taken (for example if someone was taking let's say 50 mg and they used two drops on their breast would they subtract the 12.5 mg from the 50 mg dose taken orally or just add this on to the 50 mg since it is not absorbed as well as taking it orally
* The more Iodine you take the sooner you will detox.Trapper at the Curezone recommends 100mg or more daily.

4 do you feel a bromide test is necessary or should I just assume I have bromide dominance due to breast and thyroid problems and it is not needed.
* We live in a sea of toxins. If you eat bread or anything made with enriched flour then you can assume you are loaded with bromide. You can also assume you are loaded with fluoride.

5 no Sugar would refer to all natural sugars too and is that necessary to the Iodine protocol working or is that for helping the cancer.
* For the cancer aspect. You should be avoiding all sugars for optimal health

6 anything else besides water and V8 to help prevent gastric upset from lugol' many people get the gastric upset or is it fairly rare.
* You will have to experiment for what works best for you.

7 must the Lugol's be taken three times a day in divided doses or can the Lugol's all be taken at once say in the morning (as heard it can interfer with sleep and I have a hard time remembering to take stuff in divided doses sometimes.)
* You will have to experiment

8 do you have an opinion, since you feel mammograms and breast MRIs are dangerous, if it is ok to use ultrasounds and blood test for markers for future testing to see if any metastasis
* I also have a problem with Ultrasounds - What dye are they going to inject you with to enhance the ultrasounds? These creeps in white coats have been known to inject people with radioactive dye. BEWARE of ANYTHING these people do to you. You need to verify for yourself everything they want to do to you.

9 would as high raw vegan diet be ok or must it be that suggestion for the iodine to work or for ketogenic mostly meat and fat?
* Ketogenic diet is for cancer. Search Google for "Ketogenic Diet"

10 do you know anything that might bring my anemic blood work up or that might bring PH up.
* Everything I have is documented here:

11 would baking soda with meals or apple cider vinegar help urine PH to go to more alkaline or something else maybe?
* Yes that works. You can also us Potassium Bicarbonete added to coffee or water. Use a pH test strip to measure the result.

12 which is I2 and which is KI in the directions or what do those stand for/
* Lugols or Iodoral is recommended by the iodine doctors and contains both I2 & Ki:
Also see:

thank you so much and for your advice on starting the iodine as soon as possible.

Best to you,

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