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Re: Can I do coffee enema/liver cleanse while on humaworm?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Can I do coffee enema/liver cleanse while on humaworm?

The first message (about this topic - doshas) starts with words - Archus... Raw diet is Not for everyone (see the Above thread). :)

Healthguest... U could be a mixture of two doshas (vata, pitha, kapha) or even 3 (usually ppl have 2 dosha body types and very rarely 1).. If possible u could go to talk about it with one of the ayurvedic docs.. and also there are different types of books of how to eat based on ur dosha type and also how to ease/reduce ur dosha aggravations.

If u do not have an oportunity of going to see an aurvedic doc then just remember the following:

1) If your diet is Not that healthy then Most Probably (surely I would say) u have Vata dosha aggravation which could be the result of dry skin, some sort of constipation/ constipation (coz we need to go to the toilet at least ones a day and stool should Not be dry or sort of dry), gassy or bloating state, not good sleep (if you are a pita type then u are sensitive to light and noise at nights but here I am talking about isomnia - bad sleep in general), cracking joints, pain in joints, cracked tongue and 'heels', numbness of limbs, dark circus under eyes, poor memory and so on... People who has high blood pressure could be the result of disbalancing of one of the doshas (vata disbalance - drying/narrowing the blood vessels, pita disbalance - more blood/heat, kapha dosha disbalance - building up cholesterol inside the blood vessels... Paralise is a Vata dosha aggravation and so on).


1) Triphala powder... it balances all 3 doshas (vata one for sure). I am personally taken 1 tea spoon of powder in a Lukewarm water Bfore bed (it has mild lax effect.... U need to keep this powder in air tight container and ideally (as I did) i put it in several small containers so that there will be no contact with air... I personally bought this product in India when I was studing ayurveda there but I also found this produc on line (CAN'T tell how good it is but I guess good).

As a douche, triphala helps to scrape ama (toxins) from vagina and cervix. Boil 1 tea spoon in 0,5 litre (1 pint) of water for 5-10 min steep and strain. Lie in the bath, insert the warm - not hot! - tea, and retain as long as possible........... I asked Ayurvedic doc in India about it and she recommended to do that ones a month but ones a week should be ok too.. she also said that if a woman wants to prepare herself for healthy pregnancy it is a good idea to do that (every 2 weeks or so).Talking about what I was told and u could ask Ur ayurvedic doc, ya?... :)

2) Obviously NO Cold drinks or cold foods to be consumed (!!!) and Ideally lukewarm ones (for people with too much Heat in them - room temperature ones are ok but Not cold for sure), NO crispy, fried, dry (fry fruits SHOULD be soaked for Number of hours b4 consuming)... Listen to ur body... when the weather is Hot, we usually have a tendency to eat more raw food then in cold days.

3)LIMITATIONS OF RAW VEGETABLES (unless u Balance ur Vata aggravation but for ppl who Feel cold and have cool skin Still raw food in Moderations

List of what is to Limit or avoid to balance vata dosha see in the net orin books coz it is a Long list.

I will write what is GOOD for Vata dosha (the full list see in the bet or in books.

FRUITS: Apples (cooked - raw not really good), apricotes, avocado, bananas, mangoes, citrus (reduce when too much heat), papayas, figs (fresh).....

VEGGIES: cabbage (cooked), carrots, beets, onions (cooked), corriander, tomato (raw nah, cooked - moderations)..(...)

GRAINS: Yes - oats, rice (brown, wild are Ideal option), wheat, quinoa.... No - barley, corn, cereals, muesli, rye, crackers, buckwheat, bread (with yeast).....

PULSES: Yes - lentils (Red), mung beans, No - black beans, chick pears, kidney beans, lentils (brown), soya (beans, powder, flour), white beans (...)..

ANIMAL FOOD: Yes - beef, chicken (dark, white one in Moderation), duck, eggs, sea food (...), No - lamb, pork, rabbit, turkey (white, brown - ok), Venison

NUTS: are Good for Vata aggravations (but IDEALLY u need to soak them overnight in water to make them Easier digestable). :)

OILS: No - flax seed one. Make sure oils are NOT refined as they are Very Bad for u... u Can cook on Coconut oil as it is the Only one which bare High temperatures staying Healty (I cook on coconut oil at times - to me it is tasty). :)

Anyhow.... A LOT OF considerations should be made regarding that coz most of us are Mixed with 2 doshas a t least.. so DO reading.... I told u briefly about what sould and shoud not be eaten when u are Vata type person OR vata aggravation takes place (as MOST of us have it when eat mot well).

Also remember - when u have too much heat in u.. LIMIT sour, salty and spicy foods as they Increase HEAT in u... For Pita people (who has Heat in them) if milk doesnt cause u diarea (liquid stool) then milk also will help u to decrease heat in u. DO limit Hot tea (drink it with milk at least (increases heat) and LIMIT or avoid Coffe as it INCREASES heat in u a Big time !!

When u have allergies or skin irritations also Decrease that type of food (sour, salty and spicy/pungent).

Take showers BEFORE meals (and Not after just to Maintain ur Digestive Fire (!)

Never wash head with Hot water as it will DECRESE ur VISION and mental power.

Going to bed Later (after 11p.m for sure) also will Aggravate ur VATA dosha.. the best timings for it is 10 p.m (or at least 11 p.m).

Though Ayurveda recommends take fruits in 2 h after lunch (I disagre coz ayurveda does Not consider much right food combining and thus if fruits eaten that way it will make the food rotten within u causing gassy state.. Fruits are COLD food and if eaten in 'cold' time of the day which are from 6a.m -10 a.m and then from 2 p.m till 6 p.m... then they better to be eaten in 'pitha' time which is from 10 a.m till 2 p.m (when the digestive fire is at the ir BEST).. I personally eat fruits at 10 a.m and then in 2-2.5 hours after their digestion eat my lunch. Up to u - I am just saying my ways. :)

Do NOT apply oil on ur body when u have temperature, skin irritations, bleeding - coz it will Worsen ur condition.

Lunch should be the Heaviest meal of the day and eat less for dinner (which should be at 6 p.m ideally or not later then 8).

Good Luck !! :)


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